Currently it can be stated with assurance that the center of the international criminal Cartel and its leaders are located in Russian Federation. The main goal of Cartel is to capture the privacy of others, including the state ones, with the help of raider technologies. Realizing the peculiarity of these technologies, it is obvious this process is accompanied by the attempts to corrupt other state leaders and put pressure upon them by means of terror.


Cuba intelligence agent

This is the way the mutual interest between Cartel and other extremist groups arises based on delivering services to each other. Terrorists need money for their activities and tasks to be completed. The Cartel needs power acts, including terroristic ones, for the raider technologies. The Cartel interests are spread within the following European Union states:  Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and also Israel and Russia. But Cartel has also obligations to provide finance support to terroristic groups in US, Russia, Europe and some Middle East states such as Palestine. Considering the fact of latest years of non-stable political situation in Russia, the highest authority of country was fully corrupted by criminal structures with the aim of quick benefit by any methods. In fact, Russia became the center of International raider movement. Speaking about Cartel‘s obligations it is wrong to think that taking part in organizing and financing terroristic acts they are ideologically on the terrorists side. No, it must be understood that in this case the Cartel just follows partner’s liabilities. But there are some examples in which the Cartel performs himself as customer of such kind of activities. Anyway the Cartel is evil and implacable enemy of all civilized states and world’s society in general and that is why no need to excuse their action based on political missions, belonging to state/country or political proximity of their leaders.

We would to clarify, that the aim of this document is to attract the attention of society and intelligences of civilized countries to the major leaders of the Cartel and their crimes against humanity.


Igor Hanukovich Yusufov. Some facts of biography

Perhaps the most influential and active leader of Cartel is unknown for society Igor Yusufov (highland Jew by nationality).  His beginning of life biography is unremarkable. Igor Hanukovich Yusufov was born in 1956 in city of Derbent (Dagestan autonomic region). What is peculiar is that nowadays a lot of natives of this Russian region are active members of the Cartel and this region has no equal in comparison with other parts of Russia for quantity and number of members of terroristic groups.  They are Jamaat, “Shariat” known as Jamaat of Dagestan, “Forest Brothers” group, Jamaat “Jennette” etc. In 1979 Yusufov graduated from the Energetic Department of Novocherkesk Polytechnic Institute and started working as engineer in Mosenergo system. Due to active cooperation with Communist Party Youth Organization (Komsomol) and KGB, in 1984 he had chance to apply for job as senior supervisor of heat station HAVANA construction and went abroad to Cube. But his orientation was, and on present time is, homosexual. In USSR period homosexual people were prosecuted and punished by imprisonment on term up to five years according to the Article 122 of USSR Criminal Code. You must know that KGB kept an eye on all soviet specialists who worked abroad Soviet Union. And it was the same for Cuban Intelligence DI (Direction de Inteligencia). Everyone who came to work or travel on Cuba was controlled by this service. But the feel of freedom influenced Yusufov’s mind and he had lost his vigilance. One evening, walking down the streets of intoxicating Havana where at lampposts you could see not only women, but men waiting for lover for-a-night. Their age was approximately between 15 and 50 years old, for anyone taste. Cuban gays are very communicative with foreigners. For that reason you have guarantee to meet Cuban, who will be glad to spend a night with you. Boys from Cuba are handsome in any region. You have no possibility to be indifferent towards their extra-beautiful bodies and sweet faces. In this social country boys are not afraid to go walking on streets hand-by-hand because it’s not confused others. Meanwhile, in Havana (and Cube as in state) there are no official gay places. The specialist from USSR Yusufov, as it was protocoled in report #165/034-XX of Herardo Ernandes, special agent of Cuban DI, was arrested while intimate meeting with Cuban boy called Esteban (address: Havana, Vedado, Kalie 23). To Yusufov were proposed following: the photos of act and report would be addressed to KGB, or he would give a help hand for Cuban DI. He had chosen the second variant and this fact changed his life.

Let us give some facts about Cuban Intelligence. DGI, also known as G2 (He Dos), was formed in 1961, its first chief was the famous Cuban prospector Manuel Pineiro Losada (nickname “Redbird/Redbirded”) – one of the leaders of Cuban Revolution. KGB helped in forming of DGI. In fact, Cuban Loubyanka (or Cuban Intelligence, or DGI) was created by Alexey Dmitrievich Bestchasny, the favorite of Yuri Andropov. He had decisive authority from Cuban political leadership. The structure of DGI was similar to KGB’s: foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, secret political policy (GI-2) and the department of covert actions and communications with foreign left underground (Gi-13). In 1965 the Department of terrorism was moved out from DGI and formatted in separated structure DA (Department of America).  Lasado himself became head of DGI, and his position was filled by Conchitos. During its 40-years-old history DGI is taking active participation in helping left radical organizations, firstly in Latin America, than in Africa and Near East. The total amount of people working for DGI is about 15,000 persons. Nowadays it is actively invades Europe by earlier recruited agents from former USSR, f.e. mostly all leaders of the Cartel are cooperating DGI, financing it and use their services. Also there formed such kind of cooperation between criminal groups from Albania, Dagestan radical groups (Dagestan Jaamat and Forest Brothers), Iran department of Al-Qaeda, radical Shiite group “Hezbollah” and “Istambuli Brigade”. Mostly this kind of cooperation was promoted by the leaders of the Cartel, especially by Igor Yusufov.

