I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Polonskiy Sergey Former owner Mirax Group

He declared, "those who do not have a billion, can go to hell"

Tariko Rustam The owner the Bank

He takes a great interest in an "elite plastic"

Goncharov Valerii A first Deputy of chairman of the board of PJSC “FGC UEC”.

Igor Yakovlev, a son of the mayor of St. Petersburg, may become a defendant of the criminal case under number 444 402, which was opened by the...

Kekhman Vladimir The main owner of the «Group JFC»

He wants to sing and dance

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Kuzmichev Alexey Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Alfa-Group»

He is associated with raid captures

Aven Petr President of

Even business partners have little liking to him

Blavatnik Leonard (Leonid) Councilor of directors of

He was in the center of the largest oil scandals

Melnichenko Andrey Chairman of the board of OAO “Eurokhim”

President Lukashenko called his proposal inadequate

Pugachev Sergey Senator of Federation Council of Russia

He has been convicted of committing fraud

Kobzon Joseph Singer

Accused of communications with «Russian mafia»

Moshkovich Vadim Primary owner of the holding “Rusagro”

He is considered an unsafe business partner

Dmitry Pumpyansky Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pipe Metals...

He used to be associated with the group Uralmash

Serdyukov Anatoly Former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He is associated with the Tambovskaya criminal group

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Rogachev Andrey Co-owner of X5 Retail Group

He carried off boxes with documents by himself

Kirilenko Arthur President of the Association «Corporation Stroimontage»

He has been put on wanted list

Girda Alexander Co-owner of X5 Retail Group

He opened the shop to pay off debts

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Spicy minority shareholder?

Suddenly, the board of directors "Gazprom gas distribution" became odious businessman Vladislav Hershkowitz, which will protect minority shareholders.


Metallurgical Plant property has gone through an offshore deal

Completed the investigation of cases of embezzlement of 1.4 billion rubles from LLC "TekhInvestStrojj", which belonged to the Iron Works as well. According to the investigators, the two co-owners of an offshore company Katton Ltd Alexander Rubtsov and Olga Evstafieva with the complicity of the lawyer Dmitry Krasikov illegally sold shares Cyprus company, the founder of "TekhInvestStrojj", another firm, thereby causing damage to his former partner Dmitry Ivaschenko 1.4 billion. according to the defendants in the case, to prosecute them involved in the ex-head of the State Ministry of Interior in the Central Federal District Sergey Derevianko.


How a senior manager of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev makes money on the show "Stars on Ice"

"Clouds are gathering" more and more on one of the most controversial top-managers of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. According to Rumafia.com, in the near future an investigation may be initiated upon him, as by the gas monopoly itself, as well as by law enforcement agencies.


Kolokoltsov Jr. eats Moscow bus

The son of the Minister of Interior is preparing to fill the Forbes list


Were laundering on $ 1 billion a year

Special services cover the main channels of the legalization of funds, stolen from the budget


The prosecutor's office "selected" to Abyzov?

Minister of "open government" Michael Abizov can become involved in the case?


"Pyrrhic victory" Kirill Seleznev?

Proceedings between the "daughter" of "Gazprom" and the leadership of Bashkortostan on the resorts' Sanatorium Krasnousolsk "can" reveal "corruption in the environment chapter" Mezhregiongas "Kirill Seleznev.


Tashkent oligarch Usmanov bid farewell to the hated Russian

The billionaire may lose tax resident status


FSSP in a "half-step", or when the leaves Parfenchikov?

Following the resignation of the head of the Federal Bailiff Service for Zabaikal region Oleg Plyaskina office may lose the head of the Federal Bailiff Service Artur Parfenchikov?


Galchev with the "Governor's cover"?

In "Eurocement Group" companies is a massive reduction, and the owner of this company Filaret Galchev suspected of bribing Russian governors?


Secret defense of Victor Bondyk

The controversial demarche of Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius and the accusations that he brought against then first deputy head of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Igor Kononenko, of lobbying those "overlooking" most profitable state-owned companies exposed a moth-eaten problems.


Return to Leadership: how to build in-law Sergey Lavrov's largest pharmaceutical business

Президент инвесткомпании А1 Александр Винокуров стал контролирующим акционером компании «СИА Интернейшнл», одного из лидеров в дистрибуции лекарств в России. Он планирует вернуть ей утраченное первенство на рынке Вернуть лидерство


FSSP in a "half-step", or when the leaves Parfenchikov?

Following the resignation of the head of the Federal Bailiff Service for Zabaikal region Oleg Plyaskina office may lose the head of the Federal Bailiff Service Artur Parfenchikov?


Konstantin Shor, the former head of MGTU of the Bank of Russia

Rumafia.com continues to publish "secret" material from the archives of the Interior Ministry, dedicated to the largest shadow bankers and their patrons. From this reference, readers can learn how a group of financiers caused damage to the state accounted 4 trillion rubles, as well as who of the representatives of the Bank of Russia and the security services, according to investigators, covered the creators of this giant financial "funnel".


Paul Verteletsky, shady banker number 2.

Rumafia.com continues to publish secret materials of the Interior Ministry about the largest shadow financiers. This publication will present a note on how Verteletsky Paul, better known as Pasha Helicopter got out of the difficult situation. His career he started as an accountant of Izmailovo OCG. In this post Pasha Helicopter mastered the skill to work with "dirty" money. And he mastered it so successfully that he started to serve a number of different financial shadow flows. Under his tacit control at various times were nearly a dozen banks, including "Far North." This reference helps to explain how the security forces put under their control activities of Verteletskiy.


Killer roommate Tina Kandelaki

Scraping the Internet by compromising Chemezov has led to an international scandal


Raider Oganesyan's Fall Part 2.

In the narrow circle of the developing companies Oganesyan is known as quite successful raider. His main goal in St. Petersburg had become key infrastructure enterprises.



In January 16 the famoust russian thief-in-law Ded Hasan killed in central Moscow


New year probably on the road

Georg Shepps, specially for Rumafia.com


Polonsky declared beaten up

And suspected of fraud