Year of birth: 1968

Education: Moscow State University of Railway Engineering

Career: Ekaterina Ignatova - is the second wife of the head of "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov, she worked with him in the Office of the President, "Promeksport", "Rosoboronexport". The flowering of Ignatova career coincided with the marriage, and the salary was ten times higher than the official income of the senior husband. Despite the fact that Ignatova owns a 13% stake in IFC and about her banking career before joining the IFC is known nothing, she headed the board of directors of the credit institution. Under her leadership are gathering the participants of the Forbes list: the owner of "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov (14), a shareholder of "Eurasia" Alexander Abramov (24) and the head of the "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg (7).

Detail: Ignatova holds a 70% stake in "Kate" Company, which supplies to the "AvtoVAZ" (part of "Russian Technologies") automatic gear boxes for the car "Lada Kalina".

Forbes, 15.06.201


Husband - Sergey Victorovich Chemezov - General Director of the state corporation "Russian Technologies".

Son - Stanislav Chemezov - the Chairman of the Board of "Interbiznesgrupp" holding company owns a share in "I.A.D. Business-Industry", "Russian nanotechnology industry" and stakes in several construction companies, as well as a member of the board of directors of the company "AvtoVAZ energy."


She began her career at the Department of the interpretation of the Moscow Order of Friendship of Peoples of the State Linguistic University. She has also worked in the structure of public authorities, and then her professional activity has been associated with the work of organizations, involved in foreign economic activity. After trying her hand at business, she became one of the organizers of "KATE".

Ekaterina pays much attention to social and charitable activities. She actively participates in the implementation of programs that are aimed on a special care for children from low-income families, veterans and disabled soldiers. At the same time she is bringing up two children.



Chemezov's wife Ekaterina Ignatova is also a businessman. According to the register, Ignatova owns 70% and manages the company "Kate", which developed automatic transmission. "Together with friends she organized this business <...> - told "Vedomosti" in 2009

Ignatova also deals banking business. Last year, she became co-owner of the bank "International Financial Club" (IFC). Mikhail Prokhorov created the club, inviting there, except Ignatova, Alexander Abramov and Viktor Vekselberg, Suleiman Kerimov. Chemezov-Sr. joined the IFC Board of Directors. The bank, which conceived in the midst of the financial crisis, has promised to engage in buying, restructuring and resale of distressed assets.

Perhaps the only area, in which, despite the scale of "Russian Technologies", Ignatova can have no intersections with the corporation - is restaurants. In the past year, "Kommersant" reported that Ignatova appeared to be the principal owner of the urban network of restaurants "The Floor" (19 institutions in Moscow). Based on data from EGRUL, her share in the capital of "Risont-holding", which manages the chain of "The Floor" and the club Ye, DJ-bar Picasso is, pizzeria "dal Capo" bar "Water Park", restaurant "Troy" and a tearoom "Eclair", is 99.98%. According to the evaluation of the CEO of RestCon Andrei Petrakov, average restaurant of "The Floor" format can bring about $ 60 000-70 000 per month in revenue.

Vedomosti, 28.02.11


As it became known to "Vedomosti", the wife of the general director of "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov Ekaterina Ignatova - is a co-owner of oil and gas holding company "Itera". Chemezov said that it's a surprise for him, he thought that the share of "Itera" is sold

As the director of "Russian Technologies" Chemezov filed a declaration once - in 2009. His official annual income amounted more than 34.5 million rubles, income of Ignatova -427.5 million rubles.

Vedomosti, 04.03.2011


A search was conducted in the office of the bank "International Financial Club" (IFC), which belongs to the group "Onexim" of the leader of the "Right Case" Mikhail Prokhorov (№3 in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia's version of Forbes, the state - is $ 18 billion), on Thursday evening.

In December 2009, the Bank announced the creation of the first banking club, attracting new shareholders and a fundamentally new approach to the formation of the share capital. Along with Prokhorov, which now owns 27.7% stake in the bank, in the shareholders structure enters prominent businessmen Alexander Abramov (19.71%), Viktor Vekselberg (19.71%), Suleiman Kerimov (19.71%) and the wife of the head "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov Ekaterina Ignatova (13.14%).

Forbes, 08.09.2011


Ekaterina Ignatova - is a second wife of Chemezov. She has more modest apartment (259.7 m?), but it is she exactly included in the HOA "Cook 28" from the family. And this is not the only organization, founded by the Ignatova.

She has, for example, their own beauty salon "NEKST" on Ostrozhenka, but the main coupons (and last year she earned 747.1 million rubles) Ekaterina Ignatova cuts in LLC "Kate", where she owns 70%.

The firm calls itself "the Russian manufacturer of automatic transmissions №1" and supplies to AvtoVAZ, which is part of the corporation of Chemezov, automatic transmissions. As stated on the company website, "Kate" is fruitfully working, aiming on the integrating of the FT7 family in VAZ engine compartment. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but under the hood of "Lada" Ignatova started to climb in 2004, when Chemezov was appointed a general director of "Rosoboronexport" (future Rostec).