The future career of Yusufov was developed with the help of “pink” lobby. He was given recommendations to these types of lobby by GI-2 agents, who had the same type of contacts with other political leaders of Russia with homosexual orientation. Igor Yusufov periodically gives to his “friends” never-stop-refilling list of this lobby (a part of this list is given below). What is peculiar that while raider’s actions Yusufov speaks from side of high state authorities and states that he acts on their behalf, and controlled by them, and by performing this way he deceive not only businessmen and bankers but authorities and top management of some countries.


Yusufov getting closer to political elite of Russia

For understanding logic of further events, it’s very important to know how Yusufov get to the Eltzin’s entourage, his “Family”. The term “Family” appeared after political scandal started at the end of 1990s. On the Russian political grounds there were formed two powerful clans. The first one was the Eltzin’s clan or as it was called that times “Family” by analogy with Italian mafia. The members of it were Tatyana Diachenko (Eltzin’s daughter), journalist Vladimir Umashev, Boris Berezovsky, Anatoly Chubais. There were some other associate members of clan: Petr Aven, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Michail Fridman, Roman Abramovich, Alexander Voloshin, Alexandr Mamut. Ideologists of the clan were Borys Berezovsky and Valentin Umashev, because Berezovsky took Eltzin’s family for full guard ship (the telephone calls as evidences of this fact attached). As we see, in Eltzin’s clan, beside former Prezident there were no political mastodons, but there were present a lot of financiers which were given mercy for country’s budget embezzlement. According Berezovsky plan, stolen money had to strengthening the power of Eltzin’s clan.

Herardo Ernandes

Another clan is known as clan of Luzhkov-Primakov. The members of clan were Yuri Luzhkov, Evgeny Primakov, Egor Stroev, Shaimiev, Murtaza Rakhimov, Yuri Skuratov, Vladimir Evtushenkov etc. This clan had aim to overthrow Eltzin and seizure power in country. As the leader they saw Evgeny Primakov’s figure. Clan blamed “Atoll” (The Kremlin Intelligence governed by Sergey Sokolov) in illegal wiretapping of higher officials of country. But Luzhov-Primakov’s clan failed in proving the guilt of Atoll in connections with wiretapping. And revolution was failed too. In addition, it can be said that Luzhov-Primakov’s clan had lack of professional spin doctors, and in Eltzin’s clan this function was on Atoll’s behalf. At that period of time in Russia was formed one more powerful group of Dagestan natives. It consisted of Igor Yusufov, Mamedov brothers, Ahmed Bilalov. “Dagestanis” quickly won favor of “Family” due to the fact of their support by criminal groups and extremist movement “Dagestan’s Jamaat”. The head of integration of “Dagestanis” to “Family” was Yusufov, and he was promoted by Alexander Mamut and Roman Abramovich. Sooner he got acquainted with Dmitry Medvedev. This connection with Medvedev helped Yusufov to realized other’s property raiders with impunity in Russia, Germany, Norway, Holland, Ukraine and deceive government of these countries. The closeness to Medvedev gave a hand to Yusufov in legalizing his criminal funds in Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany and Israel.


Plans and arrangements for financing terrorist acts

Herardo Ernandes - the Yusufov’s curator, who recruited him in 1989 in Cuba on DGI assignment, moved to pay his international bill to Angola. Returning to Cuba, he moved to Venezuela, and together with Ramon Rodriguez (the officer of DICIP - Intelligence of Venezuela) they planned mission to United States. The target of mission was preventing of terrorist acts in Cuba which were arranged and performed by radical counterrevolutionary organizations settled in Miami. In 1999 Ernandes requested Ramon Rodrigues to go to Moscow for meeting Yusufov at Balchug Hotel. The purpose was to give Yusufov fake passport of Turkey citizen and contract for meeting in Nice with Venezuelan banker Alfonso Davidovich, who had long cooperation with GI-2 by DICIP protection and Iraqi cell of Al-Qaeda.

Ahmed Bilalov

At that time they performed plan of preparation of suicide bombers at terrorist bases in Dagestan and Karachai Cherkessia. The curators of plan were GI-2 on the initiative rom leader of Al-Qaeda Iraqi cell Abu Musab al-Zarkavi and radical leaders of Saddam’s regime. The special preparations had to be made at Iraq base “Ali Bin Abi Taleb”. The proof of this fact is letter of commander of Iraq base Ali Bin Abi Taleb. This is its contents: “By the top secret letter 2205 from Military Branch of Al Qadisya (Date: 4/03/2001), announced by top secret letter 246 from Command of Military Sector of Zi Kar (date: 08/03/2001), send to us by top secret letter 154 from Command of Ali Division (date: 10/03/2001). We ask to give to these Branch names, who will be free willingly to take part in suicide mission of Palestine liberation and damaging USA objects, and according to mentioned below, analyze this question and inform us.”

