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O'Reilly John Former board member of Polymetal

His overseas venture cost him a job in Russia

Oganesian Marat St Petersburg vice-governor on construction

Ex-owner of a Moscow fitness club and a good friend of two thieves-in-law, Eduard and Sergey Asatrian.

Okulov Valery Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation

He is the son-in-law of Boris Yeltsin

Olykhovik Evgeny Co-owner of Renova

He is often asked to do dirty work

Oniani Tariel Thief in law

His main mistake became his personal involvement in a crime

Onishchenko Gennady Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russia

He regularly accused of lobbying

Orlov Alexander Member of the Wimm-Bill-Dann Board of Directors

He was appointed director of Lianozovsky Dairy Plant by the decision of the Moscow City Hall

Orlov Dmitry Co-owner of Vozrozhdeniye bank

He laundered communists’ money

Oruzhev Anatoly Co-Owner Of Petromir

Russian government is bothered with his good luck

Ostatnina Nina State Duma deputy, member of the Communist Party

She called Russia a left country