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Dankvert Sergei Head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and...

His price is 10%

Darkin Sergey The Primorsky Krai Governor

Confidant of Nemtsov and Putin

Darkov Alexey Chairman of the Board of the Interregional Public...

Davidovich David Owner of Prodo Group (meat processing)

A copycat good fellow

Delyagin Mikhail Chairman of the supervisory board of the Institute for...

Nicknamed “one-man research center”

Demin Nikolay Exima group co-owner

He corrupted a minister through his son

Denin Nikolay Governor of the Bryansk Region

Uralmash organized crime group has donated to his political campaign

Deripaska Oleg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element

Alleged FBR informer

Derkach Andrey People's Deputy of the Ukrainian Rada of VI convocation

He sold weapons to Hussein

Dmitry Pumpyansky Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pipe Metals...

He used to be associated with the group Uralmash

Dobashin Alexey KROST CEO

He has connections in the FSB

Dobrov Andrey Private investor

He sold his billion-dollar asset for a dumping price

Dragunkina Zinaida Federation Council Member

Dubik Sergey Aide to President Putin

Dubinin Mikhail Board Member of Wimm-Bill-Dann

All his personal projects are like hobbies

Dubinin Sergey Board member of VTB Capital

His salary was almost equal to one of the U.S. President

Duma Vasily Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Ukrainian public...

He was instructed by Ukrainian president

Dunayev Vladimir Magnezit board chairman

He began his career collecting scrap metal

Dvorkovich Arkady Deputy Prime Minister

He has a reputation of a devout moderniser

Dvoskin Evgeny Notorious financie

Dyukov Alexander Chief executive of Gazprom Neft CEO

His friends are a mafia don and a VIP-pimp mistress

Dzhabrailov Umar President of the

Accused of contract killing

Dzhaparidze Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Eurasia Drilling Co.

Started his business by Alekperov