Available Rucriminal.info turned out to be the case in respect of Aslan Gagieva (Jacko)- the leader of the bloodiest factions of Russia, committed only officially 50 kills. In particular, they include a list of "close ties Gagiev a.m. in the bodies of State Executive power." Among them you can find ex-Prosecutor of the Leningrad region Herman Stadler, acting member of the RF SF Arsen Fadzaev, former Chairman of the government of North Ossetia Sergey Takoev. Moreover, in the volumes of the case it is said that at one time Gagiev served for a man who later became a high-ranking employee of the presidential administration.

            A separate issue is material in relation to the former energy Minister Igor Yusufov. As has been said Rucriminal.info, Yusufov was interviewed in 2010 in connection with the investigation into the shooting of the Deputy head of the "FLC" Andrei Burlakov. It is known that it was ordered by the one who was the real owner of the Wadan shipyard.  According to the interlocutors Rucriminal.info, the real owner of shipyards was just Igor Yusufov. He on interrogation denied his involvement in the shipyards. However, the documents at the disposal of the investigation, say the opposite. As investigators established, executed "order" on Burlakov group Jacko. Gagiyev himself was detained in Austria, the issue of his extradition, which took place in the summer of 2018, was long resolved. By information Rucriminal.info in this regard, at the end of 2018 Yusufov was questioned again. He, of course, denied his connection with Gagiev. However, this time the words of the ex-Minister are questioned. Austrian intelligence agencies recorded how Yusufov's lawyers were connected with Gagiev himself when he was released from custody in Austria. They wanted Jacko not to testify against the ex-Minister. We will discuss this in more detail in the near future. In the meantime, here are some interesting excerpts from the "case of Jacko."           

"In addition, according to information received, A. M. Gagiev in the 90-ies served a criminal sentence for committing an economic crime, taking the blame of one of the current employees of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (full personal data are not known). Such a "debt" has not remained unpaid and now, the fact of this "acquaintance" plays a significant role in the life of A. M. Gagiev, who thanks to this has gained a number of acquaintances with high-ranking officials of the state authorities of the Russian Federation.

Also, during the study of the personality of A. M. Gagiev, his connections from among the so-called criminal authorities became known. So the information that in one of the periods the person involved closely communicated with "thieves in law" is received»:

- Arabuli Robizon Zakharovich, 30.04.1952 G. R. nickname "Robinson»,

- Barsegova Vladimir Kurumamichi, 15.05.1928 G. R., (died - 29.09.2000 in Rostov-on-don, was buried in a cemetery "Northern", nicknamed "Brick")", - stated in the materials of the case, which has Rucriminal.info.

"Among close relations Gagieva A. M. the State Executive bodies, known:

- TOTOONOV (Totoonti) ALEXANDER BORISOVICH, born on 03.04 1957, a native of RSO - Alania, was previously registered at the address: Vladikavkaz, Kalinina str., 64, sq. 29, currently lives in Moscow, a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from RSO - Alania.

 TAKOEV SERGEI GERMANOVICH, 02.06.1964 G. R., Chairman of the Government of North Ossetia - Alania;

- STADLER HERMAN VLADIMIROVICH, born in 1963, in 2005-2006, the chief Advisor of the State legal Department of the President of the Russian Federation, from 2006 to 2009, the Prosecutor of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, 01 November 2011 - the Prosecutor of the Leningrad region.

- FADZAYEV ARSEN SULEYMANOVICH, the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia, nowadays the Deputy of Parliament of RSO - Alania from political party "Patriots of Russia", the two-time Olympic champion in free-style wrestling.

According to operational information, maintains contacts with Gagiev A.m. and his close circle, in particular with the former coach of the Russian national team on free-style wrestling TEDEEV DZAMBOLAT ILYICH, nickname "Jabo".

- GABULOV ARKADY VALERIEVICH, 14.01.1974 G. R, was: RSO-And, Vladikavkaz, street Gastello 67/sq and 8, the former Deputy head of SU of SK at office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on RSO - Alania. During service in investigative bodies of Prosecutor's office of the Republic, lobbied interests of organized criminal group "Bote"- gagiyev O. S, rendered assistance and the help in avoidance of criminal prosecution. He was dismissed, and then left for further residence in Moscow, where according to available information with the help of "Jacko" restored to public service. Currently, he is going to return to RSO-Alania, where he claims to fill the post of Deputy head of the Russian Federal migration service for RSO-A."

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminal.info