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Bullock Janna Owner of the group of companies RIGroup

Janna Bullock and her husband, the ex-Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov got involved in a scandal first in the end of 1990....

Antonov Vladimir Former owner of Snoras

His buisiness has always had connections with crime

Galitsky Sergey Creator and co-owner of discount chain

He changed his Armenian last name

Chemezov Sergey CEO of Russian Technologies State Corporation

He made friends with Putin when working in Dresden

Khusnullin Marat Deputy Mayor in the Moscow Government on urban policy and...

After the start of the demolition, which the developer started the next day, the party "Yabloko" has initiated a collection of signatures for the...

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For what money SAAB was bought? The investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation began investigation of plunder of more than 10 billion rubles at "Investbank".