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How the general drove to thieves in law $ 10 million

Half, as is usual in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he pocketed on the way


Favorite escort of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

SMS for the billionaire: “We want 100 million rubles. You have 3 days "


Jakarta secret of Vladimir Yakunin

Why does Russian Railways need a railway in Indonesia


Went to the presidential aide, but was ambushed by killers

Producer Zemfira was tested for involvement in the murder of Sobchak, a witness to death


Why Did Dariga Meet with Usmanov?

Kz.expert has recently received an interesting video accompanied by some no less interesting information.


"Russian Standard" sharply "lost weight"

Where did one hundred billion rubles from "Russian Standard Bank" of Roustam Tariko go?


Is Sekler "blowing" from behind the "hill"?

Alex Sekler, a businessman who went abroad in his time, was not heard of for a long time. But now the merchant with irrepressible eagerness "merges" the capital's assets. Why does he need money so harshly?


Chubais: “Bloodied corpses will be a picture for the election”

Anatoly Chubais and Boris Berezovsky speaks about Chechnya and Yeltsin’s anger at Tatyana Dyachenko


Vitaly Orlov and the silence of fish

The way of "Norrebo" to success through prisons and kickbacks


Unsinkable judge Starodubtsev in the case of "the night master of Anapa"

On October 11, the North-Caucasian District Military Court put an end to the high-profile case. By a court decision ...


The end of the "Aquarius" era, or the Protection of Glotzer

The Russian film producer and businessman Yuri Glotser initiated the bankruptcy of his own company, ...


Native people will be considered

IKEA opponents were lit up using the same scheme


Russian media caught in advertising scammers

Yuri Synodov, the head of the site roem.ru, in his telegram-channel @sinodov convinces a number of Russian ...


Investigation of "Zakharchenko's Case" and FGC UES will raise questions to Alexander Chistyakov

In the scandalous case of "Colonel Zakharchenko" and in parallel with him the investigation of embezzlement in the holding ...


The financial "pollutions" of Minister Donskoy

The General Prosecutor's Office is extremely dissatisfied with the work of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. According to the supervisory authority, ...


"Under Tkachev was better." Activity of the Krasnodar governor beats on the plenipotentiary of the Southern Federal District

Continuing corruption scandals, high social tension among the population ...


Brother to brother?

The war of the brothers of Elizarov continues. The elder brother, Sergei, planned to strike another blow ....


The company holodilnik.ru owes the state billions

Internet shops are a lucrative and successful business. However, unfortunately, in the crisis everything ...


The Moscow saga of corruption

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin is preparing to resell the capital property to his "close associates"


The ideological springboard threw Sobyanin high upstairs, but by now he has decayed completely. "Stole the smart - stole the polar" brought a dip for 30

The Presidium of the General Council of United Russia decided to close 10 party projects in connection with the ...


Unique offers of Malyushin

Rent a luxurious mansion on the Krestovsky Island. What else and to whom did the former deputy head suggest ...


Illegal whims of prosecutor Gerasimenko?

How does the Yamal head of the prosecutor's office have that much money?


"Evalar": violations are covered up by politics

Pharmaceutical company "Evalar" today was again on hearing not only because of advertising ...


As raider and billionaire Mikhail Mirilashvili bankrupted the Union of Cinematographers

After a long legal battle, the Union of Russian Cinematographers in St. Petersburg ...


Shuvalov and Abramovich connect one building in Moscow Igor Shuvalov

The same company owns, together with the oligarch, the White Gardens office and manages assets ...


"Danke shyon" for bread is not namazhesh

The head of Rosselkhoznadzor, Sergei Dankvert, was caught in a conflict of interests. Fighters against corruption from ...


Managed "plum" of Musa Musayev

Will the demolished fence lead to the resignation of the mayor of Makhachkala? In the capital of Dagestan under good pretexts ...


"Gazprom" budgetary pipe "shatal"

Gazprom bought pipes for 14 billion rubles from the "necessary" enterprises?


Profitable artifacts of railways?

Vice President of RZD Oleg Tony, it seems, was interested in archeology - half a billion ...


How the Tyumen region bought property from itself

The only founder of JSC "AHML in the Tyumen region" is the Government of the Tyumen region ....