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Fedorov Aleksey President of Irkut Corporation

He blew the contract with Jordan

Fedorov Boris Member Of The Board Of Directors Of Oao Gazprom

Fedorov Nikolay The Council of Federation member

He was nicknamed the father of Chuvashia region

Fedorychev Alexey Owner Of Fedcominvest

A Russian citizen who had an Uruguayan passport

Fedun Leonid Vice-President of OAO "LUKoil"

He bought a ticket for Croatia team to EURO 2008

Fedyaev Mikhail President Of The Siberian Business Union

Fetisov Gleb The owner and the chairman of the board of directors

He does not know how to choose allies

Fetisov Vyacheslav Former president HC CSKA Moscow

Main boss of the hockey mafia

Fighters Nikolay The Former Owner Of The Company Lebedyansky

Filipenko Alexander Former Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

He wanted to build a skyscraper in the middle of taiga

Finger Gregory Digital Sky Technologies co-owner

His company was unable to come to the agreement with a schoolboy

Finogenov Igor Board Chairman of the Eurasian Development Bank

He gave money to Chechnya

Finsky Maxim President of Intergeo, copper-nickel mining company

He tied the knot at the residence of the tsar

Firestone Jamison Managing partner and co-founder of Firestone Duncan

He was robbed by his boyfriend

Fomenko Andrey Owner Of Holding

Fradkov Mikhail Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian...

They called him ‘The Terminator”

Frank Sergey Former transport minister

He married his son to Gunvor

Fridman Mikhail Chairman of the supervisory Board of

Suspected of drug dealing

Friedland Leonid President and co-owner of Mercury Group

The Diamond King of Russia

Fryman Aleksandr Aljba Alliance co-owner

He had a problem dividing assets with Vekselberg

Fuks Pavel Chairman of the Board of Directors of MosCityGroup

He bought a trough for 200 thousand dollars

Fursenko Andrey Minister Of Education And Science