There is a new sudden turn in the scandal story of acquisition of 600 hectares of land on the bank of the Neva by the "Pokrovsky" Fund. It seems that representatives of the Fund, chaired by the head of "National Media Group" (controlled by the bank "Rossia"), Lyubov Sovershaeva, used falsified data of the RF Commission for UNESCO in order to gain the longed-for land. The "case of Pokrovsky" has two fakes — as it had been found out previously, the members of the Fund used a forged decision by Leningrad Executive Committee in 1972. A statement has been filed to the Investigations Division of SKP RF (“Investigation Committee of RF”) in the Central District of St. Petersburg.


Let us recall (we have already described this story in detail), that the Nevsky Forest Park, located on 600-hectares of upstream of the river Neva appeared in the center of the scandal, initiated by the entrepreneur Vardges Kazaryan, the owner of a cafe"Anchor" located in there. Several years ago, the park was transferred to the gratuitous use of the Fund "Pokrovsky» ostensibly to revive old-church traditions. The Fund did build a church in Nevsky Forest Park, St. Petersburg diocese still has a lot of claims to the status of the church. Why should a relatively small church have 600 hectares of forest? - No one can explain.

Kazarian began to interfere with an ambitious scam, and the Fund "Pokrovsky" made every effort to remove restaurant "Anchor"from the acquired area, in this connection there was a series of legal disputes between Kazaryanom and representatives of "Pokrovsky". As it was found during the judicial proceeding, "Pokrovsky» received Nevsky Forest Park because its status had been changed: it was turned from the forest land into a land of specially protected areas. The change of status entailed changing departments, supervising the park on behalf of the state: the structure of Ministry of Environment was replaced by Rosimushchestvo. The then head of the Leningrad regional division of Rosimushchestvo, Mikhail Blinov took advantage of the change of status of the park gladlyin order to transfer it to the "Pokrovsky» Fund (there are such distinguished people among its founders as Boris Kuzyk and Gennady Yavnik).

But during the juridical proceedings it turned out that representatives of "Pokrovsky" used a fraudulent decision by Leningrad Executive Committee number 660 of 1972, according to which, allegedly, the boundaries of the monument « Manor of Zinoviev " had been defined at those 600 hectares.

But recently there have been substantial grounds for believing that another faked letter from the RF Commission for UNESCO was used to take the ill-fated decision of the status change of the Nevsky Forest park; it stated that there is some " Manor of Zinoviev» in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, which is located in the Nevsky forest park.

It looked like the framed letter from President of the RF Commission for UNESCO, Makovetsky was dated in October 2005, and it was represented in court by the representative of Rosokhrankultura (“Russian Commission of Culture Preservation”).

Earlier this year, the St. Petersburg regional branch of the public organization "Scientific and Cultural Center" Unity " again asked for the RF Commission for UNESCO and received a reply , according to which the list of all objects belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage "Historic Centre and monuments of the palace and garden architecture suburbs of St. Petersburg " are posted at UNESCO World Heritage Centre Site: .

Here we see an object # 540-022, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Historic Centre and the monuments of the palace and garden architecture suburbs of St. Petersburg, titled "Mansion of Zinoviev». The total change in the name of the object in the letter by the RF Commission for UNESCO can be detected easily. We hope that the President of the Commission is not the one to blame - participation Rosokhrankultura is enough for the public outrage of the State's lawlessness.

In fact, there is no Manor, but "Mansion of Zinoviev», which islocated in St. Petersburg on the embankment. Admiral Lazarev, 10, but not in Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. The representatives of the Fund "Pokrovsky decided to take advantage of this coincidence.

Hopefully, law enforcement agencies will take care of this issue now, while we are going to pay attention to an important caveat. The status of World Heritage object by UNESCO automatically makes it the object of federal property, in accordance with applicable law - that means a subordination to Rosimushchestvo. This fact was extremely important for the members of the Fund "Pokrovsky"- it was thanks to the support of officials in Rosimushchestvo the Fund acquired the Nevsky Forest Park free of charge. And all this happened due to the fact that the park has changed the status of — from the "forest land" to the "land of specially protected areas", which is Federal Property Management Agency jurisdiction. World Heritage status by UNESCO was one of the arguments for that change, that was advantageous for "Pokrovsky".

Hopefully, law enforcement agencies will respond appropriately, and there will be a new a scandal in this story- in the form of a criminal case, brought up on another frame up.


Natalia Gladysheva, RUMAFIA.COM