The CEO of "Pokrovsky”, Andrey Antonov was representative of the Leningrad Oblast Territorial Administration(TA) of Rosimushchestvo when registering the status changing of the Nevsky Forest Park, located on the shores of the Neva. After having registered the status change, Rosimuschestvo passed the Nevsky Forest Park to "Pokrovsky”, but later they revealed that the change of the land cathegory had taken place on the basis of a fraudulent solution by Leningrad Executive Committee of 1972. In fact, this is the first circumstance, which allows assuming that representatives of "Pokrovsky" used a fake not by accident.

Let us recall that President of the Fund "Pokrovsky” is the head of" National Media Group "(controlled by the" presidential" bank "Rossia"), Lyubov Sovershaeva.


Let us remind (we have repeatedly described the story), the Nevsky Forest Park located on 600-hectares of the upper Neva appeared in the center of the scandal, initiated by the entrepreneur Vardges Kazaryan’ he owns a cafe "Yakor" located over there. Several years ago, the park was handed over by the former head of the Leningrad regional office of Rosimushchestvo, Mikhail Blinov to the Fund "Pokrovsky” for gratuitous use, in order to ostensibly revive the old-church traditions. Indeed, the Fund has built a church there, which status is still questioned by the St Petersburg diocese. But why a relatively small church would need 600 hectares of forest? No one can explain.

Kazaryan began to interfere with an ambitious scam, and the fund "Pokrovsky" made every effort to remove restaurant "Yakor" from the received area, in this connection there was a series of legal disputes between Kazaryan and representatives of "Pokrovsky". As it came out during the court, "Pokrovsky" got the Nevsky Forest Park because it had changed its status: from the forest land into a land of specially protected areas. The change of status entailed change of departments, supervising the park on behalf of the state: the structure of Ministry of Environment has been replaced by Rosimushchestvo. The then head of the Leningrad regional office of Rosimushchestvo, Mikhail Blinov gladly took advantage of the change of status of the park to give it to the Fund "Pokrovsky”.

However, during the trial it was revealed that representatives of "Pokrovsky" took advantage of that fraudulent decision № 660 of the Leningrad Executive Committee of 1972, which supposedly defined the boundaries of a certain monument “Manor Zinoviev" at those most 600 acres.

Obviously, the appearance of fraudulent documents in such a big case could not have been accidental, but until now we had to admit: the representatives of the Fund "Pokrovsky" took advantage of that fake, however, the question still is whether they knew they had used a fake. Still, the presentation of a fake document to the courts and other official bodies is not just a daring act, but also a crime, thus here we need to correct the wording.

Recently the RM edition received a very interesting document - a letter by Mikhail Blinov adressed to the head of the Office of the Federal Registration Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad, Galina Volchetsksaya under the date of October 2007. In this letter, Mr. Blinov begged Volchetskaya to perform state registration of the state property on the Nevsky Park in the person of the Leningrad regional department of Rosimushchestvo. As it cane bee seen from the text of the letter, Mr. Blinov wrote it after the unfortunate status change of 600 hectares from the forest land to the specially protected areas - thanks to the very false Leningrad Executive Committee decision of 1972. Judging by the text, the subordinates of Volchetskoy had already cast doubt on the legality of such a change of status, and therefore Blinov had to write down three pages to convince the official of the FRS in the need of state registration of the new ownership.

It was easy to understand the urgency of such registration for the fund "Pokrovsky”: after the registration of ownership of the Leningrad Oblast TA of Rosimushchestvo M. Blinov, as the then head of TA could pass the Nevsky Forest Park to "Pokrovsky"- that actually happened in the future.

We have noticed an interesting nuance in this letter. In accordance with the rules of office, Mikhail Blinov stated the name of representative of the Federal Property Agency, which prepared the necessary documents for the state registration. The letter shows that this was not an official representative of the Federal Property Agency (as it would be reasonable to assume), but none other than the CEO of "Pokrovsky”, Andrey Antonov!

This curious circumstance leads to the very bold assumption both about Mr. Antonov, and about the situation in general. After all, in situations like this the representative is just to gather the necessary documents. Could Mr. Antonov have prepared the documents from the very beginning which are necessary to implement all of this great fraud - including false Leningrad Executive Committee decision of 1972? If so, the fund "Pokrovsky appears to be in a very ugly light, due to the fact there are such high-profiled persons like Gennady Yavnik, Boris Kuzyk and Lyubov Sovershaeva among its founders.


Natalia Gladysheva, RUMAFIA.COM