continues to acquaint its readers with the archives of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation on money laundering and the largest organizers of channels of cashing and laundering on criminal incomes. In December 2015, we told about the shadow banker Alexei Kulikov, who, according to investigators, annually "launderers" more than $ 1 billion. Including this money, stolen from the budget. And in February 2016 Kulikov was arrested by the decision of the Tver court. He is accused of embezzling billions of rubles from the controlled Promsberbank and carrying out suspicious transactions with Deutsche Bank. In the West, Deutsche Bank is suspected of suspicious transactions with the Russian business structures of billions of dollars. Simply put, Deutsche Bank participated in Kulikov and partners lined up schemes on laundering "dirty" money from the Russian Federation.

According to, Kulikov is not the only large shadow banker, who attracted the attention of investigators. Now they are actively looking for questioning a long-term partner of Kulikov Ivan Myazin, who had also related to Promsberbank activities. Myazin prudently chose to leave Russia and went abroad. again appealed to the dossiers of the Interior Ministry on Kulikov and Myazin and published three new documents. You can learn from them, as shadow bankers only in the mid-2000s were related to the activities of 26 banks, through which the money were laundered. Also it is told in materials, how it was legalized about $ 1 billion in one year, through the so-called Dagestan channel.



To senior investigator on IAD

IC at the Russian Interior Ministry

Colonel of Justice

G. A. Shantin





Reporting that a residence of a citizen Kulikov Alexey Anatolyevich is established. This citizen 27.03.2007 concluded contract №23 / 07 dated 27.03.2007 with FSUE "Rublevo Uspensky health and fitness complex" UD P of Russian Federation, on the basis of which he was given a room house №37. Rental of the property is registered to 01.04.2010. "Uspenskie Dachi" Village -2 located at: Moscow region, Odintsovo district, village Usovo, Uspenskoe-2.

Persons, having the right to reside in a given area, or having an immune, otherwise another status, are not set.

The following documents are attached to a copy of the report:

- Transfer admission Act of 30 March 2007 on a single sheet;

- Profile Kulikov AA on a single sheet.



Deputy Chief of

57 Department of OSB № 10 of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Police Major                                                             (signature of 26.09.07)





To senior investigator on IAD

IC at the Russian Interior Ministry

Colonel of Justice





During the execution of individual order on the production of search operations number: 17 / MF-156 643 an additional information was provided, regarding the participants and organizers of a criminal group.

In particular, it was found that:

Myazin I.G., DOB 12/05/1964, actually lives at the address: Moscow city, Krylatskiye Holmy Street, 15, Bldg. 2, Apt. 19. Persons with a special and (or) diplomatic immunity (status) do not live in the specified address;

Dvoskin Evgeny, date of birth 21.03.1966, registered at the address: Dovatora Street, d. 1/28, Apt. 16, actually live at the address: Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, recreation center "Rus", village Trusovo, Building 15, a cottage settlement near a suburban hotel «Istra Holiday» (is directly related with the OCG of "Yaponchik" and "Ded Hasan." was a long time in US custody), he has a property in Monaco. Persons with special and (or) diplomatic immunity (status) do not live in the specified address;

Kulikov Alexey, date of birth 25.02.1976, registered at the address: Barclay Street, d. 16, a. 4, Apt. 93, actually live at the address: Molodogvardiis'ka Street, d. 8, apt. 1. Persons, with a special and (or) diplomatic immunity (status) do not live in the specified address;

According to available operative information, specified persons are, possibly, involved in the commission of illegal financial transactions, related to the cashing (legalization) of money and money withdrawal in foreign banks on forged checks and payment documents through the accounts of:

LLC CB "EURO" (license revoked 06.06.2006), LLC CB "Bank for Investment and credit" (license revoked 09.08.2006), LLC CB "Investkombank Belkom" (license revoked 07.09.2006), LLC CB "Trade and Investment Bank "(license revoked 27.09.2006), OJSC CB "Migros" (license revoked 20.12.2006), "Rubin" LLC (license revoked 07.03.2007), "Antares" LLC (license revoked 05.04.2007), OJSC CB "Siberian Development Bank" (license revoked 05.04.2007), OJSC "Building industrial bank" (license revoked 10.05.2007), CJSC ACB "Yaroslav" (license revoked 09.07.2007), OJSC "Pico-bank" (license revoked 20.06.2007); OJSC "Evroprominvest" (license revoked 02.11.2006), LLC "Commercial Bank of trade unions" (license revoked 04.12.2006), LLC CB "Novokubansky" (license revoked 17.01.2007), LLC "United Credit Alliance" (license revoked 19.03.2007 ), CB "FBK" (license revoked 10.05.2007), CJSC "Leo-Bank" (license revoked 17.05.2007), "Mordovsotsbank" (license revoked 05.06.2007), CB "Diamond" (license revoked 25.04.2007), CB "New century"; LLC SDS "Hermitage" (license revoked 15.08.2007); CB "Neman" (license revoked 04.09.2006).

