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Klebanov Ilya Presidential Plenipotentiary In The North-West Federal...

Klimov Maxim Co-Owner Network “L’atual

Klinovsky Timour The director of "Fitness-Gorki" llc.

Kobzon Joseph Singer

Accused of communications with «Russian mafia»

Kochetov Aleksey Co-Owner Of Ochakovo

Kogan Vladimir Former Director of department of capital investments in the ...

He is friends with Barsukov, and with Putin

Kogogin Sergey General Director of OJSC "KAMAZ" from 26 April 2002.

In the ranking of the top leaders - 2010 of "Kommersant" newspaper he took the I place in the category "Machinery".

Kogotin Sergey Director General Of Kamaz

Kokh Alfred Editor of Medved magazine

Pinochet presented him with a briefcase

Kokoity Eduard South Ossetian President

Kolbin Peter Oil Trader

Kolesnikov Sergey Co-Owner Of

Komarov Andrey Chairman of the board of directors of Chelyabinsk...

He was suspected of bill fraud

Kondrashov Peter Councilor of directors of OAO

He was suspected of unfair competition

Konobeev Leonid Co-Owner Of Katren

Konovalov Alexander Justice Minister

He was going to become a monk on Mount Athos

Koptev Yuri The Head Of The Russian Aviation And Space Agency

Kopylov Rudolf Entrepreneur

Korendovich Sergey Co-Owner Of The Mariysky Refinery

Korkunov Andrey Co-Owner Of Anchor Bank

Koropachinsky Yuri Co-Owner Of Sm.Group

Korostelev Sergey Co-Owner Of Magnizit Group

Korzhakov Alexander Advisor to Governor of Tula region

Omnipotent eminence grise under Yeltsin

Korzhev Dmitry Co-Owner Of The Retail Network O'key

Koshin Igor Governor of the Nenets Autonomous District

February 9, 2012 to February 26, 2014 - a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Nenets Autonomous District, a member of the ...

Koshman Nikolay President Of The Association Of Russian Builders

Kosogov Andrey Chairman of the board of directors of Alfa Asset Management

He started his career by selling vouchers

Kosolapov Andrey Co-owner of Absolute group

He was called oligarch light

Kostin Andrey President of VTB Bank

His banks caught in dubious scams

Kovpak Igor Owner Of The Network

Kozak Dmitry Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Some alleged he would be Putin’s successor

Kozhevnikov Yury Owner of Kyugas LLC

Kozhin Vladimir Head of the Presidential Property Management Department

His wife was the Putins' dentist

Kozitsyn Andrey General Director of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

He had been involved in commercial wars

Kozlovsky Sergey Co-Owner Of The Corporation Incom

Kozovoy Gennady General Director of OJSC

He often slept in an operating time

Krasavin Vyacheslav Former head of the GD of Interior Ministry in NWFD

Kravtsov Alexander Owner Of Ruyan Group

Kremer Alexey Owner of law firm Kremer and partners

Kremlev Umar Heads the Boxing Federation of Russia

Krupeev Mikhail Owner Of Waterford

Kucherena Anatoliy Member of the Public Chamber of Russia

With no regard to his wife the lawyer filed a lawsuit to get custody of his mistress's daughter

Kudeneev Sergey Prosecutor of Moscow

Kudimov Yuri General Director Of Veb Capital

Kudrin Alexey Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance

He supported the sectarians

Kukes Simon President Of Tnk

Kukura Sergey First vice president of LUKOIL, Russia’ second largest oil...

He was kidnapped instead of a popular singer Alsu

Kulikov Gregory Owner Of Holding

Kulkov Egor Co-Owner Of The Holding Pharmstandard

Kurbatov Mikhail The member of the board of the Joint Stock Company Freight...

He was awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of Transport of Russia."

Kurginian Sergey President Of The Experimental Creative Center

Kushnerov Yuri NeftechimService board of directors chairman

People perish at his mines

Kusnerovich Mihail Member of the Board of Directors of Bosco di Ciliegi

the King Bosco discredited Hermitage

Kustov Valery Co-Owner Of Holding "Efko"

Kuziaev Andrey Head of Perm financial and industrial group

He negotiated with the government of Iraq

Kuzmichev Alexey Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Alfa-Group»

He is associated with raid captures

Kuznetsov Artem Co-Owner Of Guta

Kuznetsov Alexei Former Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Government

Kuznetsov’s participation in financial frauds came out in 1996. That time Kuznetsov held the post of vice president in Inkombank. American...

Kuznetsova Tatiana Co-Owner Of Novatek

Kuzyk Boris Director Of The Institute For Economic Strategies (Ines)

Kvetnoy Lev Director General of JSC “Oskol Electrometallurgical Combine

He is said to be connected to the Solntsevskaya OPG

Lann (Kaplan Leonid) Leon Member of the criminal group of Zakhary Kalashov

He was named Accountant of the Russian mafia

Lapkin Voktor Borodino Group co-owner

Good head of a collective farm became a bad millionaire

Lavrov Sergey Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

He writes poetry and likes to sing to the guitar

Lebedev Aleksandr Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC «National...

Worst enemy of the Man in cap

Lebedev Leonid Owner Of Sintez Group

He swithed from vinyls to oil wells

Leonov Oleg The owner of GIP Group

He began business by selling cheat sheets

Leps Gregory Russian singer of Georgian origin, composer, producer and...

Winner of the «World Music Awards» Award, "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone" and so on.

Lerner Gregory Owner Of The Company Rosneftegazinvest

Levaev Lev The head of the group

Even he has immersed in debt