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Saveliev Dmitri State Duma Deputy

SWAT team was called to fire him.

Savitsky Sergey Co-Owner Of Holding "Atlant-M"

Savvidi Ivan Russian State Duma Deputy

Savvidi Ivan Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Russian businessman, candidate of economic sciences (1999).

Scheffler Yury Owner Of S.P.I.

Sechin Igor Deputy Prime-Minister of Russia

NY Times called him the state’s main raider

Sedykh Anatoly Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United...

He is associated with the tragedy of "Delphin"

Seleznev Kirill Board Member, Head of “Gazprom” 614 PAO department. LLC...

The manual gas monopoly has formed "mafia" in the name of Kirill Seleznev and Raul Arashukova.

Seleznev Gennady Russian State Duma Deputy

Semago Vladimir Leading expert of the Accounting Chamber of Russia

He was nicknamed "red banker"

Semenenko Georgy Co-Owner Of Oao

Semenov Victor State Duma Deputy

Semigin Gennady Russian State Duma Deputy of the fourth convocation

He was called the black raider in politics

Senatorov Alexander Owner of investment group "Kopernik" (previously GC MIAN)

Senkevich Nikolay General Director Of Gazprom-Media

Serdyukov Valery Governor of the Leningrad region

The first compromising publications about Valery Serdyukov appeared in 1999, and that was a story of 1994, when the name of Serdyukov figured in a...

Serdyukov Anatoly Former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He is associated with the Tambovskaya criminal group

Sevagin Andrey Former captain of the Soviet Army

The government of the Omsk region owes JSC SK Trest Zhelezobeton more than 100 million rubles for a partially built city residential estate.

Shaevich Adolf Chief Rabbi of Russia (according to CJROAR)

He has collaborated with the KGB

Shafranik Yury Co-Owner Of Soyuzneftegaz

Shaimiev Radik Board member of TAIF company

He earned money through his father's authority.

Shaimiev Mintimer President Of The Republic Of Tatarstan

Shakkum Martin Russian State Duma Deputy

Shamalov Nikolay Co-Owner Of The Bank Russia

He was involved in several corruption scandals

Shantsev Valery Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region

He repaired the roof on Luzhkov’s house

Shapovalov Sergey Co-Owner Of Vc Energy

Shapovalov Alexey Co-Owner Of Samara Business World

Sharykin Oleg Co-Owner Of "Siberian Cement"

Shayman Leonid Co-Owner Of Nidan Soki

Shchukin Alexander Vice-president of Sibuglemet holding

He gave a tour for Putin

Shchyogolev Igor Minister Of Communications And Mass Media of Russia

Expensive hotels are his rave

Shengelia Badri Raider

His evidence stopped the dominion of "Tambov" criminals in St. Petersburg

Shepel Alexey Co-Owner Of The "C" Holding

Shevelev Evgeny Board Member Of Omc

Shigabutdinov Albert Co-Owner Of The Holding Taif

Shigaev Oleg President Of The Baltic Bank

Shilov Igor Founder Of Nidan Soki

Shilov Alexander The Director-General

Shishkarev Sergey State Duma Deputy

He is an avid hunter

Shishkhanov Mikail President Of Binbank

Shmakov Mikhail Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of...

Secret candidate for Forbes list

Shmatko Sergey Energy Minister

Shoigu Sergey Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He owes his father-in-law everything he achieved.

Shokhin Alexander President Of Russian Union Of Industrialists And...

Shoror Alexander Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of Stupino Metallurgical ...

Shpak Georgy Former Governor of Ryazan Region

He took tolls for the chance to die

Shtyrov Vyacheslav President Of Yakutia

Shushanashvili Lasha thief in law

He has been involved in a war criminal clans

Shusterovich Alexander Entrepreneur

Shvetsov Vladimir Co-Owner Of Silvinit

Shvetsov Vadim Co-Owner Of Sollers

Shvydkoi Mikhail Special Presidential Envoy For International Cultural...

Sidorov Sersey Vice governor

Simanovsky Leonid Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

He could be in the prisoner’s dock next to Khodorkovsky

Siushov Sergey Co-Owner Of Mordovcement

Skoch Andrey Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

He is named as the richest deputy

Skorobogatko Alexander Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Did not create any bill

Skrynnik (Nowickaya in girlhood) Elena Former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation...

The first woman in the post of Minister of Agriculture of Russia. Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Skurov Anatoly President of holding

He was said to have no idea of why he bought the company

Slipenchuk Mikhail Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the...

He likes noisy orgies

Sliska Lyubov Vice-speaker of the State Duma

She is nicknamed Sliska the Mercedes

Slutsker Vladimir Member of the Federation Council

All his critics are either locked up or buried

Smolensky Alexander Founder Of The Sbs-Agro

Smushkin Zahar Chairman Of Ilim Pulp Enterprise

He was suspected of rape

Smuzikov Aleksandr Former Owner Of A Group Of Companies "Magistral"

Snopok Sergey Co-owner of Phaeton petrol stations chain

He forced his company into insolvency to retain control over it

Sobchak Ksenia TV presenter

She was accused of pandering and pimping

Sobyanin Sergey Moscow Mayor

He was called the most reserved of the Russian politicians

Sokolov Alexei Co-Owner Of The Bank Zenit

Sokolov Dmitry Co-Owner Of Nomos Bank