By the way, on July in 2004, the Russian President Vladimir Putin while his visit to Kazakhstan, on small private meeting said some unusual words: “I can prove that from events of 11th September in 2001 till the beginning of operation in Iraq Russian Intelligence several times received information that official of Saddam’s regime were planning terrorist acts in USA and other places where American army and civil located.  ”By mentioning this Putin gave a sign that he was familiar with these questions, cause proofs of that weren’t invented. It was absolutely known that Saddam had plan of terrorist invasion on other countries called “Plans of Holy July”. This plans were focused on Saddam’s Fedayeens for explosions and crimes in London, Iran, USA, Russia and self-controlled territories of Iraq (meaning Iraq Kurdistan).

The meeting planned by Rodriges and Ernandes was held on luxury villa in French city Beaulieu between Nice and Monaco. This villa, according to files from French Intelligence, is property of International armor dealer Ad-nan Hashogi. He is Arab from Saudi Arabia, former billionaire and nowadays he is mostly mendicant. On June, 1999 on this Hashoggi villa stayed Venezuelan banker Alfonso Davidovich. Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa – Colombian with Russian origin. In 70-80s e was officer of Cuban Army, worked at Ministry of Defense, served at Col. Antonio de la Guardia who held Secret Branch of Cuban MIA on financial and trade operations bypass American embargo. Skillful intelligence officer was trained at Cuba, USSR and Eastern Germany, had connections with drug dealers in FARC, Medellin, Nicaragua and USA. After USSR fall he started freelance for several intelligence services. He is specialized on drug money legalization. He’s having several offshore banks. He’s member of Colombian-Ukrainian group in Farwest. He’s cocaine broker to Russia via St. Petersburg’s port.   As in saying - he’s “armed and dangerous”. His frequent guest is Yakov Kosman, a 53-years old French businessman of Israel-USSR origin, place of birth Sukhumi.

Abu Musab al-Zarkavi

“Yakov Abramovich Kosman (year of birth 1946), lives in Nice. He is having German, and possibly Israel citizenships. His occupation is real estate broker and bank business. He is having contacts with Kosovo Alban criminal groups in European countries.  In 1997-2000 he was financial consultant of UCK commander H.Tachi.”

Soon Kosman brought here six persons which came from Austria with Turkish passports. The guests were: Cveba (called guilty by Tbilisi authorities for genocide during Georgia-Abkhazia conflict), Igor Yusufov, Salman (leader or Dagestan group “Forest Brothers”) and Valery Galiev (the head of several Osetin killers groups located in Moscow). What is of interest that Galiev is Yusufov’s business partner for all “dirty” work.  All guests spent three weeks on villa. Soon it was fixed how Kosman and Cveba went to Nice airport to meet two persons. Regarding documents one of the visitors was Sultan Sosnaliev, during the Georgian-Abkhazian war he was Secretary of Defence of Abkhazia. Other one who landed from Suhumi was Anton Surikov. During Abkhazian war he was Sunoliev's subordinate, had to deal with sabotage organization and made friendship with Shamil Basaev (commander of Chechnya battalion). Afterthat Surikov held the one of major positions in Evgeny Primakov’s government, but factually he was listed as assistant of first vise-premier Yuri Maslukov. At the moment of that meeting he listed as assistant of chief of Russian Airplane Craft “MIG”. With Kosman and Cveba they came to villa. At the place Davidovich and Yusufov discussed technology of legalizing money of Colombian drug mafia via Russian State Tax Service System and Russian Agency of State Reserved Funds as “delivery system” held by Yusufov: plus the financing of suicide bombers in “Istanbuli Brigade” located in USA also preparations of terrorist acts in Energy Branch and sales of Russian rocket launchers PZRK and RPG to Palestine group “Hezbollah”.

It must be understood, that Cuban and Venezuelan Intelligences mostly never take participation in actions against such countries as USA, Israel, European Union countries, but always help the enemies of these states by becoming members of different alliances. They achieve their purposes with the help of other hands. The main target is maximum financial and political damages of USA and its partners in Europe.


