The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has extended the period of investigation for the murder of the former State Duma deputy Ruslan Yamadayev and the assassination attempt on the co-owner of Converse Group Alexander Antonov to January 16, 2013. However, representatives of the Investigative Committee RF already warned the victims that SK is going to suspend the investigation in January again.

The case was reopened in the spring of 2012. Then the banker German Gorbuntsov, who was considered a prime suspect in organizing an attack on Antonov, sent an admission of guilt from London. He said he was only a witness to how his business associates, Peter Chuvilin bankers and Sergey Mendeleev, were preparing the assassination. However, it became clear during investigation that before writing the surrender, Gorbuntsov had “sung in unoson” in England with Vladimir Antonov, the son of Alexander Antonov and. They joined their forces to fight a common enemy - Sergey Mendeleev.

In addition, SK failed to personally interview Gorbuntsov. At first he was assassinated. And then Moldovan investigators got a better chance to talk to Gorbuntsov; they sent to England a request for extradition of the banker. In Chisinau, he is accused of organizing an assassination attempt on a businessman Renat Usaty. As found out, in Russia Usaty is listed as an employee of the Russian Railways (RZhD). Just because of this company, Gorbuntsov is getting a big part of his troubles.

In general, events around the “London hiders” Vladimir Antonov and German Gorbuntsov go thick and fast. In addition, has some acquired documents from the materials of SK RF on the case of these persons. So, we decided to go back to the epic about adventures of the band of the cashers.

Quarrel over one billion

Let's remind that from the beginning of the 2000s, there were a group of bankers in Russia, which specialized in successful laundering and illegal cashing of billions of dollars. It had connections with the criminal world and security services. Alexander and Vladimir Antonov, their protégé Sergey Mendeleev, as well as Germann Gorbuntsov with Peter Chuvilin and Evgeny Dwoskin were members of the group. Officially and unofficially, they held dozens of banks involved in shady business.

A misunderstanding between the companions occurred after the Antonovs had sold Akademkhimbank to Gorbuntsov and Chuvilin "" (later renamed in Konversbank and then - in Stolichny Bank of Savings). It would seem to be a usual transaction between cashers. However, the bank was not the usual: heads of Russian Railways JSC kept there their “black money”. The head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin is close to Vladimir Putin.

At enormous interest, $ 660 million were brought into the bank. The deposit was extended from year to year and reached $ 1 billion in 2009. And then suddenly adviser of the head of the Russian Railway Andrey Krapivin and his friend Boris Usherovich (closely associated with the Solntsevo criminal group) demanded to return the money with interest. Since RZhD hadn't remembered about the contribution for a long time, the cashers managed to use the money for their needs.

To solve the problem, they involved their connections in security services. Dissatisfied Yakunin complained personally to Putin. After that, it became clear that it was necessary to pay, and in a short time. And there the formly close-knit bankers squabbled over the issue who and in what proportion had to compensate the amount. Chuvilin and Gorbuntsov pinned $ 100 million on the Antonovs. Those didn’t agree with such a figure, claiming that they had spent much less amount of the money of the Russian Railways.

Then Chuvilin and Gorbuntsov brought into play heavy artillery - his longtime friend, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. He sent the State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov for the solution of the problem. He personally threatened the Antonovs. And after the father and the son had written a statement to the FSB, Alexander Antonov was assassinated in March 2009. He got five wounds.

Later it was found that Antonov had been shot by the same Chechen killers, who shortly before that had just killed a former State Duma deputy Ruslan Yamadayev - a longtime opponent of Ramzan Kadyrov. The father and the son declared that just Chuvilin and Gorbuntsov were behind the attack. This was confirmed by the course of further events.

Rendezvous with Ramzan

As Rumafia found out, the Antonovs did not leave Russia immediately after the shooting, still hoping to solve their problems. In May 2009, the father and son were invited to the President Hotel for a personal meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov. The Antonovs had been familiar with him since their financing of construction of several cottage settlements in Chechnya.

The conversation was quite nice. The Chechen leader asked the father and son to assist in financing his beloved Terek football club. The Antonovs just felt relieved, thinking that there was no danger from that party. But right in the same President Hotel Chuvilin, they were caught by Peter Chuvilin and one of the advisers of Kadyrov. By threat, they made the Antonovs draw up a notarial power of attorney (SEE THE DOCUMENT), according to which the Antonovs was obliged to pay $ 106 million to German Gorbuntsov. Thus Chuvilin referred to a relevant wish of Kadyrov. However, it was so clear.

