CB "fit of generosity," for loans

The published financial statements of the group International Bank "FK" Opening "" for 2015 contains data that the amount of funds received by the bank "FK" Opening "," from the Central Bank, has doubled and amounted to 1.26 trillion rubles.

In addition, the net profit of the group "Discovery" has increased in comparison with the year 2014 by 12.4%, to 6.6 billion rubles.

The main contribution to the financial result of the bank's "FK" Opening "," in 2015 gave a profit on trading operations 36.2 billion rubles. (Mostly bought sovereign Eurobonds) and foreign exchange transactions. It amounted to 23 billion rubles.

In connection with the "Rosneft"

Note that earlier through "Opening" very actively "pump" their money the state "Rosneft". Pay attention to the "doubtful" the bank's actions "open" to finance "Rosneft" in winter 2014. It was then (in December 2014 - Ed.). "Rosneft" on the empty market bonds posted a record 625 billion rubles.

These paper bank "FC Opening" laid down in the Central Bank under the scheme repo currency (for a year or for shorter periods), and the currency received by the Bank of Russia credits for the oil company.

According to experts, just after the transaction occurred collapse of the ruble. So experts are still blamed for the collapse of the exchange rate of the Russian currency, "Rosneft" and "Discovery".

opposition Sponsor

Experts say the collapse of the ruble diversion, both economic and political, since it led to a sharp increase in "protest electorate". And it happened in less than two years before the elections to the State Duma.

information appeared in the media that a major shareholder of the bank "Opening" Vadim Belyaev supports "marshy area". In this case we are talking about the support of the Russian non-system opposition.

The owners of the bank

The key shareholder of the bank "FC Opening" is the "Discovery Holding", which directly and indirectly holds 60.59% of the voting shares.


Vadim Belyaev, the chairman of the board of directors "Discovery Holding" (a major shareholder of the bank "Opening")

The biggest beneficiaries are: founder and one of the main owners of "openness", the chairman of the board of directors "Discovery Holding" Vadim Belyaev (17.33%); top managers of the "Discovery" - investment banker Ruben Aganbegyan (4.82%); President, Chairman of the Board and a member of the bank's supervisory board "FC Opening" Dmitry Roman (3.37%); Chairman of the Board "BKM Opening" Eugene Dankevich (1.36%); Deputy Director General of "Discovery Holding" and a member of the bank's supervisory board "FC Discovery" Alex Karahan (1.35%); a prominent businessman Alexander Mamut (4.04%); President and CEO of Group "IST" Alexander Nesis (2.96%); LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov and a member of the Board of Directors of LUKOIL Leonid Fedun (9.76%); Alhas Sangulia (6.58%); Boris Mints (4.89%), Mikhail Parinov (4.28%); VTB Bank (6.05%).

Factor Mintz

Previously, the number of co-owners of "Discovery" was significantly less. So, until July 2013 shareholders' FC Opening "was the owner of the O1 Group Holding Boris Mints and head of" RUSNANO "Anatoly Chubais. They stood at the origins of the bank "FC Opening" and Mintz with Belyaev considered cofounders of the financial group.

It is interesting that as soon as Mintz and Chubais emerged from among the shareholders' FC Opening "erupted scandal associated with the withdrawal of assets from this financial institution. This happened due to the fact that the company is Boris Mints MCC "Bor" has received a loan from the bank, and then made a technical default on the bonds.


Boris Mints, owner O1 Group Holding (formerly PCA party functionary)

That is, it turns out that one company Mintz has borrowed from another of its structure, and then defaulted and money, according to experts, they returned and were not. Rumor has it that these funds are used O1 Group for its development projects.

In fact, Mr. Mintz corny brought the assets of the "FC Opening", and now in the bank's interests were represented by Mr Belyaev, who is rumored to be loyal and to Anatoly Chubais.

Who gives money to "non-systemic Democrats"?

As you know, earlier Chubais very actively sponsored the opposition democratic forces in Russia. In this case, it helped Mintz. The fact is that the Mints at one time ranked as Anatoly Chubais team in the presidential administration.

At the beginning of the 2000s Mintz was chairman of the executive committee of the political party "Union of Right Forces' (SPS), which is very actively supported Chubais. At the time, Mintz oversaw ATP monetary policy of the Party, working through a network of investment firms in the energy market for the benefit of and at the expense of RAO "UES".