Delivery of launchers RPG-29 and rocket launcher systems

Adnan Hashogi

For having opportunities to fulfill his international tasks Yusufov was needed any other status. In 2004 he gained post specially invented by President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Yusufov was assigned as Special Representative of the President of Russian Federation on International Energy Cooperation and also as ambassador at Large of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Having such kind of credentials there were no difficulty to convince Gen. Mohammed Adia (at that time he was head of the Ministry of Defense of Libya) to sell the lots of launchers and rocket launchers to unknown persons.  By the fact, Russia rejected rocket launchers delivery to Libya, but they bought them from former USSR countries. The motivation of this proposal was argued as political will of Russian President Medvedev, in other words he claimed “...I am from Medvedev’s behalf, and all questions are conformed to him”. Later general proved that there were loss from the army warehouse in amount of 5000 units of SAM-7 launchers and 3000 units of RPG-29 rocket launchers. Specialist, who visited this object in the capital of Libya, agreed and considered that they were talking about systems SA-24 Grinch and SA-7b Grail similar by features to American Stinger and Redeye complexes. They are consists of launcher and rocket with heat-seeking for targets on low and middle heights. Specialists thought that missed launchers SA-24 and SA-7b appeared to be in terrorist groups, such as Al-Qaeda of Islamic Magrib countries. Then, after sensational statement of the head of Israeli Army Intelligence Gen. Aaron Zaevy-Farkash, there’s scandal. Zaevy-Farkash stated that Hezbollah arms contained Russian weapons. After that Hezbollah groups went to the North of Israel to occupy Israeli military servants but failed the operation. Leaving the territory extremists use for shooting RPG-29 against Israeli forces. "These missiles made in Russia and they were bought by Sirya, and later they were redirected to Hezbollah" - Zaevy-Farkash claimed. Also according data from Israel Army Intelligence that at the beginning of the week Hezbollah hitmen used Russian missiles while operation in Curyat-Shmona. Plus IAI stated that Libyan radical Shia division of Hezbollah, for their diversions towards Israel used grenade-guns made in Russia. The Israel Intelligence had proofs of mentioned above facts.  That's why the Kremlin had to excuse actually in which it didn't take participation. It can be said that Yusufov's acts couldn't be recognized as the acts of political position of Russian government. Even Dmitry Medvedev hardly knew about initiatives of his "special representative of Russia". Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia stated that they were wondered how easily Israeli Intelligence gave such conclusions which easily and quickly were copied by press. "There's no base for it and couldn't be" - the Official representative of Russian Foreign Political Office Mikhail Kaminin insisted. As a result, Yusufov achieved 450,000,000 Euro sales bonus, and Russian government received another portion of complaints from USA, Israel and United Nations.


Terroristic act in the Gulf of Mexico

On 20th of April 2012 there will be two-years of tragedy happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Recalling that day on the oil platform Deepwater Horizon which was rented by BP Company from Transocean Ltd. the explosion happened; as a result eleven persons were missing. The explosion result was the oil spill into Atlantic Ocean waters which caused ecological catastrophe in the region. The British Petroleum took responsibility for oil spill and committed to stop it and eliminate the effect. For avoiding oil spread into Atlantic, specialists of BP Company constructed defense dome, which partially stopped pollution by collecting oil spilling into tanker. The company made several attempts and only on September 2010 they succeeded. While investigation ordered by Barak Obama, the special committee made the conclusion of British Petroleum, Transocean Ltd. and Halliburton Co (the company was responsible for cement work of platform construction) guilt. As the committee recovered, management of these companies was trying to save money and did it on security measures. As we know the mean pays two price, as for BP they actually paid a lot. Only the cost of catastrophe results liquidating was about 8 billion USD, and total damages on the beginning of winter 2010 were about 40 billion USD. Besides this, it was recovered that the drilling license in the Gulf of Mexico was given to BP with violation, which effect negative on company image. As a result stock prices fallen down sharply.

Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa

At the same time, nearby other acts had been happening, which can clarify the true reasons of the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, but better to say successfully realized terrorist act. The ideologists of it were Cuban Intelligence DGI. This action planned to sharpen anti-Americanism in Caribbean countries and Latin America. It was wished that anti-Americanism could start in the USA also. It was Cuban revenge paid for USA for famous "Cuban Five".

We know that all the members of "Cuban Five" (Herardo Ernandes, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Gererro, Fernando Gonsales and Rene Gonsales - five Cuban agents) were sentenced in USA for long prison terms for spying, arranging murders and other crimes. The members of "five" were involved in American-Cuban organizations aiming to overthrow Cuban government and sent information about such cases. For Cuban version - they collected information for prevention terrorist acts in Cuba. They were arrested by FBI on September 1998, were accused by US government and were convicted by the Miami court jury on June 2001. Three of them got life prisoning, other two - 15 and 19 years term in jail. On June 2009 The High US Court refused to reconsider the case. The verdict was internationally criticized. In Cuba the members of "Five" have status of national heroes, cause they made sacrifice for freedom and security of country.