Only after that the Antonovs moved to London. And they providently withdrew more than $ 400 million from Russian banks they controlled. A part of the money went to buy the Portsmouth football club, automobile plants in Europe, and etc.

During “showdowns” who owed the money to the Russian Railways and how much, all them - Chuvilin, Mendeleev, Gorbuntsov, and Dwoskin - quarreled. Gorbuntsov was chosen to be the “whipping boy”. In the spring of 2009, with support of Solntsevo criminal authorities, Usherovich made Gorbuntsov and his wife re-register some their real estate objects valued at $ 1 billion to offshore firms. However, in the Russian Railways they decided that that was not enough amount, and took into account only $ 500 million.

Gorbuntsov being afraid of further “squeezes” and arrest for organizing the assassination on Alexander Antonov moved from Moscow to Moldova. There he owned the Universal Bank. This structure for a time became the main center for laundering money of the CIS. However, the “hand” of RZhD reached Gorbuntsov in Chisinau as well. A package of shares of Universal Bank was bought by businessman Renat Usaty. “This is a young, but very cocky guy, backed by great people”, one businessman familiar with Usaty told. “He spent a lot of time in Moscow. It is remarkable that he is officially listed as a kind of employee of the Russian Railways. However, he carefully hides the fact”.

As a result, Usaty began to just drive Gorbuntsov out of Universal Bank. In Moldova, there were instituted a series of criminal cases on Gorbuntsov. And then Gorbuntsov remembered about the methods used at the time his “showdowns” with Antonov. He decided to eliminate Usaty. He charged his friend, a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova Ion Stratulat, to execute the operation.

Stratulat found executers, but in September 2011 he was shot during a criminal showdown. Immediately after this, Gorbuntsov moved to London. During the investigation on Stratulat’s murder, General Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova gathered evidence about Gorbuntsov’s preparation of an attempt on Usaty. And at the end of November 2012, they sent a request for his extradition to London.

Snaky knot

In the fall of 2011, Gorbuntsov settled in England and got on with the Antonovs again. By the time they already had common enemies - Peter Chuvilin and Sergey Mendeleev. Gorbuntsov was sure that just these former friends had been involved in the case when he had been shaken out firstly in Russia and then in Moldova.

The Antonovs were having a long litigation with their former protégé Mendeleev over the ownership of Invest-Bank – one of the largest Russian credit institutions. As a result, former offenses were forgotten. Gorbuntsov and the Antonovs developed further strategy of struggle. The former one sent a confession (see the document) to Moscow, where he put in a story of 2009 as though not him but Sergey Mendeleev (together with Peter Chuvilin) ordered the murder of Alexander Antonov. And immediately the Antonovs sent their statements to Russia (see the document). In the statement, the Antonovs, who previously had convinced investigators that Gorbuntsov had hunted them (the Antonovs), now confidently shifted the blame on Mendeleev. And they also reminded of all the machinations of the latter, which they knew. Readers can examine their creativity on the site Rumafia.

And immediately after sending the statements in London, Gorbuntsov was assassinated. It is still unknown to the Russian and British law enforcement agencies, who was the organizer. There are three major versions. The most unreliable is that the attack was ordered by Chuvilin and close to him Chechens (who never forgive anything). The second version is that the traces of the attempt should be found in Moldova: it is unlikely that Usaty was glad that someone tried to kill him. The third one is that the attack on Gorbuntsov was extremely profitable for the very Vladimir Antonov. In fact, after sending of the surrender, Gorbuntsov isn't very necessary any more. And the sensation around the crime in England was very helpful for Antonov. At the time, the authorities of Latvia demanded his extradition for numerous scams in this country.

In March 2012, the SK renewed the investigation into the murder of  Yamadayev and the assassination attempt on Alexander Antonov. In the summer, investigators even carried out a confrontation between Alexander Antonov, Sergey Mendeleev, and Peter Chuvilin (see the document). However, the two latter categorically denied their involvement in the assassination. It was especially funny to look at Chuvilin’s statements that the Antonovs voluntarily had signed the receipt for a debt of $ 106 million “in the presence of the adviser of the President of the Chechen Republic Khizriev”.

