I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Deripaska Oleg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element

Alleged FBR informer

Babich Michael Deputy of the State Duma

Prior to 1996, Mr. Babich was considered an ordinary jobless Russian. But in 1998, Mikhail Babich suddenly became the vice-president of JSC...

Mamut Alexander Chairman of publishing group

Berezovsky's confidant

Yusufov Vitaly Co-owner of telecommunications company Osnova Telecom

His was rumoured to have contracted a murder

Seleznev Kirill Board Member, Head of “Gazprom” 614 PAO department. LLC...

The manual gas monopoly has formed "mafia" in the name of Kirill Seleznev and Raul Arashukova.

Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Yumasheva Tatyana Head of the Fund of the first President of Russia Boris...

Suspected of corruption and money laundering

Chichvarkin Evgeniy Former co-owner of GC

He came out of "Just Cause"

Kusnerovich Mihail Member of the Board of Directors of Bosco di Ciliegi

the King Bosco discredited Hermitage

Alekperov Vagit Chairman of STC NK

He is said to have relations with crime bosses

Goncharov Valerii A first Deputy of chairman of the board of PJSC “FGC UEC”.

Igor Yakovlev, a son of the mayor of St. Petersburg, may become a defendant of the criminal case under number 444 402, which was opened by the...

Gaydamak Arkady President of the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities...

Involved in Anglogate affair

Mitvol Oleg Prefect of Northern administrative district of Moscow

He accuses everybody of corruption

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Maltsev Valery Director General of Rostselmash factory

A top manager without accomplishments

Michelson Leonid CEO, Chairman of the Board of OAO “NovaTEK”.

Thanks to special relations with Gazprom, he gets lucrative contracts

Kudrin Alexey Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance

He supported the sectarians

Kuzmichev Alexey Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Alfa-Group»

He is associated with raid captures

Mikhailov Sergey Head of Solntsevo criminal group

He seized money from Switzerland

Dyukov Alexander Chief executive of Gazprom Neft CEO

His friends are a mafia don and a VIP-pimp mistress

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Secret Files by Igor Yusufov

Part 1. Why did they kill Andrei Burlakov


Laundry named after Dmitry Mikheev

In Europe, a new investigation into the laundering of "dirty" money


Boxer "in-law"?

Co-founder of "Boxing Academy" and president of the National Association of Timber Timothy Kurgin associated with "mafia"?


Financial Patriarch Kirill

The head of Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev invests himself?


Property mystery Medina and Manturova

What is hidden in the Ministerial Declaration


Eduard Sagalaev "hooked" on addicts.

Several statements on the elite drug treatment clinic "Rehab Femeli" were received at the UFSB in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as MU MIA "Mytishchi".


The new defendant in the "case MUGISO" became curator brother ONF

The "fact MUGISO", new helpers.


Premier League: who dreams of becoming Alexei Hawtin

Business success Khotina competitors often attributed to the ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends called Boris Gryzlov.


"Federation" disown the signature of the founder

In fighter for copyright Vladimir Kiselyov stolen authorship concept


Igor and Arkady Rotenberg - from racketeering and secret convictions to billions

How to go from victim to killer Russian master.


Nikolai Atmonev, Attorney General Adviser

Fifteen years in the service of mafia.


Return to Leadership: how to build in-law Sergey Lavrov's largest pharmaceutical business

Президент инвесткомпании А1 Александр Винокуров стал контролирующим акционером компании «СИА Интернейшнл», одного из лидеров в дистрибуции лекарств в России. Он планирует вернуть ей утраченное первенство на рынке Вернуть лидерство


Sobyanin sum "under the heading"?

Arrested head of "IBC Group" Sergei Solodovnikov worked "under the roof" the mayor of Moscow?


Moldavian transit: as "Solntsevo" and "Podolsk" "sawing" Russia

The arrested banker Alexander Grigoriev - just the tip of the iceberg of a huge crime, and the scheme, which has already been named "Moldovan", successfully operating for decades.


Sergey Chemezov and Eugene Shkolov

Fall of Kremlin gray cardinals


Amber Gold of Russia

Amber for a long time could become a brand in Russia. Do not become. Despite the fact that global stocks were thought to 2000s, they are mainly here, in the village of Amber Kaliningrad region. Today the share of reserves of amber in Russia has dropped to 50-60 per cent. Due to the discovery of new deposits in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, America, Italy, Colombia. Exploration and extraction of amber in other countries is carried out monstrous rate. The process is stimulated by the increased demand. A large fraction of "solar stone" at a price equal to that of gold. For example, for perfectly carved amber ball with a diameter of 50 mm in China can give 15 thousand dollars.


Raider Oganesyan's Fall Part 2.

In the narrow circle of the developing companies Oganesyan is known as quite successful raider. His main goal in St. Petersburg had become key infrastructure enterprises.


In race for governor, Tolokonsky can go on trial

The Kremlin is in serious doubts about the future victory of Viktor Tolokonsky - the only candidate of the ruling party for governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai.


Dmitry Zubakha, Kremlin's hacker on staff

Kremlin assists to extradite Dmitry Zubakha, who was arrested in Cyprus at the request of the FBI, to the Russian Federation


Moscow building contractor

sets Solntsevskaya criminal group at loggerheads with law enforcement bodies