Very few people know that in 2010 Yusufov via controlled by him person called Igor Shaposhnikov performed fake bankruptcy operation of Norway Company "Wadan Yards". The 30% of Wadan Yards belonged to Korean company STX, the other 70% to FLC-West Co (which was controlled by Tamlestone BVI Co - property of Yusufov). As the result of bankruptcy, the major Wadan Yards' active - Ukrainian oil shipyard "Ocean" was taken away controlled Dagestan Companies for price of 100 euro!!! Independent expert’s examination gives other figure - at the moment of bankruptcy the price of "Ocean" was about 36,000,000 euro. Due to doubtful operations the owner of "Ocean" appeared to by Blakur Co (Cyprus), also owned by Yusufov. The most interesting is that Ocean assets were registered using cheating schemes on other two Cyprus companies: "Poizanter Holdings Ltd." and "Fradomma Investments Ltd.". As a result, the Korean company STX not only lost the investments in shipyard Ocean in amount of 53,000,000 but their 30% active. Surprisingly, even lost their 65 million euro the Korean STX didn't made to Yusufov any claims about damages. Meanwhile - the Koreans were very happy with this deal because of fact that the exploding platform in the Gulf of Mexico was built by other Korean company "Hyundai Heavy Industries" which is competitor to STX. Yusufov had convinced Korean partners, that catastrophe (but better call it hardly planned terrorist act) the reputation of Huundai Heavy Industries would be ruined and as for STX there would be breakthrough in their competitors war. But, as far as we know, the committee blamed guilty BP, but Yusufov didn't bother about that. This plan was invented by specialists of Cuban DGI-2. The explosion had to be started as a cause of planned technical mistake in construction of platform by Halliburton Co.  At this company there are lots of workers from Cuba, and DGI-2 keeps connection with all Cubans working in USA. Cuban promised Yusufov that the "technical mistake" would be of their disposal. One more interesting fact, that on 15 of June 2009 in Hamburg at Sofitel Hotel while meeting between Yusufov and specialist from DGI presented as "Ricardo" the last one introduce someone called "Ramone", who was in responsibility of "technical mistake" realization. The point of "technical mistake" was next, the group under Ramone's leading prepared special ingredients for cement for bottom plate without using recommendations and standards of technology process API RP65. Halliburton Co knew about this defect while using this foam-cement on 8th.of March for drilling, pressurization and strengthening of wells. Only one of five tests for analyzing cement properties was passed. With the help of Ramone, the Halliburton Co didn't know actual results. As for Yusufov, he received 65,000,000 euro benefit from Korean deal plus 50,000,000 euro bonus, which was transferred to his private account in Credit Swiss bank in Geneva on the 20th of April, 2010.

Yakov Kosman


The killing of entrepreneur Andrey Burlakov and Bank of Moscow stock deal

On March 2011 the management of VTB bank decided to buy the controlling stake the Bank of Moscow. In these negotiations, unexpectedly for both sides, Igor Yusufov took active part. He insisted that the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev himself ask to be Yusufov a representative for controlling private Medvedev’s interest in this deal, and for forming a "pension fund", which is also for Medvedev, according Yusufov's words. While the president of VTB bank Andrey Kostin discussed with the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin the appropriate cost of the Bank of Moscow capital (about 46%), Yusufov started his own negotiations with the ex-president of the Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin. The point of discussion was to sell Borodin's part of the bank stock to Yusufov's son Vitaly. By the way, Yusufov confessed that Dmitry Medvedev himself ask to perform this deal. Yusufov knew very well that Andrey Kostin had strict instructions from the President of Russia - not to pay Borodin money for the Bank of Moscow stock. But for effective Borodin's pressing Kostin organized criminal case in MIA of Central Federal District on Borodin's cheating activity while he was the president of bank. Kostin thought that Borodin would pay his debts using his bank stock amount (about 1,200,000,000 USD). Having access to this information and analyzing further Kostin's steps, Yusufov came to Borodin and propose its scheme as only one with help of Borodin could save his money for the Bank of Moscow stock. The scheme was following: Borodin had to provide target credit in amount of 1,130,000,000 USD for development of German shipbuilding. The credit had to be given to structure controlled by Yusufov's son. As collateral they were proposed two German shipyards (estimated price 950,000 USD, property of Nordic Yards Co, in which Vitaly Yusufov is stockholder) and 7% of stock of "Kuzbassrazresugol", property of Igor Yusufov. Received credit had to be divided between participants in following way: 800,000,000 USD would be going to Borodin account as payment for his stock of the Bank of Moscow (19,91%) in Vitaly Yusufov interest, the rest 330 million USD had to transferred to private Yusufov's family accounts (companies: Fiorentino Optima Ltd., Trustworthy Service Ltd., Escalibra Corporation, Megawealth Finance Ltd. S. A. (all Britain Virgin Isles), Anda Management Ltd. Inc (Panama)) for creating Dmitry Medvedev pension fund. Yusufov promised Borodin to neutralized crime persecution, and asked for this service 50,000,000 USD. Yusufov pointed that this was agreed with Medvedev. Borodin thought a bit, and gave Yusufov credit. On April 2011, understanding that there's no stop of crime persecution and investigators were ready to initiate criminal proceeding, Borodin left Russia for London where he's hiding till nowadays.

