Mikhail Prokhorov is trying to collect 27 million dollars from his friend, businessman Aleksey Shulepov, through court procedures. The sum includes debt, interest and penalties that resulted from Onexim lending through Onexim Group Management Ltd 20 million dollars at 24% per annum to Rostex Enterprises Ltd in June 2008. The loan term was only six months, but the money has not been repaid until present.

Rostex Enterprises Ltd is owned by businessman Aleksey Shulepov. He is best known as owner of the development company Intrastkom, although a different body, Briverson Consultants Ltd, was stated as its owner. Shulepov is a longtime friend of Prokhorov. They often spent went to Courchevel together and in the early 2000s Shulepov worked with Interros, which was co-owned by Prokhorov up to May 2008.

According to The Russian Mafia web-site (rumafia.com), despite the long-standing friendship, the terms of the loan agreement were quite tough. The money was provided under Shulepov’s personal guarantee and the lender Rostex banned to dispose of assets until the loan is paid out. The assets included not only businesses structures, but also "work boat of the oligarchs", namely a yacht Mangusta 130. Perhaps it was for the purchase of this boat that Shulepov borrowed the money.

In April 2011 Onexim, having received no payments of the debt, sent Shulepov, who was the guarantor of the loan issued to Rostex, a legal claim demanding to pay out the loan. It was unsuccessful and on April 27, 2011 Onexim filed a claim against Shulepov to Odintsovo City Court of Moscow region. According to the lawsuit, the lender asks the court to collect 27 million dollars from the defendant, the sum comprising the amount of the debt, interest according to the contract, and damages.

The first hearings on the case were scheduled for last week, but they were adjourned due to illness of Shulepov. The next hearing is scheduled for July 21.