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Mikhail Kusnirovich to get back GUM

The owner of Bosco di Ciliegi Group greets GUM’s tansfer from city to the federal governmet


Sold to Russia

Viktor Vekselberg brokered a deal with a building on Presnya: he bought it from Hungary 7 times cheaper than it was sold to the Russian government then


London will arbitrate TNK and BP

AAR challenged the deal on the strategic partnership of BP and Rosneft


Construction in Sochi is going to be renovated

Olympic project by Telman Ismailov goes to Viktor Vekselberg


Museum Board Member Caught in Russian Intrigue

Since joining the board of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation three years ago, Janna Bullock, a Russian-born real estate developer, has been a frequent and glamorous presence on the circuit of art fairs, galas and biennials.


A new Russian Blagojevich takes under control Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group

The head of one of Russian mafia’s groups Alexey Kuznetsov has legalized several billion US dollars in the USA through his wife’s (Janna Bullock) Russian-American company RIGroup and Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group.


The New York Post: Russia scandal looms over top city socialite's storybook rise

Gorgeous and glamor ous, real-estate mogul Janna Bullock rose from Brighton Beach baby sitter to New York's best-known Russian socialite without anyone knowing much about her private life or past.