Anton Surikov

On the 8 of April, 2011 Yusufov was removed as special representative of the President of Russia by private order of Medvedev. And the vacancy, invented earlier by Medvedev for Yusufov, was abolished. At the same time previous owner of shipyards of Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov declare publicly that those two shipyards which were indicated in the Bank of Moscow stock deal were invaded in raider manor in 2009. And the raider scheme was close to used in while deal with the Bank of Moscow. Yusufov asked Burlakov to sell him Wadan Yards shipyard stock for symbolic sum of 5 million USD. Also Yusufov mentioned that he acting from Medvedev's side and by Medvedev's private order. If Burlakov refused the deal, Yusufov promised to start criminal case and put him to prison. Burlakov refused. Then Yusufov by paying 3,500,000 to Ivan Gluhov (the head of Main Department of MIA of Moscow) there was the illegal crime case started opposite Burlakov and he was arrested. Considering law there were much to be criticized, but Yusufov didn't bother. At the same time Yusufov transferred assets  of Wadan Yards to his sons company Nordic Yards by using fake documentation of intentional bankruptcy and other cheating action. But he started to be afraid after Burlakov announced that he was ready to give materials to mass media and law institutions (concretely to investigator Nikolay Budilo, who became famous in connections with "Magnitsky List" and who was inspecting Burlakov while his criminal case). The materials were about cheating Yusufov's activity: f.e. declaration for starting Yusufov criminal persecution in Germany in case of his cheating documentation, hiding information and intentional bankruptcy, the materials of Luxemburg Intelligence of appearance of several million euros on the account of state officier (who was actually Yusufov); the material of intentional bankruptcy in Norway and Germany. Yusufov realized that he could lose not only Wadan Yards shipyards, but the deal of the Bank of Moscow stock (where two Wadan Yards shipyards were collateral) could be repealed. Then Yusufov contacted with Nail Milutin, general director of FLK LLC, for getting rid of Burlakov physically. As for Malutin it was very comfortable cause in case of Burlakov's elimination, Milutin could redirect the stolen by him from company sum of money in amount of 12 billiards rubles to Burlakov. This lack was found during procedure of intentional bankruptcy). By using a police officer Alexander Andreev, who's duty was Burlakov's crime persecution) Milutin gathered information about his movements, connections, places for living or staying for a night. This fact was proved by Burlakov's advocate Mikhail Hallilulin. The day before Burlakov was killed, Andreev told him about videotaping Burlakov in restaurant Khutorok, where the murder had happened then. The killing was organized and performed by Osetin criminal authority Valery Gagiev. He was long term business partner of Yusufov and Malutin and arranged different types of criminal services for them. In his disposal were several Moscow killers’ brigades. Also Gagiev worked at FLK LLC by fake passport on name Morozov Sergey. On 29th of September 2011 Andrey Burlakov was killed in Hutorok restaurant. After an hour since murder Igor Yusufov and Andrey Kostin announced for mass media that VTB group bought the stock of the Bank of Moscow, which was property of Vitaly Yusufov. The sum of deal remains top secret.

Aaron Zaevy-Farkash

Raider seizure of Wadan Yards (Germany) and the sales deals of cocaine to Russia and weapons to Colombia

On the 28th of June, 2008, the Company FLC-West Holding S.a.r.l. (Luxemburg) performed the deal of buying part of the shipbuilding Company Aker Yards (Norway, Oslo). The Company FLC-West Holding S.a.r.l. was supervised by Russian citizens. Later it was renamed to Wadan Yards group as. The Company owned two shipyards in Germany (Wismar and Warnemünde) and one shipyard in Ukrainian city Nikolaev, some design and construction bureaus, blocking stock package of Finnish Aker Arktic Company (owning about 90% of world patents in shipping field also in ice shipbuilding).

The manufacturing capacity of Wadan Yards is two times bigger than whole Russian shipbuilding. Design bureau had unique and exclusive own technologies of exploring, extraction, processing and transferring of oil and gas, plus they had technologies for working in North states including production of super heavy icebreakers on Russian nuclear power with capacity p to 100 kilowatts. This project was orientated on interests of Russian Federation. The purpose was creation of “European Shipbuilding Group” under the auspices of Russia, which had to be located on the base of Wadan Yards group shipyards and other enterprises of United Shipbuilding Corp. This project could put Russia to top-5 major shipbuilding countries in the world.

"Cuban Five" — Herardo Ernandes, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Gererro, Fernando Gonsales and Rene Gonsales

At  the moment of the deal the stock cost 250,000,000 euro and the deal cost was 291,600,000 euro (proved by PWC Company).

Viktor Sheiman

The purchase of this active for interests of Russian economy and defensive potentialities was initiated by Russian investors and scientists headed by Andrey Burlakov.

Funds for purchasing Wadan Yards Company Andrey Burlakov drawn from two sources. First source of financing was FLK Company led by Nail Malutin. It must be mentioned that at that period of time it was controlled by Igor Yusufov. The other source of financing was Tamplestowe Company (BVI), the owner and representative of which was Yusufov himself. FLK Company financed a little part of the deal. The main amount (200,000,000 euro) was paid by Yusufov using Tamplestowe (BVI) accounts. At the same time, the European intelligence and services of financial monitoring of Luxemburg started interesting of the origin of the money on the accounts of this Company. They couldn’t understand, according European laws, how could simple officer from Russia had such amount of money. Yusufov tried to explain this using the method of “Russian concepts”: that those money were from the secret “Dmitry Medvedev’s fund”. The Luxemburg Financial monitoring wasn’t satisfied with this answer and that’s why the intelligence agencies had been initiated to establish an operational check of the origin and source of the money. The check didn’t find reliable data on the origin of money.

