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Zabolotnov Roman Director general of Monetka retail chain

His company was ranked as untransparent

Zakoptelov Valeriy Owner Of The Berezniki Soda Plant

Zanadvorov Alexander Co-Owner Of Seventh Continent

Zarapin Aleksandr Co-Owner Of Nlmk

Zarenkov Vyacheslav Co-Owner Of Lenspetssmu

Zaribko Alexander Former joint owner of Viktoria supermarket chain

Stores for the poor made him rich

Zarubin Alexander Managing Director Of Renova

Zavadnikov Valentin Council of Federation Member

He was nicknamed “Chubais from Nakhodka”

Zavalny Pavel Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy. Candidate...

He served as president of NP "Mini-Football Club" Gazprom-Ugra ".

Zayonts Alexander Co-owner of Domashniy Intetier LLP

He often changes partners

Zelenin Dmitry Former Governor Of Tver Region

Certain groups of people nicknamed him Buratino

Zhidkikh Vladimir Member of the Federation Council

He was determined to quell institutions of local government

Zhirinovsky Vladimir Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

He urged Russians to "wash their boots in the Indian Ocean"

Zhivilo Michail Head of MIKOM Investment Company

Golden Boy Misha Kemerovsky

Zhukov Yuri Former chairman of the board of PIK Group, property...

Moscow flats and a country were taken away from him, because he was in debt

Zhukov Alexander First vice-speaker of the State Duma of the 6th Convocation

Once he said that the global crisis would not reach Russia

Zimin Dmitry The Founder Of Vimpelcom

Zimin Victor Head of the government of the republic of Khakassia

He profited from the disaster at Sayano-Shushensk plant

Zingarevich Boris Deputy Director General of Ilim Group

He has been waging commercial wars for years

Zingarevich Boris Deputy Director General of Ilim Group

Until the early 90's Boris Zingarevich, along with his brother Michael worked as a mechanic at the Leningrad cardboard factory. In 1992, they created ...

Zubarev Vyacheslav The Owner Of Transtechservice

Zubitsky Andrey First Deputy Director General Of Industrial Metallurgical...

Zubitsky Boris Russian State Duma Deputy

Zubitsky Evgeny Director General Of Industrial Metallurgical Holding

Zubkov Viktor First Deputy Prime Minister of the RF

He has insiders everywhere

Zubov Dmitry Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema public ...

He paid for Yanukovych's "girls"

Zurabov Mikhail Russian ambassador to Ukraine

Nicknamed «pensioners' oligarch»

Zvagelsky Viktor State Duma deputy

In the Duma he lobbies for his vodka distilleries

Zyuganov Gennady Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of ...

Nicknamed: a Zyug-zag who had no-luck

Zyuzin Igor General Director of OAO

In his mines people perish