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Lann (Kaplan Leonid) Leon Member of the criminal group of Zakhary Kalashov

He was named Accountant of the Russian mafia

Lapkin Voktor Borodino Group co-owner

Good head of a collective farm became a bad millionaire

Lavrov Sergey Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

He writes poetry and likes to sing to the guitar

Lebedev Aleksandr Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC «National...

Worst enemy of the Man in cap

Lebedev Leonid Owner Of Sintez Group

He swithed from vinyls to oil wells

Leonov Oleg The owner of GIP Group

He began business by selling cheat sheets

Leps Gregory Russian singer of Georgian origin, composer, producer and...

Winner of the «World Music Awards» Award, "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone" and so on.

Lerner Gregory Owner Of The Company Rosneftegazinvest

Levaev Lev The head of the group

Even he has immersed in debt

Levit Igor Chairman of the board of LSR Group

Andrey Molchanov’s schoolmate

Levitin Igor Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed Ministers of Bad Roads

Levitsky Nikolay Member of the board of Geotech Holding, oilfield...

He has tried to seize the natural recourses of the Komi Republic

Leytis Igor General Director of ZAO

His “protector” was Barmaley

Leyviman Alexander Director-general of Sistema Mass-Media public company

He sought to privatize Russia's largest film studio

Lifshits Alexander Co-Owner Ivan Taranov Breweries

Lifshitz Arkady Co-Owner Ivan Taranov Breweries

Liksutov Maxim Chairman Of The Board Of Directors In Transgroup A / S

Linnik Viktor Co-Owner Of The Holding Miratorg

Linshits Igor Former Head Of The Bank "Neftyanoy"

Lisin Vladimir Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO

For the first time the name of Vladimir Lisin got into the field of view of media in the late 80's, when Lisin, as deputy director of the Karaganda...

Lisitsyn Anatoliy Deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation

He was charged with abuse of power

Lisowski Sergey Member Of The Federation Council

Livshits Aleksandr Deputy General Director Of Russian Aluminum

Lobar Sergey Co-Owner Of Mezhprombank

Logunov Oleg Employees of the State Ministry of the Interior in the...

Interrogations shifts the blame on subordinates

Lomakin Anatoly Co-Founderof Silvinit

Luchansky Grigory Entrepreneur

A man with Europe’s fastest-growing income

Lutsenko Alexander Co-Owner Of The

Luzhkov Yuri Former Moscow Mayor