“It's a kind of snaky knot where the snakes are constantly biting each other and people around”, one of the participants of the investigation said to Rumafia. “Depending on their business interests, they change their testimony, lie, and dodge. There are no innocent ones in this story. It is sensibly to put them in prison for various crimes”.



To Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of GU MVD of Russia for Moscow

Police Colonel Oleg Anatolievich Baranov

38, Petrovka St., Moscow

From Gorbuntsov Herman Valerievich

Registered at the address: 7, Shmitovskiy proezd, Apt. 84 Moscow

Place of work: JSC IFG STB, Director General

Address for correspondence: P.O. box 3,

Moscow, 109263


I inform you that I am aware of the circumstances of preparation and implementation of the attempted murder of Alexander Antonov, committed on March 11, 2009.
During this period, I was living in Moscow, was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank Industrial Credit, located at 18, bld.1, Malaya Pirogovskaya Str. At the time, my business partner was Chuvilin Peter Yurievich, who together with Sergey Vladimirovich Mendeleev invented and jointly implemented a plan of the attempted murder of Alexander Antonov.
Vladimir and Alexander Antonovs are known bankers, who owned a number of banks nominally registered on Mendeleev S.V., including JSCB Investbank. The purpose of the attempt was to transfer control and ownership of businesses, owned by Antonov, to the hands of Mendeleev S.V..
In turn Chuvilin as my business partner was certain that the Antonovs had a debt in the amount of $ 106 million borrowed from me, which Antonovs refused to return. Chuvilin turned to me with a proposal to promote the returning of the Antonovs’ debt. This debt was to be a formal occasion for the original “shakedown” on the Antonovs. At the same time, Chuvilin did not hide that the debt would be a lever allowing him to discharge the Antonovs from control over the bank assets with further transition of the control to Mendeleev.
Chuvilin also informed me that Mendeleev had already handed him $ 3 million in cash as a advance payment for implementation of the assassination attempt on the Antonovs and support in obtaining by him (Mendeleev) full control over the Investbank. The transfer of money from Mendeleev to Chuvilin took place in Sokolniki Sports Palace, where Chuvilin served as President of Spartak hockey club.
In the specified period, I was the actual owner of Sokolniki Sports Palace, through affiliated entities, and I together with Chuvilin often was there and Mendeleev at hockey games. In the same place there, the plan to seize business of the Antonovs was being discussed during these meetings.
At the initial stages of the plan, they did not plan to kill the Antonovs, as they believed that they could take Investbank with small losses, i.e. through threats and blackmail. To this effect, Chuvilin, who was proud that he had opportunity to resolve any issues with the Chechens, decided to get involved Adam Delimkhanov, known for his family connections with Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. In Chuvilin’s opinion, it would give weight to his requirements and would show to the Antonovs that the attempts “jump off”, i.e. to evade the requirements for the transfer of assets, would be hopeless.

Meanwhile Chuvilin decided not to let Delimkhanov into details of the plan, he was only told that the Antonovs owed a large sum of money and that it would be nice if he just attended a meeting where they would be reminded of it. Chuvilin believed that if the Antonovs appealed to the law enforcement agencies, the authority Delimkhanov would let them escape liability.
It was decided to eliminate the Antonovs after the latter had written an application to the FSB on the facts of the extortion from them, immediately after the meeting taken place in the Golden restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.
I did not know how and who would kill the Antonovs, because when Chuvilin and Mendeleev started talking seriously about killing Antonov, I asked them to protect me from this crime, but Chuvilin answered me that I all the same was their accomplice and that if I told anyone about it, they would get rid of me as they did with Antonov. I had only known that it was decided to kill Alexander Antonov (the father), as after his death, the younger Antonov would become more compliant or go abroad and wouldn’t interfere with Mendeleev to capture Antonov’s assets. I want to note that initially I did not attach any significance to the talks of Chuvilin and Mendeleev, and believed in their severity only after the very fact of the attempted assassination on Antonov.
In March 2009, I learned from the media that Alexander Antonov was assassinated, but he survived, left disabled. While junior Antonov actually acknowledged the debt of 106 million dollars and wrote a notarized receipt to Chuvilin and refused from his claims to control over JSCB Investbank. When I was invited to the law enforcement authorities for questioning on the case, Chuvilin began to threaten me, that he would make me a complicit in what happened or kill me. After everything that had happened, I could not fail to perceive the words of Chuvilin seriously, and so until my departure from Russia, I was afraid to report something about this to someone.
Both the Antonovs also moved to permanent residence in one of the foreign countries. Thus, even without eliminating Antonov, Chuvilin and Mendeleev have almost fully implemented the initial plan to seize the property.


