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Mirilashvili Mikhael The head of holding

He has revenged for kidnapping of his father

Moshkovich Vadim Primary owner of the holding “Rusagro”

He is considered an unsafe business partner

Zayonts Alexander Co-owner of Domashniy Intetier LLP

He often changes partners

Yushvaev Gabriel Member of the Wimm-Bill-Dann board of directors

He went into a large business soon after serving a prison term for robbery

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"Rusagro" walks ahead

"Rusagro" Vadim Moshkovich received income from the captured "Razgulyai"?


Billions of conclusions by "Mirax"

Debt burden forces even the most cautious businessmen committing reckless acts. For example, Sergei Polonsky, the most shocking one of all the Russian developers, recently told his blog readers that he managed to "reboot" successfully the company "Mirax Group", and to put it on a path of innovative development. Ordinary co-investors of numerous construction projects of "Mirax Group" took the news rather nervously, and began to storm the offices of the holding. In our point of view, " innovations" by Polonsky look quite scary actually. Thus, by the beginning of this year one of the largest developers has frozen virtually all of its construction objects. A number of highly questionable foreign deals of the holding are indicative of massive "evacuation" of borrowed funds and holders’ money.