Currently Myazin I. G., Dvoskin E. V., Kulikov, A. A., etc. use for illegal banking activity account of: CB "Kreditimpeks Bank" (LLC), CB "Union Bank" (LLC), CB "Alliance Bank" (LLC), ACB "Falcon" (OJSC), as well as recorded on forged documents LLC "Story-Holding" (TIN 7708617192) and about 10 commercial companies, cash flow on which accounts is controlled as by members of a criminal group, and in collusion with them, by employees of tax inspection of Moscow.


Detective on ATS of department 4

ORB number 8 of the Russian Interior Ministry

Police captain                                                      (signature)                             A. V.

"07" September 2007



To acting Deputy chief of

Investigative Committee of the

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs


Colonel of Justice

A. V. Logunov





There is a criminal case in my production number 169 277 for accusation of Vagabov, Gimbatov, and etc. Under Art. 173, p. 4, Art. 174, p. 4, Art. 174-1, p. 3, of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, initiated February 27, 2007, accepted to the production 2 August 2007.

In the case it is found that in 2005-2006 former heads of LLC CB "Ruby", "Union Bank" and KB "Antares" (Makhachkala) Gimbatov and Vagabov organized a crime society, registered organizations on false documents without the intention to carry out business activities, carried out on behalf of these organizations illegal financial operations on "cashing" money, forming fake securities wherein - cash checks. Illegal financial transactions worth more than 670 million US dollars and 130 million Euros.

Currently, evidence is provided in the case on participation in the organization of "cashing" money through banks LLC CB "Ruby", "Union Bank" and KB "Antares" of citizens:

- Myazin Ivan Gavrilovich (Registered at the address: Moscow, Perervinsky Boulevard, Building 19, Housing 1, Apt 81), actually resides: Moscow, Krylatsike hills, house 15, building 2, apt. 19 of former board member of "ERKB" bank;

- Dvoskin Yevgeny Mikhailovich (Registered on address: Dovatora Street 1/28, apt. 16), actually resides: Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, recreation center "Rus", village Trusovo, house 15;

- Cathay Dmtitriy Valerevich resides at the address: 3rd Frunze Street, house 1, apt. 57, head of the OLC LLC "Kreditimpeks Bank".

These persons have organized the transfer of funds on forged checks and payment documents to the banks of Makhachkala from a number of banks in Moscow, among them are LLC "Eksportbank", OJSC "Printbank", CB "Kreditimpeks Bank", "Alfa-Bank", " Tembr Bank."

Accused Atakov A.V. showed that a man named Vadim offered him to engage in illegal banking activities, using accounts of fictitious organizations in the bank "Rubin". He on the proposal of Vadim was engaged in registration of forged documents on obtaining cash, and Vadim himself was obtaining cash. There is a reason to believe that a person, who communicates with Atakov, is one of the security staff of the bank "Kreditimpeks Bank".

Witness E. Lepika showed that the organization and conducting of illegal banking transactions, using bank accounts in "Kreditimpeks Bank", "Falcon", "Alliance Bank" was on Myazin I. G., Kulikov A. A., Cathay D. V, and Dvoskin E. M.

According to the inspection report, carried out by the National Bank of the Republic of Dagestan in the CB "Rubin" (LLC), the volume of banknote transactions between banks "Ruby" and "Kreditimpeks Bank" in November-December 2006, is more than 67 million US dollars.

Thus, there are reasons to believe that in the banks "Falcon" and "Kreditimpeks Bank" were made out forged documents for the illegal banking operations, using electronic and paper media for this, counterfeit payment and other documents, seals of various fictitious (registered on lost documents or nominees) societies. These objects and documents can be stored in the premises, occupied by banks "Falcon", "Alliance Bank" and "Kreditimpeks Bank"; they may be relevant to the criminal case and may be material evidence. The same documents (paper and electronic data carriers) can be stored at the place of residence of Myazin, Kulikov, Dvoskin and Cathay.

In connection with the above, thought to conduct a search on a residence of Myazin, Kulikov, Dvoskin and Cathay, as well as in the banks "Kreditimpeks bank", "Falcon" and "Alliance Bank" for the detection and seizure of electronic and paper media, counterfeit payment and other documents, seals of various fictitious (registered for lost documents or nominees) societies.


Investigator                    (signature)                                      ………