The failure of Russia in the Olympics is causing trouble not only for sports officials, but also for official partner of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich

Last night a source in the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia (COR) has confirmed to Interfax that Tyagachev wrote a letter of resignation: "Most likely it will come to us tomorrow." On March 1 the President demanded resignation of those responsible for the failure of Russian national team at the Olympics by saying: "The responsible persons must take a courageous decision and write a statement of resignment- he said. - If they cannot do this, we will help them."

Authorities are dissatisfied not only with the sports officials. Members of the Federation Council have claims to the outfitter of the Russian national team- the Bosco Company. It opened “Bosco-bar” in Vancouver downtown where they gave free alcohol to everyone who was wearing Russian uniform, says Senator Amir Gallyamov. “Glamorous parties” came there, but not the fans. “If they are sponsors, should they solder everyone to a pig squeal? ", claimed the senator. He intends to send a request to the Federal Tax Service, and if necessary to investigative agencies for funding sources of «Bosco-bar"; and in the end of March "to raise the issue" at an enlarged meeting of the Federation Council Commission on Physical Fitness and Sports.

According to a government official who traveled to Vancouver, the opening of «Bosco-bar" in Vancouver was a company's private initiative; formally the facility had nothing to do with the "Russian house". Bosco owner Michael Kusnirovich said that he was not going to give any comment on this.