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Rakhimkulov Megdet Board Member of Kafijat

He shared with the ” children of "Gazprom"

Rakhimkulov Mikhail A Former Top Manager Of Gazprom

Rakhimov Ural Former Deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan

He confronted with his own father

Rakhmetov Serik Principal Owner Of Globalstroy-Engineering

Rakitin Igor Head of St Petersburg city department of sanitation

Rakshin Alexander Co-owner of Maria Ra trading network

In 20 years he turned from a physical education teacher to a billionaire

Rashnikov Viktor Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Magnitogorsk...

Pensioners have accused him of fraud

Reiman Leonid Member of Svyazinvest Board of Directors

He was a party to a scandal more often than any other official of 2000s

Remsha Viktor Owner and chairman of the board of directors of Finam...

He gambled on a stock exchange violating all the rules

Reznik Vladislav State Duma Deputy

He was pursued by the Spanish police

Reznikovich Alexey Co-Owner Of Altimo

He was unable to pass exams in an American university

Rezvov Evgeny General director of Stroitelny trest

Rodin Vladimir Deputy of Russian Federation state Duma

Rodionov Evgeny Rodex Group CEO and co-owner

He managed to acquire land prior to privatization

Rodkin Sergey Managing the trading house "Molodezhniy", the founder of...

Member of the Board of Trustees of the church of St. Xenia of Petersburg. Master of Sports Candidate in ski jumping.

Rogachev Andrey Co-owner of X5 Retail Group

He carried off boxes with documents by himself

Rogozin Dmitry Deputy Prime Minister in the government of the Russian...

Licensed nationalist of the Kremlin

Romanenko Andrey Co-owner of USIP

He helped the police

Roshchupkin Valery Head Of Rosselhoz

Rossel Eduard Council of Federation member

He wanted to create a Urals Republic

Rubanov Alexander Co-Owner Of Transneftservis-C

Rudinsky Igor Owner of SIA International company

He partnered with Solntsevskaya crime group

Rudnikov Vyacheslav Co-Owner Of R-Stile

Rudyak Margarita Co-owner of Ingeokom Group

She couldn’t put up with his husband’s affair

Rudyak Ernest Co-owner of Ingeokom Group

Left university in America to do business in Russia

Rudyak Julia Co-Owner Of Ingeokom

Rushailo Vladimir Member of the Federation Council of Russia

He laid an information against Kobzon

Rutskoi Alexander Retiree

He suggested bombing the Kremlin

Rybakov Igor Co-Owner Of Technonikol

Rybakov Denis Bar Chairman of Bar Regionservice

He drives the stolen Mersedes

Rybkin Ivan The first speaker of the State Duma

''I am sorry for Russia since people like him rule over this country'', - his wife said.

Rybolovlev Dmitry Co-owner of the company “Uralkali”

His wife accused him of endless infidelities

Rydnik Yury Former President Of Baltoneksimbank

Rynska Bozhena Corrupt russian journalist and blogger

She wants to disfranchise the old-age citizens

Ryzhkov Nikolai Member Of The Federation Council

Ryzhkov Vladimir Co-chairman of the Party of People's Freedom

He worked as a Chernomyrdin’s canvasser