I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Berezovsky Boris Entrepreneur

He has 10 charges brought against him

Aven Petr President of

Even business partners have little liking to him

Akhmedov Farhad Member of the Board of Directors of Nortgaz

He was accused of misappropriating revenues

Boguslavsky Leonid Chairman of the Board of Directors of ru-Net Holdings

Worthy disciple of Berezovsky

Kadannikov Vladimir Senior citizen

He paved the way to big business for Berezovsky

Rushailo Vladimir Member of the Federation Council of Russia

He laid an information against Kobzon

Yumashev Valentin Co-owner of City JSC

Yeltsin's son-in-law, Deripaska's father-in-law, Abramovich's patron

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Boris Berezovsky: "My time is running out."

Eight years have passed since the death of the oligarch


Transit bank for the right people

How did the channel appear through which officials withdrew $ 1 billion to the United States


"Yeltsin had a seizure and fell asleep"

Tatyana Dyachenko exposes the conspiracy of Tarpishchev, Barsukov and Korzhakov


"Luzhkov read the interview and was indignant"

Boris Berezovsky and Sergey Dorenko on a conspiracy against the former mayor of Moscow


"The only chance for the Pope to remain President»

Tatiana Dyachenko convinces Naina Yeltsin that Russia is preparing a coup


"When dad wakes up, convince him to fire them»

Tatiana Dyachenko and Naina Yeltsin fighting with the conspirators


"Yuri Mikhailovich said everything will be paid"

Berezovsky and Luzhkov about Kobzon and Kalmanovich


"Do we have to sit and wait for all of us to be arrested?»

Igor Malashenko, Tatiana Dyachenko, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky


Russian federal Rossia TV channel accuses Berezovsky of five murders

Former killer as prosecution witness


Russian federal Rossia TV channel accuses Berezovsky of five murders

Former killer as prosecution witness


Berezovsky blamed for Pussy Riot

and still searched for millions


They are wanted by the police

Deputy General Prosecutor of Russia Alexander Zvyagintsev announced recently a surprising figure: on Russia's initiative there are more than 66 000 people internationally wanted. "Such a number of fugitives has accumulated over many years of Russia’s participation in international arrangements for tracing criminals through Interpol and the CIS. Together with the Interior Ministry we organize their international arrest warrant and when discovered we take steps to arrest and surrender in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ", said Zvyagintsev.