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Abashidse Aslan Former leader of the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria

He set up a personal army and a dog shelter

Abasov Symbat Thief within the law

He was addicted to drugs

Abdiyan Vitaly Kingpin

He is fond of drugs

Abdulkerimov Abdulzhelil President of Trastkom Management Company

He made one of the most audacious raider takeovers

Abdushelishvili Georgy Senior Partner at Ward Howell International

Clients seldom come to him for the third time

Abeltsev Sergey Deputy of the State Duma

The first scandal with Abeltsev name appeared in the press in April, 1994. Abeltsev took part in taking property from businessman Gennady Kravchenko, ...

Ablyazov Mukhtar The former chairman of board of directors in joint-stock...

Law enforcement authorities of three countries pursue him

Abramov Yan Chairman of the board of “New Technologies” Open JSC

He preferred Safin’s daughter to Sobchak’s daughter

Abramovich Roman Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District

Roman Abramovich began to engage in commerce in 1992, within a few years he established five companies on production of petroleum products and...

Abramovich Boris KrasAir CEO

He was an active player in hostile takeovers

Abramson Valeriy Infrastruktura Board Chairman

He has been involved in questionable transactions

Abrosimov Pavel Co-owner of Major Holding

The Federal Security Service protects his business

Abroskin Nikolay Former Director of the Federal Service for Special...

He was accused of corruption

Abyzov Mikhail Chairman of Board of Directors of RU-COM group

He was dismissed from the University for poor progress

Abzianidze Beso Kingpin

He overreached himself with drugs

Adagamov Rustem Russian blogger by nick "drugoi"

he knows how to capitalize on opposition activity in social networks

Afanasiev Alexander Owner of Pharmacor pharmacy network

Financier of Communist party

Agafeva Natalia Chief of CID of MIA


Agalarov Aras President of the Crocus International Group

He has intermarried with the President of Azerbaijan

Aglyamova Galina NLMC's vice president responsible for finances

She manages finances of the company ranked first in Forbes Russia's list

Ahpolov Alexander The head of the administrative department of the Finance...

Alexander Ahpolov is well known as a henchman from Ossetian clan in the higher echelons of the Russian government.

Akhmedov Farhad Member of the Board of Directors of Nortgaz

He was accused of misappropriating revenues

Akhmetov Rinat System Capital Management owner

Coal king and business partner of the Ukrainian president

Akimov Andrey Gazprombank board of trustees chairman

His bank is protected by his old KGB friends and Vladimir Putin

Aladushkin Alexander Chairman of the Board of Investment and Financial Group...

It was written about him in connection with the murders and businesses capturing

Alaluev Lev Former co-owner of the Bank of Moscow

Yuri Luzhkov has made him an stove

Alekperov Vagit Chairman of STC NK

He is said to have relations with crime bosses

Aleksashenko Sergey Aeroflot board of directors member

He made a profit out of default and being a Central Bank of Russia insider

Alisher Usmanov General Director of “Gazprominvestholding”

He was convicted in Uzbekistan

Altushkin Igor Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of Russian...

He was copped in international fraud

Aminov Vyacheslav President of Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia

He arranged young girls for Berezovsky

Ananiev Dmitry Member of the Federation Council

an Orthodox tycoon

Ananiev Aleksey chairman of the board of directors of Promsvyazbank

He sings in church choir

Andreev Pavel co-owner of “LEK” and “Makromir”

He loves luxury

Angelevich Arkadiy Ex-president of Montazhspecbank

He made compromising for VIP persons

Anikeev Gregory State and political figure, deputy of the State Duma of the ...

"Доход депутата в 2014 году составил 995 млн рублей"

Anisimov Vasily Co-owner of Coalco

He robbed Berezovsky

Antipov Yuri Ariant co-owner

He made his fortune at the expense of his compatriots’ health

Antonov Vladimir Former owner of Snoras

His buisiness has always had connections with crime

Ardashnikov Jacob The head of OOO BAT-TSV

Arkhangelsky Vitaly president of Oslo Marine Group

Gullible French believe he is a political refugee

Arsamakov Abubakar President of Moscow Industrial Bank

The banker of Chechen gang men

Artemiev Timur Former co-owner of Euroset

Artemyev Igor Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

His department took the lead in corruption

Artyakov Vladimir Governor of Samara Region

In private he introduces himself as Lieutenant-General of the GRU

Arzhanov Dmitriy CEO 'Transneftservis C' Ltd.

With its acquisitions in the five years of "Transneftservice S" became a holding company engaged in the energy supply of the population and other...

Atanov Yegor Member of the Federation Council of RF

Avanesyan Igor Zenit bank board member

His bank was accused of scams

Avdeev Alexander RF Minister of culture

He earned a lot from corruption in the field of culture

Aven Petr President of

Even business partners have little liking to him

Avetisyan Vladimir A board member of Samaraenergo

He owns the most expensive guitars in the world