January 13, 2012 ______________________________ / Gorbuntsov G.V. /




To the chief of Criminal Investigation Department of GU MVD of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow

Colonel of Police

Baranov Oleg Anatolievich

38, Petrovka str., Moscow

From Antonov Alexander Yurievich,

Registered at the address: 12/2, Raspletina Str., Apt. 29, Moscow




I inform you that the Chairman of the Board of JSB Investbank (ORGN 1023900001070, located at the address: 12, bld. 1, Goncharnaya str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation) Mendeleev Sergey Vladimirovich organized an attempted murder on me, committed on March 11, 2009.

The purpose of the attack was stealing of the bank assets owned by me and my family, including four credit organizations: Voronezhprombank OJSC (Voronezh), Grankombank JSC (Ekaterinburg), Converse Bank JSC (Moscow), and Kaliningrad JSB Investbank , later incorporated in the JSB Investbank, as well as BaykalInvestBank JSC, JSB Eniseybank JSC, and a number of other assets united under the name of Snoras Group.

The above described events took place as follows. Approximately in 2002, Antonov V.A. purchased Akademkhimbank and employed a young but promising customer manager Mendeleev S.V. to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board. He was pretty proactive, able to communicate well with clients, and was about the same age as the son of A. Y. Antonov, V.A. Antonov, who was Chairman of the Board in Akademkhimbank. On this ground, Antonov V.A. and Mendeleev S.V. became friends up to joint family trips on vacation.

Despite the fact that Antonov A. Y. did not like the young, ambitious Mendeleev S.V., his son constantly interceded for him and even offered to make him chairman of the board of Akademkhimbank, and it happened in 2005.

In 2007, the Antonovs decided to sell Akademkhimbank to Gorbuntsov G.V. and Chuvilin P.Y. (previously head of the security service of Gorbuntsov G.V.), who were introduced to the Antonovs by Mendeleev S.V., who remained to occupy the post of chairman of the board after the change of ownership of the bank. At the time of the purchase of Akademkhimbank (later renamed to the Capital Trade Bank), Gorbuntsov G.V. and Chuvilin P.Y. had no claims to the transaction, but later Mendeleev S.V. began systematically informimg Gorbuntsov G.V. that the bank had non-liquid assets for the sum of $ 106 million. Mendeleev S.V. actually convinced Gorbuntsov G.V. that the Antonovs had cheated him in the sale of the bank. At the same time, Chuvilin P.Y. also worked up Gorbuntsov G.V. to charge him with knocking-out the debt from the Antonovs.

For a while, Gorbuntsov G.V. doubted that he was forcing Mendeleev and Chuvilin, already entered into an agreement with each other with the purpose to take away all Antonovs’ and Gorbuntsov’s property, to arrange the conflict between them.

The idea of ​​the conflict was simple. Gorbuntsov together with the Antonovs had a private plane by which they flew on vacation. At some time, Gorbuntsov G.V. decided to use this plane but was refused on the grounds allegedly associated with the Antonovs (they blocked Gorbuntsov’s right to dispose of the property). It was the final straw for Gorbuntsov G.V. who didn’t suspect that Chuvilin and Mendeleev were actually behind the events. In a rush of emotion, he agreed to take Chuvilin's next offer to be engaged in collection of the debt from the Antonovs.

Having received a long-awaited carte blanche, Chuvilin invited Antonov A.Y. to a meeting at the Gold restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, where Antonov’s son-in-law Yampolsky, Gorbuntsov, and Delimkhanov also arrived. The latter's role was more to intimidate than to actually talk about the debt.

At the meeting, Chuvilin was the keynote speaker. He reminded Antonov about the debt, firstly voiced the amount of $ 106 million, with which Antonov disagreed asking to justify it. In turn Chuvilin asked how much as he himself believed he owed. Antonov answered that it was $ 52 million, and Chuvilin immediately multiplied it by 2 for the late return and added another $ 2 million for troubles of important people.

At this meeting, Chuvilin periodically addressed to Gorbuntsov for support but the latter was silent. Then in return Chuvilin reminded about certain agreements with Mendeleev. The meeting was in January 2009, and even in March 2009, Antonov was assasinated but survived received five bullets.

