I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Fridman Mikhail Chairman of the supervisory Board of

Suspected of drug dealing

Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Palihata Vladimir President of ZAO

He was accused of forcible takeover

Usoyan Aslan Thief-in-law

He is named a king of an organized crime

Zyuzin Igor General Director of OAO

In his mines people perish

Kobzon Joseph Singer

Accused of communications with «Russian mafia»

Petrik Victor Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).

He loves to encroach on the regalia

Tyurin Vladimir kingpin

He has a joint business with Abramovich

Kozovoy Gennady General Director of OJSC

He often slept in an operating time

Ponomarenko Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Novorossiysk Commercial...

He agreed on payment for "Oligarch" with Berezovsky

Zingarevich Boris Deputy Director General of Ilim Group

He has been waging commercial wars for years

Kamenschik Dmitry Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Line

He “grew up” on the money of Uralmash Organized Crime Group

Boyko Vasily Head of Vash Finansoviy Popechitel company

He is in debt to Chechen militants

Kushnerov Yuri NeftechimService board of directors chairman

People perish at his mines

Slipenchuk Mikhail Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the...

He likes noisy orgies

Smushkin Zahar Chairman Of Ilim Pulp Enterprise

He was suspected of rape

Chemezov Sergey CEO of Russian Technologies State Corporation

He made friends with Putin when working in Dresden

Fedorov Aleksey President of Irkut Corporation

He blew the contract with Jordan

Taran Edward Owner of RATM Group multi-industry holding company

He was realised on 20 million roubles bail

Найдено в тексте у следующих материалов:


Boxer "in-law"?

Co-founder of "Boxing Academy" and president of the National Association of Timber Timothy Kurgin associated with "mafia"?


"Hot" techniques cold Lithuanian guy?

Businessman Paegle eliminates unwanted partners?


Where does the money the family Hawtin

Like many other businesses, they built their empire on credit money


How a senior manager of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev makes money on the show "Stars on Ice"

"Clouds are gathering" more and more on one of the most controversial top-managers of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. According to Rumafia.com, in the near future an investigation may be initiated upon him, as by the gas monopoly itself, as well as by law enforcement agencies.


Premier League: who dreams of becoming Alexei Hawtin

Business success Khotina competitors often attributed to the ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends called Boris Gryzlov.


Kurgin "errand" in Warsaw?

"Resolves the problem of" host "ESTAR" President of the National Association of Timber?


Eugene Dwoskin, shady banker number 1

Bird, Red, Pasha helicopter, Yevgeny Giner, Alexander Babakov and everything about the world of Russian "cashing"



In January 16 the famoust russian thief-in-law Ded Hasan killed in central Moscow


Krasnoyarsk governor stands for Uyar

Uyar oil loading terminal is controlled by Grigory Berezkin


Russian court has approved arrest on Spanish warrant

An extradition check of influential mafia boss is in process


The Spaniards left the ‘Bratskaya’ gang without the thief

Vladimir Tyurin, better known as kingpin Tyurik, has been detained in Moscow at the request of Spanish authorities.


CAUGHT ON THE “SECONDARY EXTRACTION". That is how manipulators from "Orsi" tried to steal $ 1 billion

, already stolen from the budget of the Moscow region by ex-Finance Minister Alexey Kuznetsov