Rebelled situation and a State Duma deputy Alexander SR Tarnavskiy, who suspected Mr. Gerasimov in lobbying his own business interests.

Tarnavskiy almost immediately complain to the prosecutor inflated rental rate for rooms that Gerasimov hired for the Ulyanovsk branch of the "Fair Russia" at a time when he was its director.

Interestingly, the prosecutor's office agreed with the arguments of parliamentarians and opened a criminal case under article "Stealing someone else's property."

Gerasimov, which may soon become the accused in the case, the fault does not recognize the actions of the former party members saw an act of revenge and outraged actions of the prosecutor's office.

Before these statements Gerasimov went to the interview and gave all the explanations in person. Moreover, Gerasimov later rushed to blame the accountant!

"Personally, at the conclusion of the contract between the Party and the" Service "(the company Gerasimov) had no relationship. From the Ulyanovsk branch of CP was engaged accountant ", - the businessman said.

But it follows from the criminal case that, as chairman of the regional branch of the party, Sergei Gerasimov concluded a lease of seven non-residential premises with a total area of ​​over 110 square meters. m. Initially, the rent amounted to 95.8 thousand rubles per month, and since February 2016 (when he left the post of the chairman) of the year, this amount was increased to 110 thousand rubles.

Gerasimov rented a room for a party at his company "Service", in which he is a founder. A similar area of ​​the market is not 110 thousand rubles, and 50 - 70 thousand!


Sergei Gerasimov held socialist ideas only in words. In 2014, he has declared his property 34 plots of land, 7 houses, 2 apartments and 6 garages. He also owns 110 objects declared in the income data as "other real estate," the total area of ​​110 thousand sq. M. m.

That's not all. The businessman owns 34 vehicles, including 14 cars, 16 trucks, 2 and 2 snowmobile trailer. It owns stakes in 28 companies. Among them are such well-known throughout the city, "Milan", LLC "Ulyanovsk Khladokombinat", "House of the book" and the flagship office "Group of Companies Gerasimov."

The most conservative estimate, the cost of state Gerasimova more than 3 billion rubles.

But the question arises: how he got his wealth? For example, there is a story, when the businessman with his chop "Typhoon" has tried to evict the Orthodox Sunday School and library Holy Ascension parish!

Learn about the history of the priest of the Temple of All Saints, Archpriest Igor, who told reporters about the methods of Mr. Gerasimov:

"He demanded the immediate release of the territory," take out "of the building or pay rent - 262 thousand rubles per month for a 2.8 hectare. Neither one nor the other is not possible for us. "

When Gerasimov became self-nominated for mayor of Ulyanovsk, there were rumors that he provided "bought signatures" for his candidacy.

Unfortunately for Sergei Mironov, biographies of many candidates for governor of the party, which he heads, literally full of scandals. Take, for example, a candidate for Governor of Yugra (Khanty) of the party "Fair Russia" - Russian State Duma deputy Mikhail Serdyuk.

Recall that the chairman of the Khanty-Mansiysk regional department of "Fair Russia" (previously considered a protege of the former head of District Alexander Filipenko) Mikhail Serdyuk in the old days was the head of the non-commercial partnership "Corporate Social Responsibility", the Assistant Director of the Tyumen branch of "Sibneft" and CEO of "Modus ". Many social activists suspected Serdyuk in the withdrawal of funds from the company.

Also worth mentioning is the candidate for governor of the Kaliningrad region of the "Fair Russia" Pavel Fedorov, who is the deputy of the regional council and chairman of the Kaliningrad branch of the "Fair Russia". Rumor has it that Mr. Fedorov could, in fact, buy a seat regional leader, as he is one of the sponsors of the "Fair Russia".

This year, it became clear that the influential brothers Roman and Maxim Vanchugov close to the "Fair Russia", will appear before the court. They are suspected of withdrawal of 3 billion rubles. But the brothers could be involved as murder and other serious crimes.

Maxim Vanchugov together with his brother Roman stole money holders, reissuing illegally about 980 apartments in the controlled company to him. The cost of these apartments a result is estimated at a little less than 3 billion rubles. The total value of property in the three complexes of "Cities" is estimated at 11 billion rubles.

Almost immediately after that State Duma deputy from the Socialist-Revolutionaries Roman Vanchugov he lost the post of head of the regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" Leningrad region.

By the way, public figures brothers Vanchugov suspect in the murder of Konstantin Andreev (husband activist group deceived shareholders of GC "City" Alla Andreeva).

It should be noted the fugitive deputy Alexei Mitrofanov. Mr. Mitrofanov led in 2007 the regional list of "Fair Russia" in the Penza region in the elections to the State Duma. But only in 2011, Mitrofanov was elected to the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the sixth convocation on the list of the party "Fair Russia" from Vologda, Tver and Novgorod regions.

And then things got bad. May 12, 2012 at the hotel "Renaissance" on Olympic Avenue operatives of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Anti-Corruption recorded receipt Rashid Sautievym in the presence of the musician Alexander Derevschikova, bailiff Ali Kodzoeva, and has appeared at the next State Duma deputy table Alexei Mitrofanov 2 million 250 thousand rubles (as accident were all next to each other). According to security officials, for 200 thousand dollars he promised South businessman Vyacheslav Zharov "resolve its problems."

In June 2014 the deputy Alexei Mitrofanov was stripped of his parliamentary immunity, the decision almost unanimously adopted the State Duma. After that TFR filed against the MP case under Art. And 30 h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code - "Attempted fraud in an organized group."

As a result, the deputy now lives in sunny Croatia.

MP SR Oleg Mikheev, too, deprived of immunity and also is involved in a number of criminal cases.

There are a lot of interesting information on a member of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots spravedlivorose Oleg Paholkova. Bloggers wrote that Pakholkov was connected with notorious organized crime groups "tridtsatnik"!

If during the "United Russia" stuck the nickname "the party of crooks and thieves", the title of the party "bandits" in the Duma debate just two of the candidate:. LDPR and "Fair Russia" And, it seems, at last, given the scandals on a nickname more chances.
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