The attempt forced Antonov A.Y. together to go abroad for treatment with his son. At the same time they still had a number of banks left in Russia - Voronezhprombank (Voronezh), Grankombank (Ekaterinburg), Conversebank (Moscow), Investbank (Kaliningrad), which merged into JSB Investbank in 2008, and also JSC BaykalInvestBank JSC and JSB Eniseybank JSC.

After recovering from the assassination attempt, to finally move abroad, Antonov A.Y. came back to Russia to sell banks of Investbank. BaykalInvestBank, and Eniseybank, which were controlled by hired managers in his absence.

While searching for a buyer, the Antonovs had a meeting (on May 21, 2009) with Chuvilin P.Y. in the lobby of the President Hotel in Moscow. Chuvilin P.Y. sternly warned the Antonovs that next time he would kill them two if they didn’t write him a receipt for 106 million dollars. Perceiving his words as a threat, which Chuvilin was unable to realize, the next day Antonov V.A. signed the receipt in his office in the presence of a Moscow notary Baranovskaya L.I. invited by Chuvilin. The text of the receipt was prepared by the lawyer Maxim Anchipolovsky (currently the head of the Legal Point law firm), who also heard Chuvilin’s threats against the Antonovs.

In late 2010, Mendeleev learned that the Antonovs were trying to sell Investbank and two eastern banks. Mendeleev had not yet suspected in organization of an attempt at Antonov A.Y. He asked to give him credit in the amount of 23 million euros, which he planned to spend to buy their own banks (10 million for BaykalInvestBank, Eniseybank, and the rest for Investbank).

The loan was formalized through a company registered in the state of Belize, given out the loan personally to Mendeleev S.V. as a physical person. The transactions on re-issuance of the banks' shares were carried out at the end of 2010, but Mendeleev S.V. delayed the payment of referring to many different problems. The Antonovs still believed Mendeleev S.V. and waited for the payment of already reissued bank assets, but at the end of 2011, in the next telephone conversation with Antonov V.A. and then with Antonov A.Y., Mendeleev announced that he wouldn’t pay as the Antonovs, in his opinion, would be soon anyway arrested on a criminal case launched on them in Lithuania. Moreover, in this conversation, Mendeleev S.V. reported that if the Antonovs took any actions related to the return of the bank assets to them, they both would be finished off.

Before registration of Investbank on Mendeleev S.V., this credit institution had an impeccable history, absolutely transparent structure, and high financial stability.

With the change of the ownership, a hole began to develop in Investbank. The management of Investbank formed an illiquid loan portfolio consisting of fictitious loans to technical firms (list attached) created or acquired by the bank's management for the purpose of fictitious increase in authorized capital and stealing of money of clients and investors. Thus the authorized capital of the bank was stolen by the bank management with the use of fiducial credit schemes (Bank Winter (Austria), Bank Julius Meinl (Austria), Multiasset SA (Switzerland)).

Behind the organization of this criminal scheme of stealing of money from JSB Investbank, there is Chairman of the Board Mendeleev S.V.

The description of the current financial condition and projected balance of Investbank after the sale of the bank in March 2011.

  1. After the sale (the actual capture) of the bank, on its balance, it was created a set of fiduciary interbank loans / balances on correspondent accounts in foreign banks, namely:


Meinlbank AG – 1 000 000 000 RUR (Austria);
Falcon Private Bank – 476 551 000 RUR (Switzerland);
East-West United Bank – 1 000 000 000 RUR (Luxembourg);


  1. Also the actual balance in Sberkredbank JSC in the amount of 3 791 600 000 RUR can’t be included in the bank's liquidity, as it is impossible to demand because of the current liquidity of the correspondent bank and, in fact, it is a funding of the “hole” of “Sberkredbank”.


  1. Securities placed in two professional participants of the market

Bank Winter und Co. AG (Austria) and Multiasset SA (Switzerland) - for the total amount of 2 000 000 000 RUR have been actually put in pledge, the money have been withdrawn to offshores controlled by Mendeleev S.V. companies and cannot be included in the balance as available for purchase and / or held to maturity.

Thus, from the liquidity/liquid assets of the bank, it is necessary to exclude the amount of about 8 300 000 000 rubles and re-found reserves of the same amount, what will immediately lead to a negative value of the bank's capital, as well as to non-compliance with any of the standards established by the Bank of Russia.

Credit portfolio:

It largely formed at the expense of credits to technical junk-companies and isn’t provided or provided with strongly overestimated securities.

