Place of birth: Cheboksary of the Chuvash Republic


In 2001 he graduated from Moscow University of consumer cooperatives in the specialty "Jurisprudence"

In 2000 he founded and headed the consulting company; engaged in the practice of law. In 2004-2005. - Advisor to the Governor of Ryazan region, then - the head of the Expert Department of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Chuvashia. In 2006-2007. - Deputy Director of Construction Department - the Head of the support department of the national project "Affordable housing" of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. While working in the Ministry of Regional Development Russia was responsible for the implementation of the activities of the foreground national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Russian citizens", long-term strategy of mass housing for all categories of citizens of the Russian Federation and the preparation of legislative acts in the field of housing policy. In late 2007, A.V. Chibis led the development of the market of affordable housing of the Federal Agency on constructing and Housing and utilities. In this position, he provided the implementation of federal program "Housing" and integrated development projects of territories, selected within the framework of the national project.

From 2008 to 2011 years. - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Member of the Board, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of OJSC "Russian Communal Systems". Supervised work on the improvement of the institutional environment in the housing, aimed at improving the quality of public services and to attracting private investments in the industry.

Since July 2009, he is also a vice-president of the National Union of water utilities.

Since May 2011 - Executive Director of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies. In October of the same year he was elected as an Executive Director of the non-profit partnership of promoting the development of housing and communal services "Development" (NP "Housing Development").

Since August 2012 - member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation.

In December 2013 he was appointed as a Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia.

He is married and has a daughter.


October 1, 2014 was appointed as the Chief State housing inspector of the Russian Federation.



To send him into retirement, the city legislature was to take a vote of no confidence to the head. However, the majority of deputies, in particular, - the members of the "United Russia" does not want to dismiss Vargin. Rebellious people's representatives told reporters that on the eve of the meeting they were called in turn to the office of the Adviser to Shpak Andrew Chibis, where they allegedly heard threats to their. In the case of non-acceptance of no confidence vote, governor's representative promised to expose a legal prosecution on the obstinate and even inflict a physical violence on them., 15.02.2005


The story of the appearance of Igumnov in Ryazan is curious. Ex-mayor of Cheboksary was presented to Shpak by an adviser Andrew Chibis. Wherein Chibis is officially listed as an Assistant of the State Duma deputy Pavel Semenov, closely associated with the management of Yuganskneftegaz - the infamous "daughter" of Yukos. It is difficult to assume the terms, on which the "people of Yukos" entered the Ryazan region, however, as practice shows, trading posts in the area was put on a grand scale. Shpak was about to negotiate with truce of Khodorkovsky.

Already mentioned adviser Andrei Chibis is no less curious. This chick of "YUKOS", in addition to the intimidation of deputies in the "agitation" of the City Council (in the course were threats of tossing heroin, business repressions and etc.) for Anatoly Igumnov, distinguished also with the creating of Ryazan Mortgage Corporation - the project no less ambitious than the transport reformation "by Moser." Law enforcement agencies will have yet to understand with Ryazan mortgages; however, considering that little is being done today without a «rollback" in Ryazan, the mortgage project is also the enrichment tool of "advisers" to Shpak.

Compromat, 17.02.2005


The next step of the career ladder of Andrew Chibis is - a Deputy Director of the Department of Construction and Regional Development Ministry Head of maintenance of the national project "Affordable Housing", in realization of which also aspired to participate "daughter" structures of the company "Renova". Next - the head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing, the executive director of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, chairman of the board of directors is the former President of Chuvashia Nikolai Fedorov, the Federation Council member. Finally, the Vice-President, a member of the National Union of water utilities, which brings together private and public companies in this field, as well as - the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Russian Communal Systems". The latter - is a private company, operating in the utilities sector in nine regions of Russia. Its shareholders - Cyprus offshore Wilmington Investments Limited and Indville Management Limited, the beneficiary of which, according to general opinion, is the already mentioned "Renova", which is headed by businessman Viktor Vekselberg. Perhaps that's why Andrew Chibis constantly favors for the growth of utility tariffs and the transition of the half of the Housing Market in Russia to private hands.

