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Mitvol Oleg Prefect of Northern administrative district of Moscow

He accuses everybody of corruption

Mogilevich Semion Businessman

Nicknamed many-faced

Molchanov Yuri Former Vice governor of St Petersburg

Rumored to be architect of the vast web of corruption

Molchanov Andrey Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of...

He was forced to hiding in London

Mordashov Alexey General director of "Severstal group", Chairman of the...

He did not want to pay the alimony.

Morozov Sergey Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region

He got married in secret, but in the end the scandal broke

Morozov Oleg Russian State Duma Deputy

Moshkovich Vadim Primary owner of the holding “Rusagro”

He is considered an unsafe business partner

Mosionzhik Alexander Co-Owner Of Polymetal

Muravyov Andrey Former Co-Owner Of Sibirskiy Cement

Murov Evgeny Head of Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation

His main features are an infallible memory and extreme rigidity

Murov Andrei A Chairman of the board of PJSC “FGC UES”.

As is well known, the Federal Protective Service Director General Evgenii Murov succeed to "push" as the executor of the project the company FSK...

Mutko Vitaly Minister Of Sport, Tourism And Youth Policy

In Vancouver he had 5 breakfasts a day

Mutsoev Zelimkhan Russian State Duma Deputy

Nabiullina Elvira Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed: German Gref's right-hand woman

Naryshkin Sergey Chairman of the State Duma

His wife was the richest of the wives of Kremlin officials

Nastich Vladimir Senior Citizen

He wanted to become mayor of Lipetsk

Navalny Alexey Position: Coordinator of "minority of the Union", a...

His actions look like a promotional event

Nazarov Ivan Owner of Triumph galery

He paid for prosecutors` overseas trips

Nekrich Mikail Co-Owner Of Hermitage Resources

He armed Chechen rebels

Nemtsov Boris Co-chairman of Solidarnost political movement

He was thought to become Eltsin’s successor

Nersisyan Tigran The president of Borodino Group of companies

He does not live at the place of his official residence.

Nesis Alexander President of «ICT» group

Covered with FSB

Nesterenko Viktor Co-owner of MFS-6

He was a partner of Moscow's First Lady

Nesterov Nikolay Chairman of the board of directors of Nizhegorodsky Oils...

All Russian officials came to rescue him

Nevzlin Leonid The shareholder of the

He has been suspected of the contract killings.

Nevzorov Alexander Former Russian State Duma Deputy

Nikitin Dmitry Director-general of Eurosib Group closed corporation

He became a millionaire after the assassination of his father

Nikolaenko Oleg Russian spammer

Nikolaev Konstantin Co-Owner Of Holding N-Trans

Nikolaev Mikhail Ex-Owner Of An Insurance Company Nasta

Nisanov God Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company...

He did not have any citizenship

Nogotkov Maxim Owner of the network "Svyaznoy"

In February 2010, "Svyaznoy" has established a bank "Svyaznoy Bank".

Novinsky Vadim President of ZAO "Smart Holding"

His stepson presented himself as the son of the Petersburg governor

Nurgaliyev Rashid Deputy Secretary of the Security Council

His unemployed wife can be seen in the most expensive hotels

O'Reilly John Former board member of Polymetal

His overseas venture cost him a job in Russia

Oganesian Marat St Petersburg vice-governor on construction

Ex-owner of a Moscow fitness club and a good friend of two thieves-in-law, Eduard and Sergey Asatrian.

Okulov Valery Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation

He is the son-in-law of Boris Yeltsin

Olykhovik Evgeny Co-owner of Renova

He is often asked to do dirty work

Oniani Tariel Thief in law

His main mistake became his personal involvement in a crime

Onishchenko Gennady Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russia

He regularly accused of lobbying

Orlov Alexander Member of the Wimm-Bill-Dann Board of Directors

He was appointed director of Lianozovsky Dairy Plant by the decision of the Moscow City Hall

Orlov Dmitry Co-owner of Vozrozhdeniye bank

He laundered communists’ money

Oruzhev Anatoly Co-Owner Of Petromir

Russian government is bothered with his good luck

Ostatnina Nina State Duma deputy, member of the Communist Party

She called Russia a left country

Palihata Vladimir President of ZAO

He was accused of forcible takeover

Papounidis Konstantinos Co-founder of Homertron Trading Ltd

He sold the assets of his boss to traiders

Patrushev Nikolai Chairman Of The National Anti-Terrorist Committee Of The...

He flew to Antarctica on the Mi-8

Pekarev Vladimir State Duma deputy

He supplied Moscow suburbs with unlicensed vodka

Pekhtin Vladimir Russian State Duma Deputy

Pereverzev Vladimir Owner of Alt Corporation

He bit more than he could chew

Petrik Victor Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).

He loves to encroach on the regalia

Petrov Yuri State Duma Deputy of the VI convocation of the party...

According to the official declaration, Petrov and his wife received the revenue of more than 28.8 million rubles in 2011. The family owned a land...

Petrov Sergey Russian State Duma Deputy

Petrov Gennady Member of Malyshev OPG

He was called the leader of "Tambov-Malyshev"criminal association

Petrov Vladimir Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region

Vladimir Petrov is known as the author of many provocative statements.

Petrukhin Eduard First Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service

He works for thieves in law

Pevzner Simon Former owner of Voskresenskiye mineralniye udobreniya

He covered up his fraud by hullabaloo

Pevzner Simen Former owner of "Voskresenskie mineral fertilizers"

He has a foreign citizenship. Pevzner is often referred as a citizen of Israel and "half-citizen of Russia", although he lives in Vienna.

Piotrovsky Vladislav Former head of GUVD of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region ...

Pisarev Kirill Member of the board of PIK Group, Russia’s property...

He conceded his presidential post to a subordinate

Plastinin Sergey Co-Owner Of Wimm Bill Dann

Pleshakova Olga General Director Of

Pochinok Alexander Former member of the Federation Council representing the...

They called him Sasha the Vacuum Cleane

Podolsky Kirill Co-Owner Of

Polezhayev Leonid The Governor Of The Oryol Region

Pollyieva Jakhan Assistant To The President Of The Russian Federation

Polonskiy Sergey Former owner Mirax Group

He declared, "those who do not have a billion, can go to hell"

Ponomarenko Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Novorossiysk Commercial...

He agreed on payment for "Oligarch" with Berezovsky

Popov Konstantin Co-Owner Of The Corporation Incom