The Guggenheim Foundation’s board found out that Nick Il’in, the former foundation’s project coordinator in Europe and Russia, had received a large bribe (half million US dollars) from Janna Bullock (the wife of Alexey Kuznetsov, the head of one of Russian mobs) to include her in the Board of Trustees of Guggenheim Foundation.

Under the pretense of charity and contemporary art projects’ support Russian mob launders its money in the USA.

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It had also appeared that Nick Il’in had repeatedly taken Russian mafia’s money from Janna Bullock to help her to participate in different exhibitions like Miami Basel, Biennale in Venice and others.

In order to avoid a scandal Janna Bullock was excluded from the Board of Trustees. Nick Il’in was not fired immediately – from Europe he was moved to the Middle East in the UAE to watch the construction of a contemporary art museum of the Guggenheim Foundation in Saadiyat island, which is situated 500 meters to the East from Abu Dhabi.