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Return of the Prodigal Oligarch

Makarevich shelled out 5 billion rubles for a “ticket” home


QBF case and 1 billion bribe

What do the RF AP, Timur Turlov and Freedom Finance have to do with it?


“1 million was spent on criminal investigation, 2 million on a criminal case”

How BKF Bank put the initiation of custom cases on stream


Prosecutor from Bear Mountain

The deputy supervisor of St. Petersburg makes decisions in the interests of a criminal hunting...


Searches from Usmanov

The Kremlin oligarch set pocket security forces on the miners


“I hit him in the face twice right in his office.”

The head of Dagestan beat up an official for 100 million rubles


"Three Aces" by Galikhanov

How Dolgopolov, Takhautdinov and Kirillov are creating a nightmare for the Samara region and...


“We were waiting for the unfriendly head of the FSB to be replaced”

How security officers excuse their psychopath


Budget gold was found on the sunken Chita submarine

How the Moldovan Bodrug clan is profiting from the sunken Russian fleet


How the “gray cardinals” of the Russian Armed Forces “killed” Mizulina and Klishas

The resident and adviser to Lebedev were betting on the criminal senator Kavdzharadze


Why did the investigation and the court send a group I disabled person to death?

12 years of strict regime for weapons “toys” for a patient with spinal muscular atrophy


“PU$$Y BOY” from Rosseti

A modest manager in a house worth 0.5 billion and a clip from Yegor Creed


Governor Drozdenkov's friend and favorite developer fled to the West

“The Investigative Committee has questions for Berezin about the theft of military lands from the...


FSB lieutenant colonel accused of murdering blogger

Husband, wife and one shot from 50 meters in the back


"Lekha - photographer Lebedeva"

Whoever “removes” the Chairman of the RF Armed Forces is the one who “dances” him


“Bad news for Governor Sergei Nosov”

The seagull was made the head of copper and gold, he waved his “empty wing” to everyone


Freezing houses, Chemezovs, FSB and Maybachs by Martin Bormann and Eva Braun

Investigation by Rucriminal.info about why Klimovsk near Moscow was left without heat


Estate in Nice for the family circle of Governor Drozdenko

The head of the Leningrad region and his wallet became related by sons-in-law


FSB imprisoned Shaman's 73-year-old mother

How the Poronkin family of security officers “ruled” the security forces


Match systems-Garantex: power crypto mafia

How exchange client accounts are cleaned


“The judge gave a certificate stating that she did not make such a decision”

How former employees of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation are...


Match systems scam (aka Plain chain)

How an ex-FSB analyst and an ex-drug police officer are “divorcing” crypto victims


The "King of Microfinance" is preparing to escape

The shadow of Viktor Vekselberg and the withdrawn billions


The person who ordered the murder was cleared away by the Investigative Committee

How a mob murder was turned into a one-on-one fight


Billionaire Berezin's family sets its sights on the West

Transplanting competitors and capturing the construction and medical waste market


A cooperative of a deputy prosecutor general, 10 prosecutors and 3 investigators

“Hiding behind the broad generals’ backs from the criminal case”


"For money, yes"

Chairman of the Samara Regional Court Vadim Kudinov and his connection with the organized crime group.


Verkhneuhno -level cartridge of the State Humanitarian Republic of VEB.rf and Dom.rf

Before leaving, Igor Shuvalov “merges” his top manager Suzanne


He “danced” the girls only himself and did not share with others.

Oleg Boyko changed his offshore sign