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Belkovsky Stanislav Former President of the National Strategy Institute

Any word he utters had already been paid for

Belotserkovsky Boris Co-owner of Ivenko

He started with gambling business

Belyaev Vadim President of Otkritie Financial Corporation

He sold out Moscow on the cheap

Belyaninov Andrey Head of Federal Customs Service of RF

Belyavtseva Olga Former co-owner of the company Lebedyansky

Belykh Nikita Governor of the Kirovsky region

Sworn in at the age of 35 he became the youngest governor in Russia

Bendukidze Kakha Former Minister of Economy of Georgia

He sold the Chechen oil

Berezkin Grigory Chairman of the board of directors of ESN Group

He was nicknamed "Abramovich's wallet"

Berezovsky Boris Entrepreneur

He has 10 charges brought against him

Berman Edward Co-owner of Capital Group

Construction accompanied by a number of scandals

Bersirov Beslan Co-owner of Stroitelny trest CJSC

Part-time house manager

Beshmelnitsky Andrey Director-general of Unimilk company

He changed meat for milk

Bespalikov Alexey Member of the Federation Council of RF

He was accused of supporting a bandit clan

Bidash Sergey Former CEO of the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant

Blavatnik Leonard (Leonid) Councilor of directors of

He was in the center of the largest oil scandals

Blazhko Maxim The founder of “Don-stroy"

Blokh Andrey Co-founder of Unimilk

Bobrovnikov Boris co-owner of

Bochkarev Vasiliy Governor Of The Penzenskaya Region

Bogachev Аlexey Owner of Sistema bank

He was denied credit

Bogachev Nikolay Former Owner Of “Yamal Spg”

Bogdanchikov Sergey President of OAO NK

He obtained Yukos assets

Bogdanov Vladimir General Director of OAO "Surgutneftegaz"

His staff has urinated in the workplace

Boguslavsky Leonid Chairman of the Board of Directors of ru-Net Holdings

Worthy disciple of Berezovsky

Bokarev Andrey Co-Owner Of Kuzbasrazrezugol

Bolloev Taimuraz Chairman of the board of BTK development

He organized a corporate blackmail

Bolotin Mikhail Owner and General Director of Concern Tractor Plants

He became oligarch by agreement with the Kremlin

Bolshakov Anton Zenit bank co-owner

He went broke because of his contempt to the poor

Bolychev Oleg Co-Owner Of Wester

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Borodin Andrey President Of The Bank Of Moscow

He was a banker for Russia`s richest woman

Bortnikov Alexander Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia

He concealed his income as a state secret

Bortsov Yuri Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of “Progress"

Bosov Dmitry President Of The Group “Alltek"


Boterashvili Shota entrepreneur

He has incarcerated an ex-wife of his business partner in a madhouse

Bout Victor Russian businessman

They call him a death merchant

Boyko Vasily Head of Vash Finansoviy Popechitel company

He is in debt to Chechen militants

Brechalov Alexander Secretary of the Russian Public Chamber in 2014, Co-Chair...

At the end of 2015 Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the ONF Alexander Brechalov...

Bresht Vyacheslav Former Co-Owner Of Vsmpo-Avisma

Breus Shalva Chairman Of The Board Of Kandinsky Prize

Brezhnev Vladimir Former Co-Owner Of Transstroy

Bronstein Aleksander Member of the board of directors of SUAL holding

He has profited from problems of Pikalevo

Brovko Anatoliy Head Of Administration Of Volgogradskaya Region

Browder William Head of Hermitage Capital Management

He discredits Russia

Bryntsalov Igor Member Of The Federation Council Of Rf

Bullock Janna Owner of the group of companies RIGroup

Janna Bullock and her husband, the ex-Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov got involved in a scandal first in the end of 1990....

Bulochnik Alexander Deputy Chairman Of The Master-Bank

Bulochnik Boris Chief executive of Master-Bank

He hired a relative of Putin

Buriak Dmitriy President of Health Tech Corporation

He has profiteered from Coca-Cola’s troubles

Burlakov Oleg Former Owner Of Novarostsement

Burov Vladislav Owner of Buket Group

Margarine oligarch

Burstein Savely Businessman

He was jailed for 6 years for the helping his lover

Bushmin Evgeny Member of the Federation Council

Moneyed senator lobbying for the Ministry of Finance

Butorin Sergey Head of the the Orekhovskaya criminal group

Bykov Anatoly Former Head Of The Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter

Chaldean Alexander Co-Owner Of Afi Development

Chemezov Sergey CEO of Russian Technologies State Corporation

He made friends with Putin when working in Dresden

Cherkesov Victor Pensioner

He is famous for combating dissidents

Chernikov Sergey Co-Owner Of Holding

He failed in all his innovation projects

Chernogorov Aleksandr Deputy minister of the agriculture of the Russian Federation

He lost the title of honorary citizen of Stavropol

Chernoy Mikhail Entrepreneur, the founder of the Mikhail Chernoy Fund of...

He pleaded with the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs

Chernyakov Andrey Co-Owner Of Ngo "Cosmos"

Chetverikov Alexander Russian State Duma Deputy

Chibis Andrew October 1, 2014 was appointed on the position of the Chief...

October 1, 2014 was appointed as the Chief State housing inspector of the Russian Federation.

Chichvarkin Evgeniy Former co-owner of GC

He came out of "Just Cause"

Chigirinskiy Shalva Entrepreneur

He had a quarrel with the first couple of Moscow

Chigirinsky Aleksandr Co-Owner Of

Chigirinsky Alexander Co-owner of Snegiri group

He used projects and relations of his elder brother

Chirkunov Oleg Governor Of Perm Region

He did not recognize the hymn of Russia

Christoforov Leonid One of leaders of Malyshev criminal group.

He adjusted the weapon for Starovoytova’s murder.