Gennady Timchenko and his structures have quietly acquired the assets around the globe: from Panama to Singapore, from Yamal to Algeria. In the businessman's money-box there are, as follows: oil and gas assets, the airline and the bank, hotels, insurance, factory of mineral water and much more. “Ogonyok” drew a map of the Secret Empire by Gennady Timchenko.

Companies of the Group Gunvor

Gunvor International B.V. - International trader, registered in the Netherlands, holding offices in Geneva, Singapore, New York, Houston, Abuja, Moscow, Beijing, Quito (Gennady Timchenko controls more than 47,5% of the shares, but less than a controlling stake).

The shipping company Clearlake Shipping leases tankers, including those from Sovcomflot, tanker traffic in the Baltic and South-East Asia (100% of shares are owned by Gunvor); Control.

Oil terminal in Ust-Luga (OAO Rosneftebunker implements the project, 100% shares belong to Cypriot company Capefar Ltd. controlled by Gunvor); Control.

OAO Transoil - the largest operator in Russia of oil transportation by rail, a fleet of 17 thousand tanks (one tenth of the entire fleet of Russia) and 40 locomotives (controlled by the company Gunvor, the exact percentage and pattern of ownership is not disclosed); Control.

Oil trader International Petroleum Products Oy won the first competition for the supply of oil from the pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean (presumably controlled by Gunvor); Control.

Fuel Oil terminal in Novorossiysk (Gunvor’s share in the project is 50%, its partner is OAO "Novorossiysk sea trading port"); Participated.

Lagansky of block fields on the Caspian shelf (Gunvor owns 30% of the project, its partner is Lundin Petroleum); Participated.

The oil terminals in Panama (Gunvor owns 17.71% shares of the company Petroterminal de Panama SA, which owns two oil terminals - in Chiriqui Grande on the Caribbean coast and in Puerto Armueles on the shores of the Pacific) ; Participates.

Companies of the Stock Volga Resources

Volga Resources, a Luxembourg investment fund owns shares in several companies around the world (Gennady Timchenko - the main beneficiary, the co-owners are unknown).

Stroytransgaz - the largest contractor in the construction of gas infrastructure (79,6% in stock Volga Resources); Control .

A) Angara-Lena gas field, its reserves are proved at 1.2 trillion cubic meters of gas. (By comparison: the annual production of "Gazprom" - 492 billion cubic meters). The field license belongs to OOO “Petromir”, 50% through offshore company owned by Stroitransgaz; Participation.

B) JV Rosneft-Stroytransgaz Limited controls 60% of the project to develop oil fields in Algeria (the company Stroitransgaz owned 50% of the joint venture; in late 2009 it sold a part of Rosneft for $ 200 million); Participation.

German insurance company Sovag (the fund Volga Resources owns its stake); Control.

OAO “Novatek” - Russia's largest independent gas producer in Russia, its capitalization is 11.8 billion dollars (fund Volga Resources - the largest shareholder, owns 20.77% stake); Participation.

Yamal LNG - the holder of the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas condensate field, its reserves are amounted at 1.3 trillion cubic meters of gas (the fund Volga Resources owns 23.9%, yet 51% the fund sold in 2009 to the company Novatek for 650 million dollars); Participation.

"Geotech Holding” controls a third of the Russian market of geologic exploration, headquarter is located in Moscow (25% is in the fund Volga Resources); Participation.

Companies controlled by other structures

Bank "Rossiya", St. Petersburg (9.577% of the shares owned by "Transoil CIS", which, in turn, on 72.78% is owned by an offshore company Maples S.A. of Gennady Timchenko and his wife Elena); Participation.

Airfix Aviation Oy - a charter airline in Finland (controlled by Timchenko, the exact pattern of ownership is unknown); Control.

Business aviation terminal at Sheremetyevo (project implements "Air Groups", a 74% stake in belongs to structures associated with Timchenko); Control.

Insurance company "Alma" in St. Petersburg (10.79% of shares are controlled by structures of Timchenko through the firm "Uspekh"); Participation.

Oil trader "Surguteks" (51% belong to the structures of Gennady Timchenko); Control.

A) Insurance Company Regiongarant, Saint-Petersburg (93,9% stake of the insurer are owned by oil traders “Surguteks"); Control.

Two hotels of the group Relais & Chateaux in France (operated by Gennady Timchenko together with his wife Elena); Control.

Factory of mineral water in Kulebaki in the Nizhny Novgorod region, one of the largest in the country (100% of the shares through a Luxembourg company "SVM" Holding "); Control.