Vitaly Yusufov

The origin of this amount of money was following. The amount of 200,000,000 euro (paid for Wadan Yards) – was proportion of one of Yusufov’s realized deals together with Alfonso Davidovich in 2008. This deal was supervised by Ivan Markes, one of the members of FARK secretary which deals with illegal weapon deliveries from Belarus to Colombia via Venezuela for Colombian rebel army. Here are some extracts from the register of this deal^

-          1500 ZIP for guns AK-74 and AK-107

-          25000 units of guns including AK-74, AK-107, AK-108

-          120 units of sniper rifles 6B1 and B-94

-          Laser sights for 6B1, AK-74

-          1200 grenade kits GP-30 with grenade complex VOG-25 (quantity 8000 units)

-          5000 unites of mine models TM-57, TM-62, with fuse MUV, mines PMR-1, PMR-2

-          120 complexes with 30 mm automatic heavy grenade launchers AGS-17

-          150 rocket launchers SA-7b Grail, SA-16 Gimlet, SA-18 Grouse with guidance systems “thermal imaging seeker” and “cooled thermal imaging seeker”

-          10 units of special arms – BCC and AC

Hugo Chavez discussed the details of the deal with Aleksandr Lukashenko using closed connection channel, but it was initiated by leader of FARK Alfonso Cano. The delivery took place on following algorithm: military transport aircraft IL-76M (Candid) with arms on the board flew away from Machulischi airport. The dispatch was controlled by colonel-general Sheiman, who was Assistant of the President Lukashenko for Special Assignments and in the past he was co-chairman of the Belarusian-Venezuelan joint high-level commission. Sheiman is in close relations with Igor Yusufov, and only this person could organize such delivery. The plane refueled in Bulgaria and flew to the United Arab Emirates. In UAE the weapons was reloaded on airplane boards of companies “Dolphin” and “Santa Cruz Imperial” which are the property of sheikh Abdulla ben Zanda – partner of Victor But. Then arms were sold to Sudan to  transshipment point of “Beltechexport”. From this moment transit was controlled by leader of Iraq Intelligence Farouk Hidzhozi, who was the chief mediator in the deal between Yusufov, Davidovich and FARK, and cargo went to Venezuela. Airplane landed in military airport Libertador in Venezuela. Here the arms were supervised by DISIP and on trucks went to Colombia to Alfonso Cano.

Andrey Borodin

Back way, the same route, from Colombia transferred cargo with money and cocaine. After landing in Machulischi airport, to the cargo compartment was fed armored "KAMAZ"es and trucks, small-sized containers were unloaded. The procedure of unloading was controlled and guarded by coming with cargo citizens. From Belorussian side there were officers of Military Security Council of Belarus and Viktor Sheiman himself. The cargo was devided in two parts: cocaine separated money. Each cargo went on his own route.

Route #1. The container with money moved via charter to Estonia to firms Advisory Partners and Integer Invest, which are supervised by deputy of parliament Indrek Raunde and to parliamentary of Tallinn City Council Nikolay Stelmakh. On this level Yusufov and Davidovich received help from former vice-president of the Bank of Moscow Dmitry Akulinin and criminal “authority” Sergey Lalakin (also known as Luchok, one more fact: he received residence permit for himself and his family by paying price about 260,000 euro). The money transferred to these firms accounts in Snoras Bank (former shareholder of Latvijas Krajbanka – the member of Convers Group, which is the property of Vladimir Antonov. Convers Group owned 68.10% of shares, 25.3% were the amount of Lithuania citizen Raimondas Baranauskas, the rest is on the Vilnius Security Exchange). Then, by using Yusufov’s trustee Strunilin the money transferred to the account in Falcon Private Bank (Switzerland). After that this sum accumulated on private Yusufov’s account #CH4308760000008569100 in bank Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch, and finally they went to the company Tamplestowe (BVI) on their account in Credit Swiss Bank – from this account was made payment for Wadan Yards. Because of this reason, Yusufov couldn’t give clear answer to Luxemburg Company Faber (which was inspecting the legacy of Wadan Yards deal) about origin of money.

Vladimir Antonov

Route #2 Containers with cocaine in Kamaz trucks moved to the head office of “Beltechexport” via route Slutsk-Minsk passing military checkpoint. On route these trucks were not guarded cause of possibility of information leak, but the Security Service of the Presiden of the Republic of Belarus blocked all entrances and exits to the highway and highway Slutsk-Minsk itself by conspiracy process as training anxiety courses. On the Beltechexport base cocaine was sent to Latvia, via pass made by organized group: Viktor Sheiman, Leonid Rozhetsky (American businessman and millionaire of Russian origin), Mikhail Koluzhny (the son of former Russian ambassador in Latvia Viktor Koluzhny) and Yuri Shefler (the owner of SPI Group). By the way, Yusufov had intimate relations with all of mentioned above. This group sometimes called as “Elite” of gay society. Also the mebers of group were: Malyshkov, Bogdanov and other knpwn gays. Rozhetsky had nickname “Malvina” and he strangely disappeared from rented by him villa Isola Selesta in Jurmala, Kapu Street,   in 2008. From Latvia, showed as the “fruit and vegetables delivery”, the cocaine was transferred to St. Petersburg. (It must be marked that cocaine was growing in Arauca department and was of high quality). To this channel the son of former Mayer of St. Petersburg  Valentina Matvienko – Sergey was involved. From Colombian side the curators of delivery were “Comrade Timoshenko” – Timelion Himenas and Alfonso Kano himself. For distribution was responsible Zhuravlev Sergey Mikhailovich (year of birth 1973, nowadays in prison according art. 210,228,188 Criminal Code). The total sum of deal was 800,000,000 euro. The Yusufov’s part was about 250,000,000 euro.

