At the High Court of London, a hearing on the suit of the former head of the Department of Logistics of TNK-BP Igor Lazurenko was held. He accuses the company and its executive director German Khan of “bribery and corruption of senior public officials, and the improper funneling of hundreds of millions of dollars.” The notification on the proceeding appears on the court website.
At the court session, the TNK-BP's lawyer called the allegations “naked blackmail” and asked the judge to set a timetable for the exchange of documents, which Lazurenko said are evidence of corruption.

TNK-BP does not comment on the situation. A source close to the management of the holding company says that the Lazurenko’s charges are defence by attack. “Several months ago during a regular audit in the company, some fraudulent schemes were revealed in which, as the company suspected, Lazurenko could have participated. Now these facts are being investigated, and Lazurenko doesn’t work in the company anymore,” a source of "Vedomosti "says. According to Bloomberg, Lazurenko resigned from TNK in April and fled Russia.
This is not the first time former TNK-BP's employees connect Khan with corruption schemes. In 2011, TNK-BP convicted of fraud a large contractor, Belsibservisgarant company (BSSG). Its owners, former TNK-BP’ employees spread information that they were connected with the management of the holding company, and personally with Khan, a top manager said. Thus, BSSG received greater access to the information than the other contestants and created a competition illusion, advancing affiliated companies to participate in tenders. "Once they really were our employees, but now we have no personal relationships with them" Khan assured. After investigation, the contractor was disqualified, and all contracts with him for a total of $ 600 million were broken.
At last year's rally of TNK-BP's vendors and contractors, Khan said that a corruption approach is unacceptable for the company. "We will clean out this infection and break the back".