Novaya Gazeta, 03.08.2011

Suspicions of employees, primarily, were caused by foreign companies, which have started to work in the Institute building. "Interestingly, these companies are related to Chibis. And there, and there he held senior positions, "- says one of the employees.

According to him, NP "Housing Development" settled in the building (on the website of the organization Chibis is listed as an Executive Director; Partnership is engaged in consideration of problems, collecting and promoting implementation of the proposals for the development of housing and communal services) and "The National Union of water utilities" (on the Internet page of this structure Chibis is listed as a vice president; the alliance brings together industry leaders in water-drainage of Russia, and Andrew Chibis represents a company Russian communal systems there, of which he is in board).

The first structure occupied on territory of ISEPR an office, where four people sit. "They are not registered at us in any way, and an institute also does not get money for the rent. This is exactly, we studied all the documents. But they use paper, technology and, most importantly, our conference room, "- says an employee of the Institute.

It was easy to reveal an evidence of management's use of NP "Housing development" institution building. The address is set on the company's website - Pyatnitskaya Street, h. 18, b. 1. It is exactly the same as the address of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (historic mansion with a total area of more than 780 sq. m., which Moscow government transferred to ISEPR for free use). In addition, it managed to find quite a lot of reports in the "News" section about the meetings, conducted in the NP "Housing Development". In recent years, there were four such meetings - 26 and 30 January and 2 and 16 February. A photograph is attached to each post, where the conference room of ISEPI is visible.

"The National Union of water utilities" (NUW) also makes no secret of his work in ISEPR building. Employees of the Institute transmitted "Izvestiya" copies of invoices (the largest - is 354 thousand rubles) on the transfer of funds to the NUW. The financial operation was carried out in ISEPR building (that is why papers were at employees), and the same address is listed on the accounts - Pyatnitskaya Street, h. 18, building 1. In addition the accounts are signed by Alexei Makrushin - Deputy of Chibis in ISEPR and his own colleagues in NUW, where he is listed as the director.

Stringer, 12.03.2012


One of the authors of the controversial bill on eviction of non-payers for utilities Andrew Chibis considers such drastic measures justified, and offers to let off the hammer even privatized, and even a single apartment, as well as housing of all debtors - such as child support defaulters.

RIA Novosti, 04.17.2013


Recently, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Andrew Chibis in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" has told about a new remarkable initiative of the government - since January 2015 the cost of utilities for the citizens, who have not yet installed in their apartments meters of water, will rise by 30 per cent on a quarterly basis. As long as the counters will be installed.

As usual, this is done "on the request of the workers." According to Mr. Chibis, citizens, installed the counters long ago, literally bombarded the Ministry of the requirement with letters to introduce a "draconian" measures against "draft dodgers".

There is a counter-proposal - to introduce a quarterly decrease by 30 percent a wage to Mr. Chibis personally and all the officials of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and to the entire apparatus of the Russian government at the same time. And the measure must act so long until the gentlemen officials learn once and for all, how to solve problems not at the expense of the population and begin to think a head, but not the one point that comfortably settled in their soft working chairs.

AIF, 09/29/2014


However, was not without scandals in an official's career. So, for example, he was a chairman of the board of directors, a member of the Board, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of OJSC "Russian Communal Systems" (RCS)

By the way, 100% of shares of RCS belong to the group of companies «Renova" of Viktor Vekselberg, so Chibis is already suspected in lobbying of interests of Vekselberg.

Wherein, now "KES Holding" of Viktor Vekselberg plans major reorganization of assets and the creation of a new structure of the company, which will be engaged in energy, water and gas. To do this, KES will buy assets of "Russian municipal systems" from the "Renova".

In other words, Chibis coming to the position of State Housing Inspector is extremely beneficial to Vekselberg on the background of the expansion of its business in the field of housing.