“Comrade Timoshenko” – Timelion Himenas

Andrey Burlakov absolutely wasn’t satisfied with absence of information of origin of 200,000,000 euro from Yusufov, and was willing to stop partnership with him. Then Yusufov planned to get rid of Burlakov from Wadan project in 2009 and soon group received hard raiders attack from Yusufov’s side. By the way of previously arranged actions, Yusufov and his son Vitaly (non-stop mentioning that they do “private order” and “acting from the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev side”) performed intentional bankruptcy Norway shipbuilding group Wadan Yards and during August, 2009 and March, 2010 transferred all assets  – shipyards in Germany and Ukraine – to their supervised companies. It was performed with the help of fake documentation in Germany, Ukraine, Holland, Norway and Luxemburg. As a result of illegal Yusufov’s business, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Wadan Group Andrey Burlakov filed the series of lawsuits in five European countries for cases of intentional bankruptcy, protection from raider attacks, forgery, deception of shareholders and creditors, and others. There started criminal cases on Yusufov and his son illegal activity in Germany, Luxemburg, Norway and Ukraine. Only under German law the punishment can be up to 7 years of imprisonment. Trials had to be started on December, 2009. But it wasn’t happen. To get rid of “unexpected” witness Yusufov fabricated the criminal case #304061 against Burlakov and his wife, the president of Wadan Group, Anna Etkina. On the 30th of November, 2009 Burlakov and Etkina were arrested under trumped-up charges. It helped Yusufov to stop trial persecution in Europe, move the last major active shipyard “Ocean” in Nikolaev (cost about 40,000,000 euro) to his supervised Dagestan companies by paying 100 USD. According to this fact in Norway criminal case was started. On October 2009 Anna Etkina was kidnapped, and she stayed 2 weeks as hostage regarded by army officers of Private Security Enterprise Osten Standard (Voskresensk city). Interesting, that workers of Private Security Enterprise impersonated themselves as officers of Witness Protection Department of MIA. This action was leaded by investigator of Head Investigation Department Polikurov N.U. and the operations officers of Department of Economic Security guided by Aleksander Andreev. They didn’t even try to hide the fact of knowing Igor Yusufov, who’s was performing Dmitry Medvedev’s order. Pregnant Anna Etkina everyday was visiting with guards different organizations to sign documents of transfer assets  of Wadan to Yusufov’s Companies and ask to stop trials in Europe and etc. As matter of fact, Etkina spent 8.5 months in remand, and Burlakov (having 12 surgery heart cases) was released on bail in a year.

Alfonso Kano

On February-March, 2011 Yusufov took target credit in the Bank of Moscow in sum of 1,130,000,000 USD for “to guarantee the repayment of advances in shipbuilding contracts and deposit them in special accounts”. The credit was proved by credit committee of the Bank of Moscow the day before former president of bank Andrey Borodin run away to London. But the loan funds to a special account and were not available, and in violation of all norms of Russian legislation and documents of the Central Bank, Vitaly YYusufov bought 19.91% shares of "Bank of Moscow." On the date of 6th of July, 2011 the formal provision in the "Bank of Moscow" was not formalized. This is due to the fact that Yusuf is not legally owns shipyards in Wismar and Warnemünde (Germany), which are still the property of Germany government in the face of the external manager, Mr. Odebrecht and evaluated by Ernst and Young in the amount of 950 million U.S. dollars. By using cheating methods, receiving the credit secured by property not belonging to it, Yusufov was in negotiations with Vneshtorgbank of the sale of "their" shares at market price, which was 1.5 - 2.0 billion U.S. dollars. Issuance to Yusufov this unsecured loan target, aimed  for the acquisition of shares in the bank, threatened for "Bank of Moscow" to receive up building provision for loan in the amount of the loan, which would lead to a reduction in the Bank's capital, violation of mandatory banking regulations and, consequently, the withdrawal of the license.

Sergey Matvienko

As a result of Yusufov’s criminal actions Russian Federation lost the opportunity to become the leading country in field of shipbuilding and development of the Northern Sea Route. If the project of creation of “European Shipbuilding Group” would realized Russia could have benefit in amount of 400 billion USD (net profit). Also we can observe discredit of political power of Russia and Germany beyond German people.  Wismar, where is one of the shipyards is situated, is the native town of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In her speech to the voters, citing on YYusufov as the official representative of the Russian President and a member of the board of directors of Gazprom, Merkel had promised to voters that the German shipyards in Wismar and Warnemünde will be provided with multi-billion dollar orders from Russia. However, the promised billions left not to the welfare of the Russian and the German people, but for the whim of the Yusufov’s family.