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Izmestiev Igor Former member of the Council of Federation

He was charged with two terrorist acts and 14 murders

Izrailit Valery Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Ust-Luga

He was accused of land seizure

Jabarov Vladimir Federation Council Member

Jakubowski Dmitriy Lawyer

He is nicknamed General Dima

Janowski Kirill Co-Owner Of Novatek

Jennings Stephen Chief executive of Renaissance Capital

He pressed on Hermitage Capital, but was not blacklisted by the US

Jordan Boris President of Sputnik Investment Group

He was called the right hand of Soros

Kachmazov Yuri Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of The Sok

The most reserved millionaire in Russia

Kadannikov Vladimir Senior citizen

He paved the way to big business for Berezovsky

Kadyrov Ramzan Head of the Chechen Republic

He’s got a home zoo and personal army

Kalashov Zakhary A thief in law

They called him an agent of the GRU

Kalinichenko Alexey Entrepreneur

He is accused of stealing a billion

Kalinin Yuri Member Of The Federation Council

Kalyuzhny Viktor Russian Ambassador

Kamenschik Dmitry Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Line

He “grew up” on the money of Uralmash Organized Crime Group

Kanokov Arsen President Of Kabardino-Balkaria

Kantor Vyacheslav The Head of the Coordination Committee of OAO “Akron”

His daughter ran away from him

Kapura Mikhail Member Of The Federation Council

Karabut Stanislav Deputy General Director of Basic Element

Karachinsky Anatoly President of IBS Group

Accused of collaboration with the FBI

Karaganov Sergei Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and...

Veteran modernizer

Karlin Alexander Governor Of Altai Territory

Karpov Pavel Former Major at Main Investigative Directorate at Moscow...

From the list Magnitsky he became the lover of Masha Malinovskaya

Kasparov Garry The leader of United Civil Front

He is called the greatest chess player in history

Kasperskaya Natalya Director-general of InfoWatch company

She grabbed a half of her husband's business

Kaspersky Evgeny Leading developer and major shareholder of Kaspersky Lab...

He served in the KGB

Kasyanenko Alexander Co-Owner Of X5 Retail Group

Kasyanov Mikhail Leader of the People’s Democratic Union (the RNDS)

He was named “Misha Two Percent”

Katanandov Sergey Federation Council Member

Katunin Alexander Entrepreneur

Katzman Vladimir Entrepreneur

Kavdzharadze (KAVDISARIDZE) Maxim Senator of the Russian Federation

He graduated from the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Moscow State Law Academy", specialty "Jurisprudence" with the...

Kazinets Leonid The owner of Barkly Corporation

Only rich people should live in Moscow, he thinks

Kazmin Andreyilyich Former President of Savings Bank of the Russian Federation...

He lived openly with his mistress without getting divorced.

Kehiopulo Feofil Deputy Prosecutor of St. Petersburg

Kekhman Vladimir The main owner of the «Group JFC»

He wants to sing and dance

Kenin Mikhail Entrepreneur

Kesaev Igor Distributor of Philip Morris in Russia

Khabarov Mikhail Chairman of the Management Board, CEO of National Bank Trust

Khachatryan Artyom Co-owner of SUN Investments Partners

He profiteers from selling his debts

Khachaturov Danil General Director of OAO

He hid his property from the wife

Khairullin Ilshat Director-general of Edelweiss Group

He called for boycotting Danish goods

Khairullin Airat State Duma Deputy

He is famous for his greed

Khait Boris President of the Insurance Group Spasskye Vorota

He laundered money in Israel

Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Khandorin Gennady Director Of Tomsk Atomic Center

Khasis Lev Shareholder of X5 Retail Group, vice-president of WallMart

While on honeymoon, he missed a formal meeting with Putin

Khinshtein Alexander State Duma Deputy

He is known for sensational denunciations

Khloponin Alexander Deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation

Took part in homosexual orgies

Khoba Lubov Chief Accountant Lukoil

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Khodorkovsky Mikhail Former Head Of Yukos

Khorev Andrei Former first deputy chief of the Russian Ministry of the...

Fake veteran of the Chechen war

Khovanov Andrej City-energo ex-president

He ruined the Institute of Light Alloys

Khristenko Viktor Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed “bashful chiseller”

Khusaenov Oleg Co-Owner Of "Atlant-M"

Khusnullin Marat Deputy Mayor in the Moscow Government on urban policy and...

After the start of the demolition, which the developer started the next day, the party "Yabloko" has initiated a collection of signatures for the...

Khvatov Nikolay Co-Owner Of Mariinsky Refinery

Kim Igor Co-Owner Of Mdm Bank

Kirichuk Stepan Federation Council Member

Kirikov Andrey The owner of a Moscow construction company Art–Format

He robbed his accomplice in raider takeovers

Kirilenko Sergey Co-Owner Of Russian Mortgage Bank

Kirilenko Arthur President of the Association «Corporation Stroimontage»

He has been put on wanted list

Kirilichev Alexander Co-Owner Of Primorsk Shipping

Kirilov Oleg Co-Owner Of Sm Group

Kiriyenko Sergey Head Of Federal Agency For Atomic Energy

He was going to run for presidency in 2008

Kiryushin Gennadiy Co-Owner Of Smarts

Kiselyov Vladimir Head of Charity «Federation»

Kishilov Sergey Owner «Sanimex Handels»

Kislov Sergey Owner Of Holding