I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Abramovich Roman Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District

Roman Abramovich began to engage in commerce in 1992, within a few years he established five companies on production of petroleum products and...

Mamut Alexander Chairman of publishing group

Berezovsky's confidant

Prokhorov Mikhail President of ONEXIM

He was born in the right family

Tariko Rustam The owner the Bank

He takes a great interest in an "elite plastic"

Alekperov Vagit Chairman of STC NK

He is said to have relations with crime bosses

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Potanin Vladimir Owner of

Ex-employees of special division "Alpha" work for him

Kantor Vyacheslav The Head of the Coordination Committee of OAO “Akron”

His daughter ran away from him

Bendukidze Kakha Former Minister of Economy of Georgia

He sold the Chechen oil

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Gozman Leonid Advisor to the director general of state Rusnano corp.

He dislikes gays, but against banning of their parades

Yevstafyev Arkady Director-general of E-Union investment holding

He became famous owing to "photocopier box"

Zubov Dmitry Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema public ...

He paid for Yanukovych's "girls"

Kasperskaya Natalya Director-general of InfoWatch company

She grabbed a half of her husband's business

Nabiullina Elvira Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed: German Gref's right-hand woman

Yumashev Valentin Co-owner of City JSC

Yeltsin's son-in-law, Deripaska's father-in-law, Abramovich's patron

Shoigu Sergey Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He owes his father-in-law everything he achieved.

Chemezov Sergey CEO of Russian Technologies State Corporation

He made friends with Putin when working in Dresden

Khloponin Alexander Deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation

Took part in homosexual orgies

Finsky Maxim President of Intergeo, copper-nickel mining company

He tied the knot at the residence of the tsar

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Married to "Rostec"

Unemployed Chemezov wife for 6 years had revenue of 4.25 billion rubles.


"Hot" techniques cold Lithuanian guy?

Businessman Paegle eliminates unwanted partners?


How dogs and friends of Chemezov were watered with the artesian water of Rublevka

As it became known to Rumafia.com, there is another loud figurant in a loud story about alleged fraud of the Rostec head Sergey Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova - General Director of Onexim Dmitry Razumov.


Sergey Yanchukov from Odessa Privoz to oil tycoon and gold miner

Heavy and arhiopasna life of the Ukrainian-Russian oligarch.


The Plot Thickens

Whoever Owns Nets.com Has Found A New Way To Mess With Mikhail Prokhorov


The Plot Thickens

Whoever Owns Nets.com Has Found A New Way To Mess With Mikhail Prokhorov


Matrix under bai protection

Ex-President of Bashkortostan retrieves from ruin a trading network of the son of his friend


Magnitsky — Browder tax evasion case assigned to new investigator in Moscow

While Russian investigator on 'Magnitsky List' files libel suit in London


Mister Putin kicks out Mister Prokhorov

The oligarch’s plans to become Russia’s prime minister went up in smoke


Mister Putin kicks out Mister Prokhorov

The oligarch’s plans to become Russia’s prime minister went up in smoke


Lib Dems against 140 million officials, including Putin, Medvedev

For the Russians! Zhirinovsky’s party slogan says


Tyumen court stops seizures in BP Moscow office

The ruling came a day after David Cameron arrived to Russia with a visit


New leader for St Petersburg branch of Right Cause

Banker Yury Rydnik of Baltinvestbank elected by a democratic vote


Surkov contradicts Medvedev

Explaining that presidential order for Prokhorov’s proposal is mere formality


RusAl may have a new partner

Vekseberg and Blavatnik has offered its share to Usmanov


Mikhail Prokhorov’s image has suffered

after mock posters imitating those of The Right Cause appeared in Moscow


Interros to seize control over Norilsk Nickel

Rusal is again offered to sell the shares in Norilsk Nickel


Scandal in Right Cause

Prokhorov dismissed the St. Petersburg division


The new leader of Right Case

has time to sue with a friend


Vladimir Potanin keeps stake in Norilsk Nickel

despite $19b offer