Thus, when re-creating fair reserves for short term liabilities of at least 10 000 000 000 rubles, the effective capital of the bank will reach a negative value in more than minus 13 000 000 000 rubles.

Bank funding:

The bank's funding is carried out generally at the expense of expensive deposits and deposits of legal entities, the negative margin is at least 350 000 000 rubles monthly. To this sum the amount of SG&A expenses must be added and actual income received by the bank must be subtracted. Thus it is easy to calculate that the financial result of the bank has a negative value and makes minus (!) 500 000 000 rubles monthly.

It is simple to predict the collapse of the Investbank in the near future and if it happens it will be the largest insured event in the national banking history since the creation of DIA (deposit insurance system).




  1. Protocol of agreements of May 22, 2009, notarized by Baranovskaya L.I.
  2. List of technical firms which were given out unrecoverable loans

February 20, 2012 ____________________ / A.Y. Antonov /










To Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of GU MVD of the Russian Federation for Moscow
Police Colonel
Baranov Oleg Anatolievich
38, Petrovka str.

From Antonov Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Registered: 44/2 Dubninskaya str., apt 59, Moscow, 127591,
Tel. (representative) Dragun D. V. +7 (917) 523-10-26, Correspondence address: PO box 3, Moscow, 109263, for a lawyer Vedenin V. S.

Addition to the statement
(From January 16, 2012)

In addition to what I said earlier, I want to announce that on May 21, 2009, I, together with my father Antonov A. Y., at the insistence of Chuvilin P. Y. arrived at the President-Hotel where according to him we were to have a meeting with the Chechen President Kadyrov R. A.

In the lobby bar of the President-Hotel Chuvilin Peter Yuryevich and unknown to me man of Caucasian appearance met us. We were told that the President was busy, but the conversation still would take place. The theme for the meeting was designated as a discussion of our debt to Gorbuntsov G. V.

The essence of the conversation was that, if we did not pay $ 106 million, we would be shortly dealt with in the nearest future. We had every reason to believe, as two months earlier, my father had already been assassinated.

We had no choice but to agree to their demands. We couldn’t disbelieve the words and opportunities of Chuvilin P. Y., as we had already seen what he could do.

To consolidate the achieved agreements, Chuvilin P. Y. told us to wait for him in the office of the JSCB Investbank the next day, where he would arrive with a notary and we would have to sign a certain document, which would assign our duty to pay our debt of $ 106 million.

On May 22, 2009, all happened like that: our lawyer Maxim Anchikalovsky prepared a frame of the document, Chuvilin P. Y. Came to my office with the same man of Caucasian appearance and a notary, and I signed the documents offered to me in their presence.


Appendix: Protocol of agreements from May 22, 2009, notarized by Baranovskaya L. I.

February 3, 2012    _________________________ / V. A. Antonov /









From the report of the confrontation of Antonov, Mendeleev, and Chuvilin

Antonov informed the investigators that he analyzed the meeting at the Gold restaurant and concluded that the customer of his murder is not only Chuvilin but Mendeleev as well. According to Antonov, Mendeleev threatened to kill him. “We did not finish you off last time, but we will do it now”. By these wording, according to Antonov, Mendeleev reacted during their talking on the phone, when Antonov accused him of default of his obligations on purchasing Investbank. “The attempt on my life was organized by Mendeleev who used possibilities and connections of Chuvilin in criminal society, including persons of Chechen nationality”.

Mendelev said that despite his disagreements with the father and the son of Antonovs, he didn’t threaten them. He was not involved in organizing the murder, didn’t shoot anyone and didn’t “order a hit”. Mendelev confirmed that Gorbuntsov had introduced him Chuvilin in 2005. Since then, they have had a purely business relationship. He had known the very Gorbuntsov since 1999, and they were in business and friendly relations up to 2009.

Then Antonov said that he considered Chuvilin to be the customer of the attempt on him (Antonov), as he received threats from him. Chuvilin denied it. He also said that Gorbuntsov called him customer of the attempt on Antonov, as he was his largest debtor and with the help of slander expected to get away from paying his debts.






P.S. It may be added to this story about the snaky knot that in the summer of 2012, the Swiss Prosecutor's office has launched an investigation on laundering the money, which representatives of the Russian Railway were able to “wheedle out” of the bankers-cashers. The main person involved in the criminal case of this investigation is Andrey Krapivin.