By the way, Chibis also lit in major scandals, when he was an advisor to the governor of the Ryazan region. So at the same time Chibis was officially listed as an assistant to State Duma deputy Pavel Semenov, closely associated with the management of Yuganskneftegaz - the infamous "daughter" of "Yukos".

Chibis also distinguished himself with the creating of Ryazan Mortgage Corporation. Considering that little is done without a "rollback" in Ryazan; mass media wrote that the mortgage project is a tool of enrichment of governor advisors. In other words, Chibis could take "rollbacks".

Moscvu-post, 02.10.2014


Andrew Vladimirovich Chibis is suspected in a number of dubious initiatives, but in the context of creating a new building structure, his relationship with the billionaire Viktor Vekselberg raises concerns. Recall, Mr. Chibis became a deputy director of the Department of Construction and the head of the Department of support of the national project "Affordable Housing", in realization of which “daughter” structures of the company "Renova" of Viktor Vekselberg, also suspected of corruption, aspired to participate.

Then Chibis joined the Board of Directors of OJSC "Russian Communal Systems" (controls the delivery of public services in 11 regions of Russia). By the way, in early 2013, Viktor Vekselberg became the owner of 75% of RCSs through offshore Wilmington Investments Limited, the remaining shares are in offshore Indville Management Limited (owners of 25% haven't been identified). Now Chibis can become the head of the construction monopolist in the public sector, and market participants fear that the "winning" will be Vekselberg.

Utronews, 24.02.2015


Revenue for 2014

2 802 334.42 rubles.

Spouse (s): 6 446 027.97 rubles.

Real estate

Land, 900 sq. m, shared ownership 0.5

Townhouse, Spain, 176 square meters, joint ownership

House with outbuildings, 203.7 sq. m, shared ownership 0.5

Apartment, 107.5 sq. m (free use)

Apartment, 130.8 sq. m

Parking place, 17.9 sq. m

Spouse (s): townhouse, Spain, 176 square meters, joint ownership

Spouse (s): Apartment, 107.5 sq. m

Spouse (s): parking place, 15.3 sq. m

Spouse (s): parking place, 15.6 sq. m

Spouse (s): parking place, 18.3 sq. m

Daughter: Apartment, 107.5 sq. m (free use)


Passenger car, Porsche Cayenne (2012)

Passenger car, Toyota Land Cruiser 120 (2008)

Passenger car, Mercedes-Benz (2012)

Other, snowmobile ARTIC CAT BEARCAT Z1 XT LIMITED (2011)

Passenger car, all-terrain vehicle CAN-AM OUTLANDER XMR 800EFI (2012)

Declarator 2015


Wherever Andrew Vladimirovich spoke, everywhere, all the stands, he does not get tired of repeating that the housing sector has become more "modern, convenient and customer-centric." But here's the strange thing: almost every performance of Andrei Vladimirovich - is, in fact, a sign of trouble. Judge for yourself.

December 7, 2015 the official stands at the III National Congress "Modern approaches to modernization and management of housing and communal services in Russia", which says the same, already trite words about "modern, safe and customer-centric" utilities. However, he does not have time to get off the podium, just in the same moment there is a terrible story in Moscow. An elderly man dies under the rubble of the collapsed balcony on Leningradsky Prospekt.

January 14 at a press conference in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Chibis again announce all over the country ... What? Yes, the same thing: that the housing sector has become "modern, convenient and customer-centric." And just a few hours later, again in Moscow, an elevator brakes down in a high-rise building, young woman dies, a daughter of a television journalist, famous for the whole country.

And this trouble happens in the place, where almost every Russian dreams to live, but inhabited mainly with the rich and famous: in the ultra-modern residential complex “Scarlet Sails”...

As you can see, a tragedy follows a tragedy! And note that they occur precisely in those days, and even hours when Andrew Vladimirovich begins advertising achievements of the housing sector from high tribunes. Just some kind of obsession!, 19/01/2016