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Tariko Rustam The owner the Bank

He takes a great interest in an "elite plastic"

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Kudrin Alexey Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance

He supported the sectarians

Boterashvili Shota entrepreneur

He has incarcerated an ex-wife of his business partner in a madhouse

Levaev Lev The head of the group

Even he has immersed in debt

Potanin Vladimir Owner of

Ex-employees of special division "Alpha" work for him

Kobzon Joseph Singer

Accused of communications with «Russian mafia»

Dmitry Pumpyansky Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pipe Metals...

He used to be associated with the group Uralmash

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Kvetnoy Lev Director General of JSC “Oskol Electrometallurgical Combine

He is said to be connected to the Solntsevskaya OPG

Bout Victor Russian businessman

They call him a death merchant

Girda Alexander Co-owner of X5 Retail Group

He opened the shop to pay off debts

Murov Evgeny Head of Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation

His main features are an infallible memory and extreme rigidity

Nisanov God Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company...

He did not have any citizenship

Boguslavsky Leonid Chairman of the Board of Directors of ru-Net Holdings

Worthy disciple of Berezovsky

Bolotin Mikhail Owner and General Director of Concern Tractor Plants

He became oligarch by agreement with the Kremlin

Kukura Sergey First vice president of LUKOIL, Russia’ second largest oil...

He was kidnapped instead of a popular singer Alsu

Buriak Dmitriy President of Health Tech Corporation

He has profiteered from Coca-Cola’s troubles

Vybornov Sergey Former president of second largest diamond producer ALROSA

Under his reign the richest diamond monopoly almost went bankrupt

Kadyrov Ramzan Head of the Chechen Republic

He’s got a home zoo and personal army

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"Barmaley all in gold and diamonds goes"

"The godfather" Peter Gennady Petrov discusses with his son the matter urgent


Zhigarev, Rogozin, Manturov vs. Olya Sintyureva

Who is behind the persecution of a girl who dared to leave a deputy


Where does the money the family Hawtin

Like many other businesses, they built their empire on credit money


Sunday Times reported that the London mansion son Vladimir Yakunin

British The Sunday Times of London reported that the mansion, which is owned by the son of Vladimir Yakunin, a former head of Russian Railways. Representatives of Andrey Yakunin confirmed RBC, he owns this property.


Were laundering on $ 1 billion a year

Special services cover the main channels of the legalization of funds, stolen from the budget


The most intrepid of the Ministry of Finance

Head of Department Alexander Ahpolov acquired real estate for $ 5 million and established finpotoki for friends - Opposition sponsors


Stigma is where to put the

As head of the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Markin Russia develops gold


Five tons of gold state treasury "dissolved" in the "process technology"

As the "authoritative" businessman Gennady Bogomolov and Finance Ministry official Andrei Glinov blamed Russian stocks


Konstantin Shor, the former head of MGTU of the Bank of Russia

Rumafia.com continues to publish "secret" material from the archives of the Interior Ministry, dedicated to the largest shadow bankers and their patrons. From this reference, readers can learn how a group of financiers caused damage to the state accounted 4 trillion rubles, as well as who of the representatives of the Bank of Russia and the security services, according to investigators, covered the creators of this giant financial "funnel".


"Solntsevo" members under the "hood" of intelligence agencies and Interpol. Part 5

Due to the spread of their activities in the countries of Europe and North America, the Russian criminal groups and their leaders come under the watchful eye of Western intelligence agencies and Interpol.


Lev Leviev outwitted Alrosa

China becomes owner of a diamond mine


Sold to Russia

Viktor Vekselberg brokered a deal with a building on Presnya: he bought it from Hungary 7 times cheaper than it was sold to the Russian government then


Antiquary with criminal past

FLB: Ex-Moscow art dealer, now USA resident Alexander Khochinskiy demands for more than $400000 from Oleg Muzyrya , the head of Magriko agrarian holding.


Yevgeny Gurevich brought 2 billion euro through a "carousel"

"Financial Advisor" of the Family of Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev is suspected of money laundering belonging to the Italian mafia and politicians from the surroundings of Berlusconi