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Moscow building contractor

sets Solntsevskaya criminal group at loggerheads with law enforcement bodies


Moscow building contractor

sets Solntsevskaya criminal group at loggerheads with law enforcement bodies


Yurevich grudges money for Olympic Champion

but he splurges on outsider of Governer’s Cup of his own name


Blackmail by Potanin

Olympic developer threatens government with bankruptcy


Pochinok recalled from the parliament

Governor Tkachev of Kuban dismisses his representative



Part one


3 out of 10 most wanted rogues are Russian

a mobster, an entrepreneur and a terrorist


RAIDER-PHILANTHROPIST. As for those who introduced him to the world of big money

they are Lyudmila Narusova and Roman Tsepov


Baturina proposes to sell her cement assets

Elena Baturina’s firm “Inteco” has prepared a commercial proposal to sell two cement works:. The initial price is $ 400 million.


Presidents do not control Olimpstroy

Taimuraz Bolloyev resigns


Construction in Sochi is going to be renovated

Olympic project by Telman Ismailov goes to Viktor Vekselberg


Ded Hasan made a bid to nephews

One of the most influential "thieves in law", Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) decided to completely change their immediate environment after his life had been attempted.


A witness together with the Prosecution

Simon Weinstock accounted for Yukos, now he is to account for himself


How much of a Merin?

The companies by Deripaska, Friedman and Brooklyn Businessman of domestic origin have made money out of supply of VIP-cars for the Russian secret services


Indulgence for Ismailov

The head of AST agreed to build hotels by the Olympics-2014


The car of dream of Prokhorov is under threat of bankruptcy

On April, 9 at the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg will begin considerating the claim for recognition the company Yarovit Motors bankrupt; it helps implement the project for the construction of extremely cheap car in St. Petersburg. The partner of the firm is a well-known businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. Obviously, the process of bankruptcy of a transaction party may put the ambitious plans of the oligarch in jeopardy.


Tyagachev resigns

Last night a source in the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia (COR) has confirmed to Interfax that Tyagachev wrote a letter of resignation: "Most likely it will come to us tomorrow." On March 1 the President demanded resignation of those responsible for the failure of Russian national team at the Olympics by saying: "The responsible persons must take a courageous decision and write a statement of resignment- he said. - If they cannot do this, we will help them."