And if in 2001 she bought a three-story house with an attic in the Podolsk district, soon, then soon she decided to move to a status Rublevka.

Now she has seven land plots combined into three groups next to Zhukovka. On the largest (near the village of "Mayendorf gardens", where, as rumored, could settle Viktor Yanukovych), judging by the pictures from space, a serious work is held yet, but together with neighbors Ignatova has already established a partnership for the development of local infrastructure "Barvikha".

Ruspres, 08/01/2015


Chapter of "Rostec" refused to comment on a story about how his wife shared a currency cache with a Georgian designer Nana Getashvili

As is in the case with Lastochkin, recognized as the best architect in Europe for 2014-15 Nana Hernandez-Getashvili found herself behind bars. Previously, Ms. Getashvili designed the Predator yacht under the order of the partner of Chemezov - a reputable businessman Iskander Makhmudov, but, at the Lifenews post, was recently arrested in the course of commercial conflict with the owners of elite mansion in Barvikha.

A source, close to the defense of Getashvili, claims that clients of the accused was Sergei Chemezov family, previously ordered an architect to redevelop apartments of the Head of "Rostec" at Povarskaya Street. Wherein, the news resource of the tabloid journalism king Aram Gabrelyanov could significantly underestimate the cost of works in Barvikha. According to the source, in fact, the subject of the dispute is not $ 3.15 million, but € 9 million 570 thousand 749, which a young wife of Chemezov - Ekaterina Ignatova, paid off with Getashvili.

Ruspres, 06/04/2016


A recent search of FSS office in the IFC bank, owned by the businesswomen Ekaterina Ignatova and oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov became the second consecutive marital distress of the spouse of Mrs. Ignatova - the head of the state corporation "Rostec" Chemezov. The first was the famous international offshore scandal, directly affecting the son of the head of "Rostec" - Stanislaw Chemezov and an ambitious project of backbone "Eureka", created under his dad, with an indicative budget of half a billion dollars.

In this regard, it can be assumed that the search in the IFC bank was conducted not only to expose the potential offshore schemes of Ignatova and Prokhorov, but also to investigate other issues. From leak of defense secrets abroad to finance of unprofitable media holding RBC of Prokhorov, journalists of which do not hide their sympathy to the anti-Putin opposition. In the near future we will return to the topic of the offshore network of the head of "Rostec" and his relatives (Sergey Chemezov Sr., Sergey Sergeevich Chemezov, Stanislav Chemezov, Ekaterina Ignatova and others) to find out, if these operations are usual tax evasion.

Ruspres, 19/04/2016


In April 2016 retail customers took out of the bank, "International Financial Club" (IFC), which main owner is Mikhail Prokhorov, 9.6 billion rubles, or 19.6% of urgent deposits, report "Vedomosti", with a reference to the statements of a financial institution.

The bank managed to partially replace these funds by corporate urgent deposits: they increased from 10.6 billion to 14 billion rubles.

On April 1, the IFC held a 71-th place in terms of assets among Russian banks. Prokhorov structures controlled 47.45% of its shares. The remaining shares are distributed between the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evraz Alexander Abramov, a co-owner of "Rusal" Viktor Vekselberg and the wife of the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov Ekaterina Ignatova

voennye-pensii.rf, 23/05/2016


The annual income of the entire Chemezov family in 2014 - is two billion 250.139 million rubles. Her 2.126 billion rubles to the family piggy bank made a major getter Ekaterina Ignatova, Chemezov's second wife, whom he married in 2004. She has much more land than her spouse has: six plots of land with an area of just over 26 hectares (26 309 sq. M). In 2014, the wife of the head "Rostec" became the owner of the home area of 4442.5 square meters. M. Things are worse with a car fleet of the wife than those of her husband: only "Volga" GAZ M21 and the compact pickup truck "Mitsubishi" L200.

Under his command she worked then in "Promeksport", engaged in the sale of arms from the Defense Ministry warehouses, and then in the "Rosoboronexport". According to Forbes, Ekaterina Ignatova owns 70% of "Kate", which supplies to AvtoVAZ an automatic gearbox for the "Lada Kalina", and she also owns a 13% stake in the "International Financial Club" (IFC), created by Mikhail Prokhorov. Moreover, Ms. Ignatova is not just a shareholder, but the chairman of the IFC Board of Directors. Chemezov himself in 2010 also became a member of IFC's Board of Directors, which is composed of more billionaires Viktor Vekselberg, Mikhail Prokhorov, Alexander Abramov. In addition, the spouse of Chemezov - is the main owner of the urban network of restaurants "Floor", club Ye, DJ-bar Picasso, pizzeria "dal Capo", bar "Water Park", restaurant "Troy" and tearoom "Eclair". In 2011, "Vedomosti" published the data that Ms. Ignatova was co-owner of oil and gas holding company "Itera" (the third largest gas company of Russia), whose shares are acquired through Belize offshore Elsamex Enterprises Ltd, belonging to her, but then from the owned 5.1 percent of the shares of "Itera", she sold 4 percent to another offshore company, Symius Global Corp.

OpenNews, 03.06.2016