Several posters mocking advertisements of Mikhail Prokhorov, the leader of The Right Cause, appeared in the center of Moscow.

They differ from the original ones only in the slogan. Parody billboards ask the businessman citing a line of Danila Bagrov, a Brat-2 movie character, whether he made his fortune honestly: "Tell me, Mikhail Prokhorov, what gives power? Is it money? You have a lot of money, and so? This is what I think: the truth gives one power. The one who is right is the one who has the power. You have deceived people, made money, and so – have you become more powerful? No, you did not! Because there is no truth in you! The truth is one the side of those you have deceived." The project was designed by an anonymous group called, which stated its internet address on the poster.

The posters have been declared illegal advertising. Moscow media and advertising department did not authorize their installment, so the officials had every reason to dismantle them.

According to The Russian Mafia web-site (, the department of media and advertising has already had to urgently take down ‘s posters hanging in Moscow. In late May the group became publicly known through a scandalous action. Group members pasted near TsUM (abbreviation for Central Universal Department Store that is on Petrovka Str.) posters depicting President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in white shorts and tennis rackets thus advertising for the new summer collection of the store. TsUM management denied putting up the posters. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of Putin, then asked the city authorities to promptly remove all the posters.

Mikhail Prokhorov has already appeared in projects. In July on Bolotnaya Square there was a poster which read "Big body afloat." At some point a small balloon attached to the poster showered with money. Police failed to detain those behind the action.