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Ignatova Marina Deputy of the State Duma of RF of the fifth convocation

She began her career as a modest chairman in the Podmoskovny ZhSK

Ignatova Ekaterina A Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of JSCB "International ...

Detail: Ignatova holds a 70% stake in "Kate" Company, which supplies to the "AvtoVAZ" (part of "Russian Technologies") automatic gear boxes for the...

Iliev Zarah Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Hotel Ukraine»

After purchase of "Ukraine" he began to take care of his reputation

Illarionov Andrey Former Aide to President Putin

He was called the founder of Russia's liberal model of development

Ilyasov Stanislav Head Of Federal Agency For Fisheries Of The Russian...

Ilyukhin Viktor Russian State Duma Deputy

Ilyumzhinov Kirsan President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE)

He played a game of chess with Colonel Gaddafi

Iorich Vladimir Private investor

Putin decided to save Mechel, thanks for him

Ipatov Pavel The governor of Saratov region

He is into Italian ties and French wines

Isaev Roland Co-Owner Of “Pyatero Development

His biography is unavailable online

Isayev Andrey Co-Owner Of Baltic Bank

Ishayev Viktor Presidential plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal...

He controls power, business, and criminals

Iskuzhin Rudick Member Of The Federation Council

Islamov Victor President of Petrotek Holding

He was lucky to have an army fellow

Ismailov Telman ACT Group Leader

Luzhkov called him a brother

Ivanishvili Boris (Bidzina) The owner of the company «Rossiisky credit»

He financed the «orange» revolution

Ivanov Sergey Federation Council Member

His position as a senator could be sold for 1.5 million dollars

Ivanov Sergey Deputy Prime Minister

He was called backup to the President

Ivanov Victor Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control of the...

Kremlin Borman

Izmestiev Igor Former member of the Council of Federation

He was charged with two terrorist acts and 14 murders

Izrailit Valery Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Ust-Luga

He was accused of land seizure