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Prokhorov is to find a new name for the party he isn't a member of

Unelected party leader makes high-flown political statements


Head of Onexim Group is ready to champion the Right Cause

Russia’s tandem invites the tycoon to lead pro-business party


Prokhorov buys ?25 m island

Russian oligarch who gained notoriety after his arrest in Courchevel has bought beautiful North Island in the Seychelles archipelago.


Declaration of the Finnish resident

Gennady Timchenko, paid taxes at ? 2,9 million in Finland in 1999-2002.


He did not obtain a single asset in Russia without the use of "administrative resources"

Expert report on the business strategy of Oleg Deripaska


The car of dream of Prokhorov is under threat of bankruptcy

On April, 9 at the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg will begin considerating the claim for recognition the company Yarovit Motors bankrupt; it helps implement the project for the construction of extremely cheap car in St. Petersburg. The partner of the firm is a well-known businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. Obviously, the process of bankruptcy of a transaction party may put the ambitious plans of the oligarch in jeopardy.