The incident occurred in the family in the past renowned gymnast and now a chairman of the board of "National Media Group" Alina Kabaeva. In the apartment of her brother, Shukhrat occurred a powerful explosion. The man was badly injured. Doctors miraculously saved his life.

As an informed source of told, a tragic accident occurred in the Uzbek city of Denau. There resides a cousin of Alina Shukhrat Kabaev, who is a pianist and works in the local music school. A man came to their apartment, went into the bathroom and in that moment, a powerful explosion occurred there. Shukhrat was hospitalized in serious condition. Doctors have recorded his burns and placed him in the intensive care. At one time, there was a struggle for a man's life, but the doctors managed to save him. The incident occurred in March, but Shukhrat was released from the hospital just the other day.

According to, there was no crime in the incident. There are gas boilers to supply hot water in most apartments in Denau. However, constantly there are faults with gas in the city: it can be shut down for an hour or two at any time. As a result, fire stopped burning in the boilers. After gas flow resumed, it comes into the room without fire. When a light turns on in such apartment, an explosion occurred from a spark. And Shukhrat turned up in such situation. Not noticing that the fire doesn't burn in the boiler, and the gas enters, he turned on the light in the bathroom.

Shukhrat is the son of Renat Kabaev - the native brother of Alina's father Marat Kabaev. Renat served in the Ministry of internal affairs of Denau, retired at the rank of Major, and then moved to Tashkent. His son Shukhrat remained in his native Denau. But two daughters of Renat - Rufina and Radmila - moved to Russia, where also lives Alina. "Alina never conceited, always communicated sincerely with their relatives, including children of Renat. She is especially friendly with Rufina and Radmila. Alina is a nice, kind girl - she always helps everyone, always come for help. I think, Shukhrat also "scrambled" through her participation, "- said the source of

Marat Kabaev lived in Tashkent, was a quite famous footballer. In 1980-1986 he played for "Pakhtakor", and then moved to the "Tractor" (Pavlodar). At the end of a career worked as a coach, Marat went to live in Russia in 2011.

His eldest daughter, Alina Kabaeva was born in 1983 in Tashkent. Mother, Lyubov Mikhailovna, who played professional basketball in that past, gave her daughter on skating and rhythmic gymnastics. The choice was made in favor of the latter kind of sport. In the 11-year-old mother with Alina moved to Moscow. The girl started training with the famous coach Irina Viner. Since 1996, Alina started to perform for Russia, and has become one of the most famous Russian gymnasts. Kabaeva - is a winner of the Olympics, multiple world and European champion.

At the end of her sports career, she was a deputy of the State Duma, and then headed the "National Media Group".