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Taran Edward Owner of RATM Group multi-industry holding company

He was realised on 20 million roubles bail

Tarasov Andrey Owner of Tsentrokredit bank

He was nearly robbed of 3 billion rubles

Tariko Rustam The owner the Bank

He takes a great interest in an "elite plastic"

Tarpishchev Shamil President of the Russian Tennis Federation

He coached Yeltsin and was a friend of Little Taiwanese

Tatarenkov Vladimir Head of Sayanogorskaya criminal group

In jail he wrote poetry about his first love

Tchaikovsky Roman Co-owner of Nezavisimost car trading company

He profiteered from state purchasing

Te Paul Co-owner of a "Capital Group"

In the ranking of Russian billionaires on the 2011 by the version of the "Finance" magazine the financial state of Paul Te was estimated at $ 220...

Temnyansky Vladimir Former deputy director of LOGOVAZ

Teplitsky Arkady Co-owner of Adamant Holding

He sent messages to God

Teterev Boris Co-owner of Musa Motors

Before becoming a businessman, he was a gynaecologist

Tetro (until 2008 Tetruashvili) David President of the GC "United Fuel Corporation"

Semen Iskhakovich Tetruashvili was born 24.2.1947. According to reports, Tetruashvili was close with both the "authoritative" representatives of the...

Tetruashvili Semen Owner of the "United Fuel Corporation"

Group of companies "United Fuel Corporation" (GK "UFC") operates in the field of oil and gas production and reprocessing industry.

Tetyukhin Vladislav Shareholder and board member of VSMPA-AVISMA

He has been compared to Stalin

Tikhonov Evgeny Former trader Shell

Tiktinsky Edward President of RBI Holding Company

He ran a large company while playing golf and tennis

Timakova Natalia Press secretary to the Russian Federation President

Nicknamed “Nemtsov in a pink dress”

Timchenko Gennadiy Co-owner of the company Gunvor

Alleged to be Putin's business partner

Titarenko Nikolay Co-owner of Novatek

His company has financed construction of the presidential dacha

Titov Boris Chairman of Business Russia All-Russian Public Organization

He carried out Kremlin projects

Tkachev Alexander Governor of Krasnodar Krai

He is called a monopoly tycoon of the region

Tokhtakhounov Alimzhan President of the National Football Foundation

Saddam Hussein was his neighbor in Paris

Tolchinsky Alexander Co-Owner Of Altimo

Tolokonsky Victor Presidential Envoy in the Siberian Federal District

Medical mafia was established under his leadership

Torlopov Vladimir Senator representing the Republic of Komi

He sold the richest region.

Traber Ilya Businessman

They called him Antiquer

Traktovenko David Former owner of Promstroibank

He bought a foreign football club

Trinoga Arthur General Director of State Unitary Enterprise “Fuel and...

He wants 240 billion

Trinoga Mikhail Deputy Head of the Government of the Russian Federation

He often changed his masters

Troitsky Dmitry Co-Owner Of The Trade Network

Trotsenko Roman Advisor to the president of state-owned company Rosneft

Trotsenko Roman United Shipbuilding Corporation president

Truskov Andrei Former board member of Absolute Bank

He became a banker owing to his classmate

Trutnev Yuri Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation

Tsereteli Zurab President of the Russian Academy of Arts

Pablo Picasso said: “He has a good start for the young artist”

Tsikalyuk Sergey Chairman of the board of directors of the Military...

His company is considered the least transparent

Tsukanov Igor Founder Of Centerinvest Group

Tsvetkov Valentin Governor Of The Magadan Region

Tsvetkov Nikolai Head of URALSIB

He was restricted to travel abroad

Tsyplakov Igor Creator Of

Tugolukov Evgeny Owner Holding Emalliance

Tukhtayeva Irina A business woman and a wife of Leonid Tukhtyaev, a...

She wants to make money on Rublyovka road

Tukhtyaev Leonid Со-holder and a chairman of board of directors of...

His wife wants to make money on Rublyovka road

Tukhtyaev German A businessman and co-holder of «Micropol Consulting» and «...

He was put on the wanted list by the Criminal Investigations Department of Mytishchinsky District for intentional infliction of serious bodily injury ...

Tuleyev Aman-Geldy Kemerovo Region Governor

Three times he ran for presidency of Russia

Turchak Andrey Governor of Pskov Region

He did not become a Pskov region Abramovich

Turoverov Philip Entrepreneur

Tyagachev Leonid Former president of the Russian Olympic Committee

He is suspected of contract killing

Tynkovan Alexander President of M.Video, retail home appliances and...

He kept in secret the size of his stake in M.Video

Tyurin Mikhail Customer of the audacious attempt

Tyurin Vladimir kingpin

He has a joint business with Abramovich