Under the pressure of a stream of lawsuits arbitration court appointed monitoring procedure for the plant for the insulation of pipes (ZIT) in Timashevsk city of Krasnodar region. Enter a temporary observation demanded three enterprise-contractor, as well as one of the regional administration departments. Each of the plaintiffs owe factory from 25 to 5 million rubles, the return which he was unable to.

At the same time in the same difficult situation it turned out to related businesses ZIT, Southern Pipe Plant, which is located on the same site. YUTZ too overgrown debts creditors and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Clan economy

The poor state of both companies, as the correspondent found out The Moscow Post, referring to the information in the local media, due not only and not so much for economic reasons. Until recently, the co-owner and ZIT and YUTZ Krattli was Anastasia, the daughter of the State Duma deputy Alexei Tkachev and niece of the current Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev.

It is believed by many experts, not without administrative resources by the relatives she "broke through" to their plants very lucrative contracts. In particular, the plant became one of the contractors of construction sites Sochi Olympics.

The scope of work will enable ZIT and YUTZ significantly increase production. However, at the end of the Olympic construction, as many tubes as produced both plants, were simply not wanted.

According to a number of entire Kuban economists, businesses could have been saved by finding other product markets. But instead, the daughter and niece of the influential people in the region (Alexander Tkachev was then the governor of the region) just got rid of all of their assets and abandoned factories to die slowly.

Tkachev Brothers could affect the situation with two Kuban plants. But they did not. Especially now that the two live in the capital.

The minister of word and deed

After the Olympic Games in Sochi, Alexander Tkachev was appointed chief curator of Russian agriculture. From change of places and positions, he has not ceased to be controversial, and for many an odious figure.

Until now, the rumor still Kuban history of giving the then governor. Local environmentalists have found that it is built on the relict nature reserve. When environmental activists held a series of protests, they became involved in the case on the infringement of the privacy of a statesman. As untried claim under direct pressure from "above".

The minister had to make a lot of loud statements and in his new role. Violent reactions, including and in the press, has caused the recent statement Tkachev, made during his visit to China. At a business meeting with Chinese officials, he took and offered for the transfer of the project in the arid regions of China fresh water from the Altai. A subordinate Minister complemented the statement from the digital components. In China from Siberia need to deliver an annual 70 million cubic meters of water. And for this you need to change the course of a number of Siberian waters. That is, to turn the tide of the river.

Such high-profile projects in the country are not sounded since the Soviet times. Therefore, immediately raised a wave of indignation and scientists, and environmentalists, and just society. After Tkachev told the media that the project turning rivers in China in the near future will not be. But then the project destroy two factories in his native Kuban recently also not expected.