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Levit Igor Chairman of the board of LSR Group

Andrey Molchanov’s schoolmate

Levitin Igor Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed Ministers of Bad Roads

Levitsky Nikolay Member of the board of Geotech Holding, oilfield...

He has tried to seize the natural recourses of the Komi Republic

Leytis Igor General Director of ZAO

His “protector” was Barmaley

Leyviman Alexander Director-general of Sistema Mass-Media public company

He sought to privatize Russia's largest film studio

Lifshits Alexander Co-Owner Ivan Taranov Breweries

Lifshitz Arkady Co-Owner Ivan Taranov Breweries

Liksutov Maxim Chairman Of The Board Of Directors In Transgroup A / S

Linnik Viktor Co-Owner Of The Holding Miratorg

Linshits Igor Former Head Of The Bank "Neftyanoy"

Lisin Vladimir Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO

For the first time the name of Vladimir Lisin got into the field of view of media in the late 80's, when Lisin, as deputy director of the Karaganda...

Lisitsyn Anatoliy Deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation

He was charged with abuse of power

Lisowski Sergey Member Of The Federation Council

Livshits Aleksandr Deputy General Director Of Russian Aluminum

Lobar Sergey Co-Owner Of Mezhprombank

Logunov Oleg Employees of the State Ministry of the Interior in the...

Interrogations shifts the blame on subordinates

Lomakin Anatoly Co-Founderof Silvinit

Luchansky Grigory Entrepreneur

A man with Europe’s fastest-growing income

Lutsenko Alexander Co-Owner Of The

Luzhkov Yuri Former Moscow Mayor

Maevsky Leonid The owner of Sigma Capial Partners

A communist who behaves like a profiteer

Maganov Ravil First executive vice president of LUKoil

He refused to pay taxes

Magomedov Ziyavudin The owner of Summa Capital holding

He turned Kogalym into a prison

Makarevich Leonid Director general of Electrozavod Group, transformer...

Son of a black-market mogul

Makarov Vladimir Chairman of the Committee on Advertising, information and...

Makarov Sergey Former Co-Owner Of Azot

Makhmudov Iskander President of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

He likes to use water cannons

Makiev Gaioz Member of Parliament of the Republic of North...

He was awarded the medal "For Service in the Caucasus", " For Excellence in Service ", "For Valour" of I of degree, "Badge of Honor" and badges...

Makiev Zurab Deputy of the State Duma faction "United Russia". He is a...

Acting State Advisor of the Russian Federation of 2 class.

Maksimov Nikolay Former Owner Of Maxi-Group

Favourite magnet of Eduard Rossel

Makushin Viktor Owner of industrial group

He tried to defraud Sberbank

Malgin Igor Co-Owner Of Atlant-M Group

Malkin Vitaly Member Of The Federation Council

Maltsev Valery Director General of Rostselmash factory

A top manager without accomplishments

Maltsev Sergey Co-Owner Of Globaltrans

Malyshev Alexander Leader of the Malyshev's OPG

The amount of money laundered by him is estimated at 10 million euros

Mamut Alexander Chairman of publishing group

Berezovsky's confidant

Margelov Mikhail Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation...

Markelov Leonid President Of The Republic Of Mari El

Markin Vladimir Head of Department of Media Relations of the Investigative...

False lawyer

Mashitsky Vitaly Founder and President of Vi Holding Group Chairman of the...

Maslov Viktor The Governor Of The Smolensk Region

Maslowski Pavel Co-Owner Of Petropavlovsk

Matvienko Sergey CEO of ZAO “VTB-Development”

He wanted to live in Robin Hood castle

Matytsyn Anatoly Vice-President Of Lukoil

Mazepin Dmirty Chairman of the Board of Directors of the joined chemical...

He was withdrawing “Gazprom” assets

Mechetin Alexander Co-Owner Of Synergy

Melnichenko Andrey Chairman of the board of OAO “Eurokhim”

President Lukashenko called his proposal inadequate

Melnikov Vladimir Co-Owner Of Gloria Jeans

Michelson Leonid CEO, Chairman of the Board of OAO “NovaTEK”.

Thanks to special relations with Gazprom, he gets lucrative contracts

Mikhailov Yevgeny Cherkizovsky Group vice-president and board member

He became a millionaire thanks to his father

Mikhailov Stanislav Russian pop singer, songwriter, Honored Artist of the...

25 July 2011 «Forbes» magazine published a rating of "50 major Russian celebrities," in which Stas Mikhailov shifted tennis player Maria Sharapova...

Mikhailov Sergey Head of Solntsevo criminal group

He seized money from Switzerland

Mikhailova Elena Board member of "Gazprom" Open Joint Stock Company.

"Gazprom" calls for a revolution!

Mikhalchenko Dmitri The head of the holding company

He was named Dima Krikun

Mikulik Vladimir Top Manager Of The Group Alltek

Mileev Alexey Co-Owner Mariinsky Refinery

Milner Yuri The Director-General Of The Fund Dst

Milyavsky Alexander Co-Owner Of The Group

Minovalov Kirill Owner of Avangard bank

He was called a “banker- murderer”

Mintz Boris Co-Owner Of Fc “Otkritie”

Mirilashvili Mikhael The head of holding

He has revenged for kidnapping of his father

Mironenko Stanislav Co-Owner Of Dekra

Mironov Oleg Commissioner For Human Rights In Russia

Mironov Sergey Former Speaker of the Federation Council, Chairman of the...

He tried to legalize euthanasia

Mishin Nikita Co-Owner Of Holding "N-Trance"

Mitin Sergei Governor of the Novgorod region

He shot fishermen for the fun of it

Mitko Alexander Co-Owner Of Holding

Mitrofanov Aleksey Deputy of the State Duma

He bunkoed Zhirinovsky