Anatoly Chubais, the head of "RUSNANO" (previously he was a shareholder of "discovery" and sponsor of the ATP)

Here I recall scandal involving information that Chubais allegedly gave to the needs of the ATP Mints $ 28 million., Which could very well be "borrowed" from the budget of the state of RAO "UES". Rumor has it that now Mintz using Belyaeva sponsoring Russian opposition Democrats, but in a "Discovery" bank.

margin call

Help the opposition, according to rumors, he brought Belyaev and its banks are serious problems. By the way, there are difficulties and the bank 'FC Opening "(" head "of the bank" Opening "financial group).

The fact is that more December 3, 2015 the media wrote about a high probability of "margin call" for repo transactions with the Central Bank for the bank 'FC Opening ". In this case, the "margin call" may be associated with the placement of Eurobonds "Russia-2030".

Recall that the "margin call" means a requirement to provide additional funds. It seems that the bank "FC Opening" is upon to pay substantial need to ensure, as eurobonds "Russia-2030" quotes fell by 3 percentage points. The amount of funds that will need to invest further amounts to at least $ 200 million.

The most dangerous thing in this situation is that it demonstrates the liquidity problems that are at the "FC Opening". It is already known that the common issuance of Eurobonds "Russia-2030" amounted to $ 21.2 billion., But holding "Discovery" could buy paper only at $ 10-11 billion. In this case, the previously written that "Opening" bought not even $ 11 billion. and $ 7 billion.

In connection with this creep doubt that the bank "FC Opening" has the necessary liquidity to meet its liabilities. According to experts, an ambiguous situation with the bank's liquidity may result in checking the Central Bank, after which "FC Opening" is likely to lose its license.

Why Nabiullina helps "open"?

However, the Central Bank usually tries to help "open". In particular, before the Central Bank decided to allocate to reorganize the bank "Trust" pursued "Discovery", 127 billion rubles. And then "Trust" bank suddenly hid their accounts from the public.


Elvira Nabiullina, Chairman of the Central Bank of Russian Federation

This reporting data has been hidden at the time when the "Trust", "discovery" was already under control. Now the public does not know how it spent 127 billion rubles., Intended for the rehabilitation of "Trust". In fact, the money allocated for "Trust" can be output in the interests of top managers "Discovery".

But why is the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina does not pay attention to the "dubious machinations" in the "open"? The thing is that at the time the bank is called called "pocket bank Chubais." We are talking about the period in which Chubais was a shareholder of "discovery".

But the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina in the second half of the 90 worked Anatoly Chubais Secretary of the commission on economic reforms. This position it has taken on the recommendation of Yevgeny Yasin, who is now the rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminova - Nabiullina husband.

It is believed that she still remains loyal to his former boss. It is no coincidence users blogosphere openly wrote that "Nabiullina pumped 127 billion in the pocket of his teacher Chubais Bank" (we are talking about the most money for the renovation of "Trust" - Ed.)..

Apparently, it is lobbying the interests of "Discovery" by Ms Nabiullina and explains why for 2015 the amount of funds received by the bank "FK" Opening "," from the Central Bank rose to 1.26 trillion rubles. It seems that the head of the Central Bank is just trying to save the former "pocket bank Chubais." But it does so at the expense of public money.

Conclusion assets?

At the same time there is a high probability that the "openness" of the owners of asset stripping (including, and the money received from the Central Bank), using one of the most common "legalized schemes" for the withdrawal of finance from banks.

By the way, according to the agency Moody's, the amount of loans granted to related parties bank "FC Opening", has twice as much capital the bank.

According to IFRS (dated 30 June 2015), the bank's capital "FC Opening" was 296.1 billion rubles. The volume of bank loans granted to related parties has been growing steadily.

If at the beginning of 2015 the share of such loans was 85% of the bank's capital, then increased to 229% by the end of the first half of 2015. It is known that for six months in 2015 the bank 'FC Opening "increased its lending to shareholders and their companies tripled - from 216 billion to 663 billion rubles. In 2016, this trend continued.

Experts believe that the owners of the "Discovery" could strengthen the process of asset stripping, as the bank began to receive more money from the Central Bank. It is obvious that all these operations take place "under the roof Nabiullina," and part of the withdrawn money can go to financing the opposition.

According to experts, law enforcement officers have long been necessary to check all the banks of the "Discovery" for the withdrawal of assets. Perhaps then Belyaev lose not only your bank, but also his freedom.