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Yakimenko Vasily Former Head of Federal Agency on Youth Affairs of the...

He does not think that "sex with minors is wrong"

Yakobashvili David Chairman of the board of directors of Bioenergy Corporation

He started his path to becoming a millionaires with selling pigs

Yakovlev Alexander The former vice-governor of the Leningrad region

Yakovlev Vladimir Former Minister For Regional Development

Yakunin Vladimir President of Russian Railways JSC

He successfully has settled his offsprings

Yanchukov Sergey Owner of "Mangazeya» Group

Currently, Oil Company "Mangazeya" has licenses to develop three oil and gas fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Yasinov Parviz businessman

Nicknamed: Tajik chick magnet

Yasinov Obid Chief executive of development company...

He will do away with whoever stands in his way

Yastrzhembsky Sergei Co-founder of the non-commercial partnership “Vremena Goda”

A servant of all masters

Yatsyshin Evgeny Managing director of LSR Group, member of the board

He left the mayor's office with clear conscience

Yavlinsky Grigory Former leader of the Yabloko party

He was called "Zhirinovsky for intellectuals"

Yeghiazaryan Ashot Russian State Duma Deputy

He paid for the footege of `a man similar to the prosecutor general`

Yesipovsky Igor Governor Of The Irkutsk Region

Yevnevich Alexander Chairman of the board of Maksidom chain of home improvement ...

He collects ex-St Petersburg governor Matvienko's amateurish paintaings

Yevstafyev Arkady Director-general of E-Union investment holding

He became famous owing to "photocopier box"

Yumashev Valentin Co-owner of City JSC

Yeltsin's son-in-law, Deripaska's father-in-law, Abramovich's patron

Yumasheva Tatyana Head of the Fund of the first President of Russia Boris...

Suspected of corruption and money laundering

Yurevich Mikhail Governor of Chelyabinsk region

He was nicknamed macaroni media mogul

Yuriev Evgeny Co-chair of Business Russia

Orthodox hypocrite

Yurov Ilya Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trust National Bank

He was accused of raiding

Yushvaev Gabriel Member of the Wimm-Bill-Dann board of directors

He went into a large business soon after serving a prison term for robbery

Yusufov Vitaly Co-owner of telecommunications company Osnova Telecom

His was rumoured to have contracted a murder

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

From 2011 to present - Carries out a private investment activity through the "Energy" Fund, established by him.

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

He was building a financial empire for Medvedev

Yusupov Vadim Co-Owner Of Norman Vivat

Yuzhilin Vitaly Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

He is called as the owner of Petersburg port