I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Tsvetkov Nikolai Head of URALSIB

He was restricted to travel abroad

Avanesyan Igor Zenit bank board member

His bank was accused of scams

Ponomarenko Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Novorossiysk Commercial...

He agreed on payment for "Oligarch" with Berezovsky

Bogachev Аlexey Owner of Sistema bank

He was denied credit

Gozman Leonid Advisor to the director general of state Rusnano corp.

He dislikes gays, but against banning of their parades

Maksimov Nikolay Former Owner Of Maxi-Group

Favourite magnet of Eduard Rossel

Snopok Sergey Co-owner of Phaeton petrol stations chain

He forced his company into insolvency to retain control over it

Yakobashvili David Chairman of the board of directors of Bioenergy Corporation

He started his path to becoming a millionaires with selling pigs

Yumashev Valentin Co-owner of City JSC

Yeltsin's son-in-law, Deripaska's father-in-law, Abramovich's patron

Khachatryan Artyom Co-owner of SUN Investments Partners

He profiteers from selling his debts

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Oleg Boyko against Solntsevsky

How the oligarch sent Don Simeon to prison


Criminal list of Mikhail Fridman

Part 1: Money laundering, theft of land, sites for pedophiles


Hotin deduced the funds of Ugra through the Bank Otkrytie

What "skeletons" are stored in the "closet" of the collapsed bank?


Where "funneling" billions of "openness"?

For the "outflow" 220 billion rubles. the bank "Opening" can stand the withdrawal of assets?


Matrix under bai protection

Ex-President of Bashkortostan retrieves from ruin a trading network of the son of his friend


Sergei Polonsky asks for farewell

and not to consider him a businessman any longer


Lenders have encouraged Mirax

They will wait for the money, if they receive a guarantee of eight major projects of the group


A phone is worth over the money

The share of Alfa-bank is not the main asset of its president Pyotr Aven. He also owns 7% of the telecommunications group Altimo, and this package is worth more than his financial assets


"Sistema" criminality

AFK “Sistema” has spent millions for the raider war against SMARTS