The leaders of the Russian mafia have found a way to legalize the criminal money in the USA. After the government took control of financial transactions - bank transactions, etc., the Russian mafia has decided to use the opportunities in the market of contemporary art, which is not controllable. As a result, several agents of the Russian mafia appeared in the U.S., who began to organize exhibitions of contemporary Russian artists and trade it afterwards. Many prominent critics believe that these works are of dubious artistic value, however the turn-over on them constitutes billions of dollars.

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The most appreciable fugure on american contemporary art market, carrying out suspicious contemporary russian artists art trading operations is Janna Bullock. Wife of a big russian mafia clan Alexey Kuznetsov, she is implicated in many scandals about russian mafia money-laundering through offshore firms accounts and american banks. In particular, press has long enough and loudly covered the scandal with money legalisation of russian mafia with the direct Alexey Kuznetsov and Janna Bullock’s participation, in which The Bank of New York has been involved. After bank fraud was uncovered, Kuznetsov-Bullock devised another ways to smuggle billions of money, accumulated in Russia from criminal operations, to the United States. One of them was the market of contemporary art. Criminal operations Technology in this market has been explained by russian artist Mikhail Shemyakin. For money laundering mafia Janna Bullock organizes various exhibitions of contemporary russian art in the United States. The exgibitoin opens, then represented works get to an auction, someone buys it for a huge amount of money – millions of dollars (in fact, the seller and buyer are appointees of the Mafia), newspapers widely notify the readers. It forms the proper impression among contemporary art buyers, that this is a popular artist and his work are worth something. As a result, they begin to get buyed, and the mafia recieves their money back, spent on the artist’s promotion.

In criminal circles Janna Bullock is known as plenipotentiary of “russian art mafia”. «Yes, nothing strange, it's really called - «Russian art mafia», - Mihail Shemyakin says in interview for a russian newspaper “Izvestia”. – It sets the prices, directions, manipulating artists, controlling art-crytics and many museums’ boards of directors.

The conversation is not about the tens, but hundreds of millions and billions». According to Shemyakin, a serious attack is coming on the wallets of wealthy Americans. “They have a lot of money, but they are not taught to understand what art is good and what is bad”. So the decision was Russian mafia gently show them where to invest surplus capital. It is always about finding and winning new markets, - says Mikhail Shemyakin. - And the Russian mafia stops at nothing. All of these machinations are easily passed. Art is not easy to understand, and authorities have more interesting things to care about. It’s top is occupied by the struggle for oil and other resources, and what revolves around the art - it is not interesting, it is odd money anyway”.

In Russia, Janna Bullock and Alexey Kuznetsov were able to quickly subordinate for the russian mafia organization and conduction of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the preparation of Russian pavilion of the Venice Biennale. Janna Bullock joined the board of trustees of the auction house Phillips de Pury, which gave the Russian mafia to legalize large sums of money, laundering millions of dollars through the auction transactions. Quite a "successful" was co Jeanne rolls with Art Basel Miami Beach and other major art market fairs.

However, the special success expected Kuznetsov and Bullock in the United States, where they managed to take control of the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Janna became a member of the board of trustees, and a great help in reaching this membership she has received from the European curator of the Guggenheim Foundation, Nikolos Ilyin. Some say, that for this Nick Ilyin received from Janna Bullock a bribe of $ 500 thousands. By purchasing Ilyin with pluck, the Russian mafia was able to determine the policies of the Guggenheim Foundation. It depended on Janna Bullock, who will head the Guggenheim Museum, which gave her an opportunity to control financial flows, fund, plan exhibitions, to purchase contemporary artists works for the museum. As Nick Ilyin underlined in interview for the Russian magazine, “International Panorama”, covering events of the international art market, Janna Bullock’s joining the board of trustees is the most important thing for the foundation and the American market of contemporary art in total. There couldn’t be a better recommendation of her and of russian mafia. Subsequent flow of low-quality artistic products from Russia, organized by Janna Bullock, covered the cost of bribery of top Guggenheim Foundation managers hundredfold. Commenting a set of works by contemporary artists that Janna Bullock brought to the exhibition "Russia!" at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on the correspondent of the newspaper "Izvestia", Mikhail Shemyakin, said: "I am concerned about the complete distortion of the picture of what is modern art in Russia!".

In Europe, it is known long enough about the deep ties with the Mafia in contemporary art. The curator of an exhibition "Document" in Kassel, French critic Catherine David, therefore decided not to cooperate with Russian artists. However, in the United States Alexey Kuznetsov and Janna Bullock, with the help of large bribes, managed to solve the problem with the curators of major exhibitions, and works of Russian artists, controlled by mafia, filled contemporary art market, allowing the mafia to freely legalize millions of dollars in the United States, derived from drug trafficking, racketeering, contract killings, sexual slavery and other crimes committed in Russia.