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Lisin Vladimir Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO

For the first time the name of Vladimir Lisin got into the field of view of media in the late 80's, when Lisin, as deputy director of the Karaganda...

Christoforov Leonid One of leaders of Malyshev criminal group.

He adjusted the weapon for Starovoytova’s murder.

Bolloev Taimuraz Chairman of the board of BTK development

He organized a corporate blackmail

Garzon Baltasar Member of Council of Europe anti-torture Committee

He is called the hunter on the Pinochet

Avanesyan Igor Zenit bank board member

His bank was accused of scams

Belkovsky Stanislav Former President of the National Strategy Institute

Any word he utters had already been paid for

Bolshakov Anton Zenit bank co-owner

He went broke because of his contempt to the poor

Mutko Vitaly Minister Of Sport, Tourism And Youth Policy

In Vancouver he had 5 breakfasts a day

Safin Marat Owner of the company Rodilla Investments Limited

He was suspected of stealing money from a top manager of LUKOIL

Traktovenko David Former owner of Promstroibank

He bought a foreign football club

Kogogin Sergey General Director of OJSC "KAMAZ" from 26 April 2002.

In the ranking of the top leaders - 2010 of "Kommersant" newspaper he took the I place in the category "Machinery".

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Marat Oganesian: St Petersburg appointment sponsored by by thieves-in-law and thieves-in-construction

А good friend of two thieves-in-law, Eduard and Sergey Asatrian.


Party ends up with firing

Stephan Ivanitsky, especially for Rumafia.com